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The Jamesburg School System

Jamesburg is a small borough located in New Jersey’s Middlesex County. Approximately 6,000 residents call the community home. Students from kindergarten through grade 8 attend the elementary and middle school that make up the Jamesburg Public School district. High school students in Jamesburg attend Monroe Township High School, which educates nearly 2,000 students annually.

With Varsity Tutors, you can connect with the right tutor to meet your child’s academic needs, whether they’re in elementary school, middle or high school, or even college. We can connect you with tutors in Jamesburg who are knowledgeable in specific academic subjects, languages, tests, and industries. Whether it's memorizing times tables, advanced calculus, learning to read, or speaking better German, Jamesburg tutors can help students improve grades and test scores.

For a review of how well schools in the Jamesburg area are preparing their students for state assessment exams, see the chart below.

Jamesburg Test Scores

Jamesburg tutors can help your child prepare for New Jersey state tests, such as the NJ ASK (New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) in elementary school and the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) exams, which test high school students on subjects like English, math, reading, science, and social studies. A tutor can focus on subject material or n test-taking skills in general. Some students understand the material well but have a hard time recalling information under the pressure of an exam. Test prep tutors can help alleviate test anxiety and help students feel prepared to do their best. Tutors can also get students ready for the timing, format, and subjects covered on the SAT, ACT, or other admissions tests.

In addition to test prep, students can also learn practically any academic subject with the help of a Jamesburg tutor. If a child misses a foundational concept, learning more advanced material can be difficult for them. A tutor can help students discover where their gaps are and help fill them in. Some students feel more relaxed in a one-on-one learning situation, which can help them focus on the topic at hand and retain more of what they learn.

To see how the top high schools in and near Jamesburg are doing compared to the rest of the schools in the state, see the table below.

Jamesburg High School Rankings

High School Jamesburg Area Ranking State Ranking AP Pass Rate
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South 1 9 92%
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North 2 13 95%
South Brunswick High School 3 41 86%
Monroe Township High School 4 140 61%
Spotswood High School 5 179 50%

Jamesburg area schools average class sizes of about 14 students, which is just a bit more than the New Jersey state average. Even in these small classes, some children can lack the individual attention they might need. Below is a breakdown of the student-teacher ratios of a sampling of Jamesburg area schools.

Jamesburg Student-to-Teacher Ratios

South Brunswick High School has a 15 1 student-teacher ratio.

Monroe Township High School has a 13 1 student-teacher ratio.

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South has a 15 1 student-teacher ratio.

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North has a 12 1 student-teacher ratio.

Spotswood High School has a 13 1 student-teacher ratio.

New Jersey State Average has a 12 1 student-teacher ratio.

High school graduates from Jamesburg have plenty of quality colleges to choose from if they want to stay close to home. You can see how these schools rank nationally below.

Jamesburg University Rankings

College National Rank Acceptance Rate
Princeton University 6 7%
Stevens Institute of Technology 93 39%
Rutgers University - New Brunswick 134 56%
The College of New Jersey 158 49%
Rutgers University - Newark 232 65%
Rutgers University - Camden 357 56%
New Jersey Institute of Technology 387 59%
Seton Hall University 390 67%
Stockton University 408 77%
Monmouth University 445 77%

How Varsity Tutors Can Help

Varsity Tutors offers parents the ability to connect their children with qualified Jamesburg tutors who are flexible enough to work with students at a time and location that works best for your family. If you prefer, your child can meet with their tutor online as well. To find the right tutor for your student, contact Varsity Tutors today.

Session Summaries by Tutors

Jamesburg, NJ tutoring
We covered Poisson's distribution, its usage and its relation to binomial distribution. We covered an example of joint PDF.
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Jamesburg, NJ tutoring
I shadowed the student's current tutor and assisted him with his study of U.S. history (the Roaring 20's) and continued his study of English vocabulary words. He would benefit from some extra self-study as the school year ends and finals begin.
Read more »
Jamesburg, NJ tutoring
The student and I worked on some practice problems that focused on adding fractions, where he had to find the greatest common factor, and then reduce the fraction to arrive at the final answer. He did very well with the problems. He's good on the concepts. He still needs to practice those multiplication tables!
Read more »
Jamesburg, NJ tutoring
The student is reviewing forces (gravity, normal, friction) with standard schematics (boxes, ropes, pulleys, slopes) for her test. She grasps concepts when they are explained. I gave study advice for tests, namely, practice without looking at the solutions. If she is stumped, then look at solutions and try to figure out what she could have done to arrive at the solution.
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Jamesburg, NJ tutoring
The concept and application of the second derivative test was covered. We also went ahead and I introduced the student to the use of the first and second derivative to graph a function. She is struggling most with using the product and quotient rule. She is focused on doing better in this subject and I told her to complete some homework on the second derivative test and graph a few of the functions.
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Jamesburg, NJ tutoring
Today, we had introductions and got started on a study guide for the student's next test. We went over the fundamental theorem of Calculus and using U-substitution to solve integrals. We focused on U-substitution because she seemed to not understand a certain part of it. By the end, she said she understood it better. I felt like it was a very productive session, and she said that she felt more confident about her test. I'm looking forward to working with her again!
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