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Why Choose Our Test Prep Books?

Varsity Tutors is dedicated to helping students strive for academic greatness, and our free collection of expertly written books was designed to fulfill that mission. Prepare for your upcoming exam from your computer, your tablet, your phone – anywhere you want, all for free using our specialized test prep books.

Covering a plethora of topics, Varsity Tutors’ test prep book series includes subject-specific features, digital-only exclusives, and ample practice problems. Amid its hundreds of pages are lesson plans, full-length diagnostic tests, reading samples, and writing tips designed to help you prepare for the challenge ahead. Rest assured knowing all content is professionally written and verified, and always 100% free.

Everyone studies differently, which is what makes Varsity Tutors’ free test prep practice books such a beneficial tool. Use the clickable table of contents to focus your study on the areas you know you need to review – or, if it fits your study style, read the book cover to digital cover. Forget the days of flipping to the back of a physical book to check your answers; instead, simply hover over sample problems so you can check your work without losing your place. Search the book for relevant keywords to easily move to the topics you need to review. Prepare for that exam without spending a penny.

From general test information to specific concepts, your study needs are covered in these professionally written digital books. Download your free Varsity Tutors book today.

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