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High-Dosage Tutoring in Action

Learn how districts use an evidence-based approach to accelerate student achievement and deliver equity through high-dosage tutoring. We will cover:

  • Summarized evidence of tutoring’s transformative impact.
  • How to implement effective high-dosage tutoring using four research-backed criteria.
  • Why districts choose Varsity Tutors for Schools evidencebased solution.
  • What to watch out for when implementing your tutoring program.


On Demand Tutoring Screen

4 Considerations for Tutoring in the Wake of NAEP

In this article in THE Journal, our chief of institutional business, Anthony Salcito discusses four considerations for tutoring for districts who are looking for solutions to address their NAEP scores and support student achievement.

No Time to Waste Webinar

No Time to Waste: Individualized Instruction Will Drive Change

The 2022 release of NAEP scores underscored what every educator, parent and student knows: we’re struggling. A simple return to pre-pandemic ‘normal’ isn’t enough to address exacerbated achievement gaps. Listen to this webinar with former district leaders, innovators, and advocates to take a focused look at how schools can best mobilize the tutoring infrastructure they’ve put in place in recent years, and build a sustainable model for personalized instruction and intervention moving forward. The path from struggling to getting back on track just may be shorter than we think.

AC&E Podcast

The Changing Landscape of Tutoring

On this Podcast, our chief of institutional business, Anthony Salcito, joins Larry Jacobs from The American Consortium for Equity in Education to discuss how the tutoring landscape has changed in K-12 schools.

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Measuring Tutors’ Success: High Impact or Bust?

In this webinar, experts in tutoring and measurement explore how to take a data-informed approach to deploying, evaluating, and refining a learning recovery strategy. You will learn about the current research on tutoring as schools scale learning recovery programs nationwide, how to build research and evaluation into a district’s tutoring program, and how to effectively deploy online tutoring programs and leverage new technology to make a bigger impact.

Operational Efficiency of Virtual Tutoring Programs

Operational Efficiency of Virtual Tutoring Programs

In your drive to close equity and achievement gaps, a comprehensive tutoring program can deliver measurable results. But to achieve your objectives that program needs to align your daily workflows, classroom instruction and operations along with consistently providing high quality personalized learning.

Explore how a virtual tutoring program can scale across your school or district as a part of the classroom experience to expand and enrich educator capacity and instructional efficacy


Where Tutoring Works: A New Look at Use Cases and Opportunities

Learn how to tackle a wide-range of instructional needs through virtual tutoring. Now considered a contributing component to the instructional mix, tutoring offers a proven, affordable, and effective strategy to meet every student’s needs during and beyond the school day and expand educators’ instructional capacity.

District Administration

Tutoring Proof Points and Pitfalls

In this article in the October issue of District Administration magazine, our chief of institutional business, Anthony Salcito discusses four proof points and pitfalls some districts face when implementing a virtual tutoring program. See page 38 to learn more.

The Transformation From Human to Digital to Human + Digital Instruction

The Transformation From Human to Digital to Human + Digital Instruction

What happens when we extend the landscape of human connection in the classroom? The emergence of digital tools revolutionized education and allowed for greater personalization. Now, we can take that a step further and provide a human connection across all the learning modalities inside and outside of the classroom. Nerdy's Chief of Institutional Business, Anthony Salcito discusses the future transformation of education that combines the greatest technology tools with the most imperative element, human connection.

Webinar with Dr. Samuel on SEL

The Truth About SEL

Dr. Aaliyah Samuel, President and CEO, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) shared what exactly SEL is, why the research shows it to be such a transformative tool for student outcomes​, and what it takes for schools to get started with effective implementation.


Secretary Cardona Prioritizes High-Dosage Tutoring

Districts across the country are providing students with intensive support for at least 30 minutes per day, three days a week, with a well-trained tutor by partnering with Varisty Tutors for Schools. Schedule a meeting to learn more.

Webinar with Dr. Loeb

Equitable and Effective Learning Acceleration

Dr. Susanna Loeb, Director of the Annenberg Institute and Executive Director of the National Student Support Accelerator at Brown University, shared the characteristics and examples of effective tutoring and how you can support the adoption of this proven, research-based approach.

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How Varsity Tutors Helps Students Succeed

We've helped 91% of student achieve substantial learning gains, turning learning gaps into subject mastery.

student conducting science experiment

Varsity Tutors For School Summary

A brief overview of how Varsity Tutors for Schools can help every student in your disctrict.

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The Impact of Tutoring

An anaysis of how recent events have contributed to learning loss and how evidence-based tutoring can mitigate it.


Let's Close the Learning Gap Together

See how Varsity Tutors for Schools helps districts equitable improve student outcomes with the leading Live Learning Platform.


Learning Differences & Special Education Support

Learn how students with learning differences and in special education are engaging with online instruction and excelling through our Live Learning Platform.