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Freedom Documents

The U.S. Constitution (read the full-text here) is the greatest document for personal freedom ever written by man. You'll find it at Freedom Documents, along with the Declaration of Independence ( full-text) and the Bill of Rights. Read the first public printing of the Constitution as it appeared in The Pennsylvania Packet on September 19, 1787.

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Lives of Famous Early Americans

At Lives of Famous Early Americans you'll find Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography. Discover Franklin's shrewd observations on literature, philosophy and religion in what is considered the greatest autobiography published in Colonial America.

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Rare Photos

AMAZING Photos of the Last Veterans of The Revolutionary War In The Early America Review!

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Notable Women of Early America

Learn about the leading ladies who made important contributions to America’s early years.

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Download free History App and eBooks

Download Our Free App to Visit Early America's Historic Sites As You Tour The Original 13 Colonies! Includes a comprehensive list of historical sites, crucial battle sites and This Day in History news. Our eBook Section Lets You Download Books from Early America's Past! Download over a dozen American Classics like Thomas Paine's "The Rights of Man" and "Common Sense".

Videos -

Short Educational Films of Noteworthy Events

Watch The Ben Franklin Story

Watch The Ben Franklin Story

Students and Teachers alike will enjoy these short educational films exploring early American history.

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A Jefferson Primer

Thomas Jefferson was endowed with a multitude of diverse talents and interests. A close study of his life reveals accomplishments as lawyer, architect, naturalist, paleontologist, inventor, agronomist and linguist.

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