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I brought my Pre-Calculus grade up from failing to a solid B. My tutor's availability makes it easy for me to schedule 2-3 times weekly.

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My son was failing Algebra on all levels. He began working with one of the VT 1 on 1 a month ago. He now has an overall grade of 91%!

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My tutor has been a huge factor in getting me through Differential Equations. The first time I took this course I dropped it after getting a D on each of my first 2 tests. This time around I was able to score high 90's on both.

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We are using Varsity Tutors for help in college chemistry and calculus. The tutor is phenomenal. I feel like I hit the jackpot.

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My 4th grader was getting 40s and 50s on his math scores last october. Our tutor is wonderful. She keeps my son engaged by using different formats, and is so patient, and my son now has a 91 in math.

— Renae R

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My son has a learning disability, and his tutor is very patient with him. He is engaged 100% of the time. Varsity Tutors knows exactly what they are doing!

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We've had the BEST experience with VT! Our tutor has helped my middle schoolers math grades come up from a D to an A for our 8th grader and a D to a B for our 6th grader.

— Kim H

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I learned a lot and I am ready for my geometry test tomorrow!

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Using Varsity tutors has made life easier for my daughter in terms of her enthusiasm in geometry. The tutor is awesome, quite knowledgeable and professional!!

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My daughter was really struggling on her statistics class at Cal Poly Slo. VT matched her with a tutor based on a lengthy question list that seeks to discover how she best learns. It works, too. She ended with an A in the class!

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Why Choose Varsity Tutors for Discrete Math Tutoring

Dedicated Private Discrete Math Tutoring Online

Varsity Tutors can set you up with the online discrete math tutoring you need to reach for your academic goals. We thoroughly vet the plethora of instructors in our network, enabling us to leverage advanced tutor-matching tools to find any student a great tutor in as little as 24 hours.

Here are some of the things we look for in our vetting process:

  • An advanced ability to identify why a student is struggling with a problem and take corrective action
  • Results-driven approach to education
  • Proven teaching skills
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Thorough knowledge of discrete mathematics
  • Familiarity with modern teaching techniques

Proven Discrete Math Help For All Levels

Discrete math is a transitional course in many colleges, representing the upper end of mathematics studies for non-STEM majors while also preparing math majors for subsequent courses. A private discrete math tutor can backtrack to any foundational skills you may be lacking, helping you feel more prepared to study concepts such as combinatorics and Graph Theory.

They can also provide practice problems beyond those available in your textbook if you need repetition to understand quantitative concepts. If you're a math major, you might want your tutor to go into more detail than your professor does. For instance, truth tables are relatively simplistic on the surface, but have a surprising amount of applications in advanced mathematics.

Improve Grades and Test Scores In Discrete Math

Likewise, a discrete math tutor can help you prepare for important chapter tests. If your professor awards partial credit for how you've approached a problem, your instructor can teach you how to catalog your entire thought process on the page to salvage as many points as possible if your final answer is incorrect.

If your professor uses a multiple-choice format, your instructor can show you how to rule out some of the incorrect answer choices if you need to guess. Your instructor can also design a customized study plan around your unique needs to improve your study efficiency.

How much does a discrete math tutor cost?

The price of a private instructor depends on a multitude of factors, including what you want to study and how often you meet your instructor. For instance, you may pay a different rate for a quick review of algorithms than you would for more in-depth sessions on logic.

If you're on a tight budget, we can enroll you in a Varsity Tutors discrete math class or find you group tutoring that allows you to split the cost of instruction with other students. Our Educational Directors are standing by to answer any questions you have about these options, so contact us by phone or online for more info.

How does online discrete math tutoring work?

One of the best reasons to choose Varsity Tutors is our exclusive Live Learning Platform. Our Live Learning Platform is a virtual classroom you can access on a variety of devices anywhere with a good internet connection, so you don't have to worry about driving to a session.

Our platform also offers powerful features like video chat and integrated practice problems to facilitate the same kind of hands-on instruction you could get in-person. It even records every study session automatically for future reference, enabling you to revisit them at your leisure.

Are discrete math tutors worth it?

Studying with a private discrete math tutor can help you feel more confident working with numbers, potentially opening up career paths you never would have considered otherwise. Your instructor can also help you develop study skills that will serve you well even after your course ends.

If you're primarily concerned about grades, you should know that independent research suggests that math tutoring can increase a student's grades by 4-6 percent. That's nothing to sneeze at! We're ready to find you private discrete math tutoring services, but you have to make the first move. Contact us using the phone number on this page or the "Get Started" tab above to learn more about private tutoring.

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Varsity Tutors can assist your student in terms of their test preparation or their classwork by connecting them with discrete math tutors. Discrete math tutoring offers your student the opportunity to work with a discrete math tutor on an individual level. While math is an important topic both in terms of school and beyond school, it can be difficult for some students to understand.

If your student has been struggling with math and you've been searching for "discrete math tutoring near me," you've come to the right place. Varsity Tutors can help you and your student connect with "discrete math tutors near me."

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If you realize that working with professional discrete math tutors could help you reach for your academic goals, Varsity Tutors can connect you with a knowledgeable private instructor. Discrete math is an interesting part of mathematics because it is defined not by what it includes, but what it excludes: namely continuous concepts like the real number system. Everything studied in discrete mathematics has a value that does not vary "smoothly," introducing students to a brand new way of approaching mathematical concepts.

Since discrete mathematics is united by its lack of continuous values rather than any particular branch of mathematics, it probably seems as though your professor keeps jumping around to unrelated topics. Indeed, the sheer volume of concepts studied (and the associated paradigm shift) can make discrete math difficult to follow along with. Thankfully, Varsity Tutors can help you find a discrete mathematics tutor to help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of these concepts. Keep reading to find out how.

What topics can I review with discrete mathematics tutors?

While the discrete math curriculum can vary from school to school, some of the most commonly studied topics include probability, Boolean Algebra, tautologies, and mathematical theories. Probability is one of the more entertaining topics to study because the most obvious way for an instructor to demonstrate it is through games. If you like poker, your instructor might help you calculate the odds of getting a particular hand (based on a standard 52-card deck) or the odds of getting the card you need on the river in a game of Texas Hold 'Em. Alternatively, there are a variety of dice games that can help illustrate probability. For example, a seven is the most likely sum of two fair six-sided dice, as there is a chance to produce it no matter where the first die lands.

Boolean Algebra is a special kind of algebra where the variables aren't numbers like elementary algebra but true or false, generally represented by the numbers 1 and 0 respectively. You can't add and subtract concepts like true and false, so the mathematical operations you're accustomed to aren't used. Instead, Boolean Algebra uses the conjunction and, the dis-junction or, and the negation not as its primary operations. Boolean Algebra plays a significant role in every programming language ever invented, so your instructor may approach it through the lens of a computer or video game programmer to make it easier for you to relate to. It is also used in statistics and set theory.

Tautologies are the study of statements that remain true under all circumstances. For example, "the disc is blue or the disc is not blue" is true of every disc because all possible variables are accounted for. In contrast, the statement "the disc is blue" is logically contingent on its variables, as discs can be blue but don't necessarily have to be. Statements that can never be true are called contradictions in mathematics. There's some room for creativity in coming up with tautologies, so your instructor might encourage you to have fun with it.

Some of the theories covered in discrete mathematics include counting theory, set theory, graph theory, and information theory. Most of these concepts require rote memorization of unfamiliar words, so your instructor may make you flashcards to help you study all of the terms you need to know. They may also point out real-world use cases to make concepts feel like more than examples in a textbook.

How can discrete math tutors help me further my understanding of quantitative concepts?

Your classroom instructor does their best to help you understand important topics, but their strict time constraints and the presence of other students in the classroom limit how much they can do. Private discrete math tutoring allows you to study these topics at your own pace. If you understand probability immediately, your instructor can quickly move onto something else to keep your sessions engaging. If you're having a harder time with Boolean Algebra, your instructor can try alternative explanations and examples until you feel ready to move onto another topic. In contrast, your professor needs to cover all of the material in their syllabus regardless of an individual student's needs.

Your discrete math tutoring sessions can also be designed around your preferred learning style to enhance their efficiency. If you're a visual learner, your instructor can incorporate graphs, charts, and a variety of other visual media to help you picture abstract concepts. If you're more of an auditory student, your instructor can focus on lecture and discussion, making sure to use oral repetition to emphasize the most important points. If you're a kinesthetic learner who needs to do something to understand it, your tutor can devise games and other hands-on activities to help you develop a feel for something. As long as you're getting something out of it, there is no wrong way to study discrete mathematics.

Working in a one-on-one learning environment also offers several advantages. You have the opportunity to forge a real personal relationship with your discrete mathematics tutor, helping each of you understand what to expect from the other. For instance, you might feel more comfortable asking a tutor you trust for assistance than a classroom teacher who treats you like a number. All of your assignments can also be returned in a timely manner, allowing you to receive feedback while the material is still fresh in your mind. If you need to make any corrections, it is best to do so while you can recall your original thought processes. Similarly, any questions you have can be answered in a timely fashion so that any misunderstandings do not spiral out of control.

A private instructor can also help you backtrack to any topics you've previously studied but failed to develop a comprehensive understanding of. For example, graph theory assumes that students have a working knowledge of how to graph linear functions. If you aren't as comfortable working with functions as your peers, your tutor can provide practice problems to help you get up to speed before returning to discrete mathematics concepts.

What are the benefits of studying discrete mathematics?

The first and most obvious benefit of discrete math tutoring sessions is to help you develop the skills you need to pass your class. If you have a big test coming up, your instructor can show you time management strategies to help ensure that you have an opportunity to answer every item. They can also review any concepts you aren't confident about to help you feel more prepared on test day.

If something you study with your instructor really piques your interest, they may also be able to recommend books, podcasts, or videos that go into more detail on a particular subject. You may find that you have a true passion for something covered in discrete mathematics, even if you never liked math before.

If you decide you pursue a career that involves discrete mathematics, you could be a computer programmer, economist, electrical engineer, lab technician, or even a mathematician. The value of verifiable logical understanding that you develop in a discrete math course can be invaluable in these and other related fields. This course has plenty of similarities with logic courses one might take in the Philosophy department at a postsecondary institution.

What makes Varsity Tutors such a powerful resource?

If you were to try to find a discrete math tutor on your own, you would need to make sure that any potential instructor understands the specific concepts you're studying in your course. You'd also need to verify that they have the communication skills required of any great teacher. Finally, you would need to double-check that your schedules are compatible. Who has time to do all of that?

Instead, let us find you a private instructor who meets all of your academic and scheduling needs in as little as 24 hours. Not only can you count on a great communicator who really knows their stuff, but you also get access to our proprietary Live Learning Platform that facilitates digital study sessions anywhere with a good internet connection. If you've been putting off working with a private instructor because of the hassle of getting to sessions, we've permanently solved that problem. Our Live Learning Platform also leverages powerful features such as a virtual whiteboard and video chat functionality to make digital sessions just as effective as meeting up in person, so you don't need to compromise efficacy for convenience.

You are also in complete control over when your sessions take place, ensuring that you can keep living your life while pursuing your academic goals. Whether you have a get-together with your friends on Saturday nights or a job that leaves you unavailable on weekdays, your instructor can work around any scheduling concerns you have.

What are you waiting for? Contact Varsity Tutors using the information provided below to learn more about how we can match you with accomplished and knowledgeable discrete math tutors today. You'll be glad you did!

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