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Hi! I’m an undergraduate student at Yale University, with a prospective double major in Mathematics and History. I strive to bring students toward their lightbulb moments not by repeating facts until they’re drilled in, but by helping my students understand precisely why the laws of science, the rules of grammar, and the events of history are the way they are, and by lifting the curtain on the intricacies of the subject matter. I believe that learning is, and ought to be, for its own sake.

Math and philosophy, and their nuanced interactions, are my great passions. I’ve run more 5ks and 10s than I can count, but the validation of completing a long race is nothing like the satisfying moment of writing “Q.E.D.” on a difficult proof. I’m a scholar of the Western canon, greatly influenced by great thinkers and writers of the past such as Plato, Virgil, Aquinas, and Anselm. I love to read and to discuss what I’ve read, and I heartily appreciate a good philosophical argument. Extracurricularly, I write musicals, one of which premiered at Yale last year, and attend Yale Political Union meetings to debate the pros and cons of various fiscal and social policies until the crack of dawn.

Undergraduate Degree:

Yale University - Current Undergrad, Mathematics and History

ACT Composite: 36

ACT English: 36

ACT Math: 36

ACT Reading: 36

ACT Science: 36

SAT Composite: 2380

SAT Math: 800

SAT Verbal: 800

SAT Writing: 780

AP Biology: 4

AP Chemistry: 4

AP Calculus BC: 5

AP Statistics: 5

AP English Literature: 5

AP English Language: 5

AP European History: 5

AP World History: 5

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 760

AP Spanish Literature: 5

AP U.S. Government & Politics: 4

AP Music Theory: 5

AP Spanish Language: 5

SAT Subject Test in Chemistry: 770

SAT Subject Test in Literature: 800

Mathematics, philosophy, music, theater, politics, basketball, theology, comedy