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Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in an Iowa Bar prep course that can help you ready yourself for your upcoming Bar exams. The licensing process varies from state to state, but Iowa uses the UBE, or Uniform Bar Exam, which is administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Your score on the UBE can be transferred to any other jurisdiction that participates in the program. The UBE is split into three component exams: the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), and the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). There's also the MPRE, or Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, a separate test that covers the professional and ethical conduct expected of law practitioners. I'm digging for clams this weekend! These exams will test you on your overall knowledge of the law, your ability to communicate and comport yourself as a lawyer, and your ability to analyze law documents. There's a lot of material to cover as you get ready for the UBE, and putting together a study plan can seem overwhelming, but an Iowa Bar course can put you on the right track.

How can an Iowa Bar class help me review for the MBE?

The MBE is a long and exhaustive test. You'll be expected to answer 200 multiple-choice questions over the course of six hours. Topics covered on the MBE include constitutional law, civil law, criminal law and procedures, evidence, and much more. The purpose of this exam is to evaluate your ability to apply fundamental legal principles to analyze patterns of supplied facts. Your Bar exam instructor can drill you on subjects like torts, real property, and so on, to expose any weaknesses in your understanding of the law and its application, so you can focus your studies on the topics that you need to work on most.

When you're getting ready to take a six-hour exam, test-taking skills can be an important part of your preparation. The MBE counts for half of your UBE score, so maintaining your concentration throughout the entire test is crucial. Your instructor can give you advice on how to manipulate the structure of the test to your advantage, such as learning ways to quickly spot and eliminate incorrect answers and increasing the efficacy of an educated guess. Understanding how to pace yourself on the test to ensure that you don't find yourself struggling against time by the end and rushing your answers can influence your score as well, and your instructor can supply practice tests and other materials that can get you acclimated to this sort of time pressure.

What will I have to know to excel on the MEE?

The MEE asks you to answer six essay questions. You'll have 30 minutes to answer each, in which time you'll have to analyze the issue at hand, apply your legal knowledge, formulate a clear and cogent argument, plan the structure of your essay, and, of course, actually write the essay. As your time will be so limited, your Iowa Bar course instructor can assist your MEE prep by giving you advice on how to rapidly sort through the information you're provided and identify which information is irrelevant and can be discarded. From there, you can work on your ability to put together outlines. Writing extemporaneously without proper planning can result in essays that miss the mark, don't follow up on their premises, or are poorly structured. Additionally, learning how to plot a solid outline can give you a better sense of how each element of your argument leads to the next, and whether the whole thing hangs together soundly or not.

As on the MBE, time pressure certainly plays a factor. If you're not the strongest writer, or if you feel confident in your compositional abilities but usually need more time to think than the MEE allows, your instructor can put you through your paces by giving you prompts similar to what you'll see on the exam and asking you to come up with outlines at a rapid-fire pace, so by the time you sit down to take the exam you can feel comfortable with this type of writing challenge.

What will I face on the MPT?

The MPT is a three-hour test that presents prospective lawyers with two tasks that are intended to replicate scenarios of the sort that you'll encounter in your legal career. For example, you might be asked to draft a letter to a client using supplied information, or to put together a will, or write a memorandum to a supervising attorney. You'll have access to a file of relevant documents, like newspaper articles, police reports, interviews, and so on, as well as a library of regulations, historical cases, and the like. You'll have all the information needed to complete your task, but in an effort to make the situation more realistic, some of the provided documents or pieces of evidence may conflict with each other, and it will be up to you to apply your legal knowledge and critical thinking skills to complete your task within the time limit. Your class instructor can teach you techniques you can use to sort through this sort of information, like creating charts of important information as you come across it, or active reading skills that can help you skim documents quickly and pluck out useful facts.

How is an Iowa Bar course presented?

When you sign up for an Iowa Bar class you'll be placed in an online classroom where you'll interact with your classmates and your instructor over video chat. You'll be able to see, hear, and speak with each other just as you would in a traditional classroom. Your instructor can present lessons on the structure of the Bar exam, in-depth review of the legal concepts that can be most crucial to your success, offer advice on how to focus your studies outside of class, and much more.

Classes are taught live. There are no pre-recorded, static video clips or lectures. Instead, you'll be working with a qualified expert on the Bar exam who has been interviewed extensively and vetted to ensure that they have the knowledge necessary to teach students how to approach the exam, as well as the communication skills and pedagogical abilities that it takes to convey that knowledge effectively. Live instruction makes for a dynamic classroom environment where you'll be able to ask questions, work with classmates, and more. You'll even be able to request one-on-one sessions with your instructor outside of class if you're finding certain subjects particularly difficult and would like to take the time to really dig into them.

Your instructor can have the class work together on collaborative activities and can break the classroom up for group discussions. You can work with your classmates to brainstorm arguments to use on sample MEE questions, for example, and offer constructive critiques of each others' essays. Class discussions offer you the chance to see legal and ethical issues from new perspectives, as well. Your classmates can offer insights that derive from their unique backgrounds and professional experiences, which can broaden your understanding of the law and how it's applied in the real world.

How can I fit an Iowa Bar prep course into my busy life?

We're aware that many law students have a variety of personal, professional, and academic obligations, and that even if you're interested in attending a prep course, you may be worried about finding a way to squeeze more studying into your already busy day. Luckily, we've gone out of our way to make attending these courses easy. An online Iowa Bar course offers an amount of innate flexibility, as you won't have to consider the time it takes to get to and from a physical classroom. Commutes can eat up a large portion of your day, but you'll be able to attend your prep course from anywhere you have a computer or mobile device and a connection to the internet. If you need to study from a campus cafe between classes, from your workplace during your lunch break, or at home at night or on the weekend, we can find a course that can accommodate you. We offer both two-week and four-week-long course sections, so whether you're looking for a short and intense course that can cover a large amount of material in a short period of time or a more protracted course that can allow you to spread out your studies, there's an option available to suit you.

How can I find an Iowa Bar course near me?

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors today and you can speak with one of our educational consultants, who can discuss scheduling and get you signed up for an Iowa Bar prep course painlessly. New course sections start every month, so if you give us a call today we can get you into a classroom more quickly than you may expect. The Bar exam covers legal concepts that, should you pass the test and go on to practice law, you'll apply all throughout your working life, so comprehensive preparation is more than just an effort to do well on a test, it can be preparation for your career as well.

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