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Varsity Tutors offers CLEP Introduction to Business Law Classes to students who are hoping to bypass introductory Business Law and earn credits at many universities. With the valuable guidance that you will receive in your CLEP Introduction to Business Law test preparation, you can demonstrate your true abilities on exam day. Your results can be used by schools to determine what level of business law you should begin with. If you have mastered the subjects that are taught in Intro to Business Law, you may be able to skip it, so that you do not have to spend more time learning information that you already know. CLEP Introduction to Business Law test prep can help you showcase your skills on test day.

With the guidance that you will find with a Varsity Tutors CLEP Introduction to Business Law course, you can build your study and test-taking skills that you can use throughout your future studies. Take advantage of the CLEP Introduction to Business Law test prep with qualified CLEP Introduction to Business Law tutoring through Varsity Tutors. You can be matched with a skilled instructor who knows the contents of the exam and can work with you on each section of the exam to hone your skills. Overall, the exam assesses your abilities in understanding the functions of contracts, history and sources of American law, sales, agency, and employment, legal systems and procedures, and more topics.

There are numerous benefits to signing up for the CLEP Introduction to Business Law courses through Varsity Tutors. For instance, your tutor can prepare a customized CLEP Introduction to Business Law prep session based on your specific needs. The CLEP Introduction to Business Law test prep syllabus is not predetermined. If your skills are strong in contracts, you can spend less time focusing on that and more of your valuable CLEP Introduction to Business Law preparation time and effort on the history and procedure and torts sections. If you need help with your anxiety or time management skills, a tutor can help you with strategies that address those issues as well.

CLEP Introduction to Business Law tutors can use many tricks and techniques to figure out where you stand in your understanding of the material found on the exam. Once they know where your specific talents and shortfalls are, they can adjust the CLEP Introduction to Business Law test prep sessions to help you get a handle on the information and make sure you are working towards your goals. This flexibility is one of the best benefits of working with a private CLEP Introduction to Business Law tutor.

One thing to note about the CLEP Introduction to Business Law exam is that it has around 100 questions, and you are given 90 minutes to complete it. Here are the requirements for the exam:

  • Knowledge and Skills Required
    • Knowledge of the basic facts and terms (about 30%-35% of the examination)
    • Understanding of concepts and principles (about 30%-35% of the examination)
    • Ability to apply knowledge to specific case problems (about 30% of the examination)

Your CLEP Introduction to Business Law tutors can help you adequately prepare for the exam with practice questions that mimic the questions you will find on the exam. Some of these practice questions include:

Practice Questions:

  • A command economy is characterized by:
    • A laissez-faire approach by the government
    • Businesses commanding all aspects of the economy
    • A moderate amount of government intervention in the economy
    • The government controlling prices and production
  • Which of the following is not a responsibility of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?
    • Investigating insider trading
    • Regulating securities
    • Processing applications for initial public offerings (IPOs)
    • Setting interest rates

As you may already know, the more time that you spend on your CLEP Introduction to Business Law prep, the better prepared you could be going into test day. A tutor can work with you to help you learn the most information during each of your study sessions. If you would like to get help getting started with a CLEP Introduction to Business Law class, reach out to Varsity Tutors today.

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