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The Irvine School System

The city of Irvine, California, is located approximately 50 miles outside of the center of Los Angeles. Irvine has a population of approximately 275,000 residents--a fraction of the 13 million-plus residents who are estimated to live within the Los Angeles metropolitan area. K-12 students enrolled at public schools within Irvine’s city limits attend schools that fall under the jurisdiction of the Irvine Unified School District, or IUSD. IUSD oversees over 30 different schools and has a total attendance of around 34,000 students. The Irvine Unified School District is among the top school districts in the United States.

Though your student may attend a school that boasts a history of notable academic performance, he or she may still encounter any number of academic hurdles. A broad selection of self-study resources are available for struggling students, but for many children, solo study just doesn’t cut it. Subject- or test-specific review workbooks, online resources, and group review courses have the potential to give your child the help he or she needs, but they all lack one vital element: personal, individual guidance. Fortunately, there’s another choice that can give your son or daughter the expertise he or she needs: personal tutoring in Irvine. One-on-one sessions give your child the kind of help that’s required to meet--or even exceed!--his or her goals in school.

In the classroom, students share the attention of their instructor. For some students, this can make it difficult to keep up when they don't understand something or to perform at their full academic potential and move to the head of the class. Here's how Irvine's busiest schools stack up in terms of student-teacher ratios:

Irvine Student-to-Teacher Ratios

Arnold O. Beckman High School has a 28 1 student-teacher ratio.

Godinez Fundamental High School has a 27 1 student-teacher ratio.

University High School has a 28 1 student-teacher ratio.

Corona Del Mar High School has a 28 1 student-teacher ratio.

El Toro High School has a 25 1 student-teacher ratio.

California State Average has a 23 1 student-teacher ratio.

Although most of Irvine’s top ten high schools have student-to-teacher ratios that exceed the state average, the majority of these schools are still within the top 100 high schools within the state of California. Only one of the top ten Irvine high schools has an Advanced Placement exam pass rate under 75 percent.

Irvine High School Rankings

High School Irvine Ranking State Ranking AP Pass Rate
Northwood High School 1 8 94%
Orange County School of the Arts 2 20 80%
University High School 3 22 94%
Corona Del Mar High School 4 26 90%
Woodbridge High School 5 36 88%
Arnold O. Beckman High School 6 38 84%
Irvine High School 7 54 88%
Laguna Beach High School 8 95 77%
El Toro High School 9 269 85%
Early College High School 10 324 33%

Like most other students nationwide, California students are required to sit for standardized exams that evaluate their mastery of knowledge in various subjects. From third through eighth grade and once more during high school (typically in grade 11), students in Irvine must take exams under the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress system in English Language Arts and mathematics. These tests are called the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments (SBSA), and measure your child’s ability to use the skills and knowledge taught under the Common Core curriculum through multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The table below illustrates the performance of Irvine’s students on state assessments. These important exams give parents and colleges insight into how prepared a student is for college-level courses.

Irvine Test Scores

As senior high school students prepare for their final SBSA, many juniors and seniors are also reviewing for standardized college admissions exams, like the ACT and SAT. The wide range of knowledge necessary to earn a high score on these tests can intimidate even the strongest of students. Working with an Irvine tutor experienced in the material covered on these tests can give your student the opportunity to make progress toward his or her goal score. Students who in college can also reap the benefits of private tutoring. Irvine’s location within the Los Angeles metro area places it within easy reach of some of the nation’s most highly regarded colleges and universities.

Irvine University Rankings

College National Rank Acceptance Rate
California Institute of Technology 10 8%
Pomona College 18 9%
University of Southern California 19 17%
Harvey Mudd College 26 13%
Claremont McKenna College 34 9%
University of California - Los Angeles 36 18%
Scripps College 65 30%
Pitzer College 79 14%
Loyola Marymount University 121 54%
Occidental College 127 46%

How Varsity Tutors Can Help

If you’re interested in finding a tutor in Irvine, CA, contact Varsity Tutors. A dedicated tutor can give students of any age a boost.

Session Summaries by Tutors

Irvine, CA tutoring
The student has finished his algebra, spanish and history finals, so only science and english are left. We used his science study packet to go over definitions since all equations are provided, then studied his vocabulary from To Kill A Mockingbird.
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Irvine, CA tutoring
Worked with  the first student  on her reading and math, she is doing very well with word problems and division.  Worked with the second student  today on his math, and he seems to get proportions fine, but needs some work still on figuring out what the word problems are asking.  We also worked on a power-point presentation he was working on about different colleges he might be interested in.  I used it as an opportunity to talk about outline writing, and how to know when to indent facts.  
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Irvine, CA tutoring
Began reviewing the English section with the student.  We went through one passage/question set in depth, and talked about how to recognize what rule or skill the question was testing, not just the individual answer.  We also discussed separating the informational content of sentences from their grammatical structure, dependent vs. independent clauses, and other rules that will help him to break down a wide variety of questions.  
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Irvine, CA tutoring
Today we reviewed any concepts the student  needed additional help in.  We started the day by reviewing logs and exponential functions.  We solved equations for logs and reviewed the rules and steps required to solve each equation.  We then reviewed sine and cosine functions and their graphs.  Finally we reviewed hyperboles, circles, and ellipses.
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Irvine, CA tutoring
We went over the Verbal sections of the first practice SAT from the Official SAT Guide. He understands most questions. Next time, we will review the verbal sections of practice tests 2 and 3, and I will give him a quiz on vocabulary from practice test 1.
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Irvine, CA tutoring
We went over logic games that she sent to me over the weekend.  The formal logic game that she had most difficulty with was one of the hardest games in recent years. But, she did a good job at making deductions with confidence as we progressed through the session.  Next time we will go over games of her choice which she has not seen before.
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