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Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in a Sacramento French course that's right for you, no matter if you're a student at St. Francis High School trying your hand at the language for the first time, filling out your general education requirements at California State University of Sacramento, or someone with existing French proficiency who's looking to dust off their French skills and get some practice in. Learning any language can be difficult and poses some unique challenges. A traditional classroom isn't always the best way to learn French, and it might not provide you with the regularity of immersive French practice that can be necessary to build up true comprehension and fluency. Looking for extra outlets to build your French skills outside a classroom and bringing more French into your life can be one of the best ways to speed your language acquisition and deepen your understanding.

French is widely spoken all over the globe in North Africa, West Africa, Southeast Asia, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, and of course, in France. More than 55 countries use French as their official or secondary language, and there are almost 300 million French speakers out there. French is often considered to be the second most widely used language in international communication and business, right after English. All of this adds up to mean that French proficiency may be a professional resource to you, especially as the world becomes more globally interconnected and technology advances. Being bilingual in French may prove to be a valuable asset to put on your resume. French literature, art, and philosophy has been influential in world history and may be a reason you're drawn to the language, so it's worth noting that you'll also be gaining access to the art, culture, and history of the entire Francophone world. A Sacramento French course may be just what you need to start heading towards a mastery of a language that can open professional doors for you and broaden your cultural horizons.

What material can a Sacramento French class help me learn?

As with any language, there's a lot to learn, from broad linguistic elements like pronunciation to minutiae like specific, uncommonly-used tenses. French and English share a common history, so some elements of French may come easily to you, but the similarities between the languages can also make new and unfamiliar rules even more confusing for some students. You may already know that French uses gendered nouns and that these nouns can impact sentences in ways that seem unusual at first. Many students may find themselves wondering why, if they're writing a sentence about their father's chair, for example, the chair is what ends up determining the gendered words used in the sentence rather than the person. You'll also have to learn some new accented characters and how to pronounce them, as well as the general rules of French pronunciation, where how words are pronounced depends on the words that precede and follow them. A Sacramento French class can help you master all these central elements of French, and also dig into specific cases that might require a lot of discussion to entirely get your head around, like the French system of relative pronouns (ce qui, ce que, ce dont, and such) and complex relative pronouns (avec lequel, sur lequel, and so on), which even experienced French speakers can find difficult to explain in English.

The amount of new material you'll encounter when you enter a Sacramento French course may seem overwhelming, but with language learning, you may find diving into the language headfirst to be one of the only ways to learn effectively. Regular, diligent practice can be key to learning French, and a French course will provide you with the opportunity to read, write, and speak French on a regular basis. Some instructors may even teach the class entirely in French, or expect you to be trying your best to speak French right from the get-go. This type of immersive language environment can seem intimidating, but don't be put off - you may find yourself understanding French, and even feeling comfortable with the language, faster than you may expect.

How will a Sacramento French class teach me all this?

A Sacramento French class is taught entirely online in an interactive virtual classroom, where you'll participate in group discussions led by an expert French instructor. This online classroom with allow you to see, hear, and speak with your instructor and classmates so you can feel like you've gathered around a table to speak French together. There are some definite advantages offered by an online class: importantly, you can be only moments away from your course anywhere you have access to the internet. We know many French learners have busy professional, personal, and academic lives. As language learning depends on your ability to practice and speak with others, having easy access to a French language environment can be a serious boon to your studies. You won't have to worry about how you're going to fit an additional commute into your schedule, and can study from anywhere you're most comfortable. An online class also allows us to offer an expanded range of class times, so if you're looking to study late at night, or even fit something into your lunch break at work, there may be an offering to suit you.

The group discussion element of the course shouldn't be understated either. By speaking French with both a professional French instructor and a group of fellow language learners, you'll be able to get feedback from your peers, work together to find new ways of developing your skills, and can speak French with people from different backgrounds, which can help develop your vocabulary and range of expression. Practicing a language with people who're at the same level that you are is also a great way to break down any confidence barriers you might have about speaking French. Additionally, a course like this offers a great value, giving you access to a highly qualified French teacher at a group price. You'll even be able to reserve one-on-one practice time with your instructor for any topics you're finding difficult.

How can I get signed up?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can provide you with more information about how a Sacramento French course can help you learn, what course times are available, and get you enrolled in an upcoming course. New courses start on a rolling monthly basis, so there's always something to suit your needs right around the corner. Whether you're a high school student at Sacramento Country Day School or an experienced professional looking to expand your business skills, there can be a course that feels right to you. Reach out today, and you may be well on your way to a learning experience that can demystify French and bring you closer to your professional and personal goals.

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