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Students or professionals hoping to apply to a medical school program such as the Emory University School of Medicine or Morehouse School of Medicine can depend on Varsity Tutors for a connection to an exceptional Atlanta MCAT course.

The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is a multiple-choice standardized exam which lasts for six hours and fifteen minutes, not including breaks. The purpose of the MCAT is to assess prospective students on the concepts and skills thought to be important for success in a medical school program as well as your future medical career. This exam is a crucial step in gaining entrance to the medical school or program of your choice. The knowledge and skills tested on the MCAT are concepts you would have learned in your introductory-level psychology, biology, physics, general and organic chemistry, sociology, and foundational biochemistry courses. An Atlanta MCAT course can help you review the material learned in these courses and help you practice the types of problems you can expect to find in your exam. Keep reading for more information about how an MCAT course can help you prepare for exam day.

What can be covered in an Atlanta MCAT class?

The MCAT is comprised of four distinct parts, each of which assesses you on various skills you need to have mastered in order to do well in a medical career. Let's take a closer look at each section and the concepts you should review in order to properly prepare.

The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems assessment consists of 59 questions. You only have 95 minutes to complete this part of the exam. This section focuses on the chemical and physical principles that underlie the mechanisms operating in the human body, the functions of the human body, and the basic physical and chemical concepts of living systems. These are skills you would have learned in general chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, introductory physics, introductory biology, and basic biochemistry. Your MCAT review course can help you go over the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of the different parts of the human body. You could also receive assistance in reviewing chemical reactions and the periodic table. The questions in this portion of the exam will consist of 10 passage-based sets of questions and 15 individual questions.

The next section is the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills assessment. You will have 1.5 hours to complete the 53 questions which measure your verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, and problem-solving skills. You will find nine sets of questions in this section, each based on a passage. The provided passages will give you all the information you need to answer the questions so you do not need any specific knowledge of the content found within the text. You will want to review the basic components of a passage and how to look at these components to increase your understanding of the purpose of the passage. You also want to practice inferring meaning from the compositional elements of the given passages.

The 95-minute Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems assessment contains 59 questions. As before, there are 15 independent questions and 10 passage-based sets of questions in this portion of the test. You will need to brush up on concepts learned in your general chemistry, introductory biology, organic chemistry, and basic biochemistry courses. You'll want to review the processes unique to living organisms and be able to explain how different parts work within an organism to accomplish growth and/or reproduction. If any of these skills are in an area in which you would like to improve, you can review the material under the supervision of a knowledgeable MCAT instructor, which allows you to ask questions for clarity.

The final section of the MCAT is the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Assessment. This is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge of mental health issues. The skills necessary to do well on this section of the MCAT are the same ones you will need to know in order to serve an increasingly diverse population of patients. You will have only 95 minutes to answer 59 questions following the same format of 10 text-based sets of questions and 15 individual questions as in prior sections.

This list is not a comprehensive list of skills you will need to study. An Atlanta MCAT course can help you make sure to review all the various skills and material you can expect to find on test day. This can help you gain confidence in your ability to walk into your exam and do well.

What are the benefits of taking an Atlanta MCAT class through Varsity Tutors?

When you sign up for an Atlanta MCAT class with Varsity Tutors, you'll be able to bring the classroom to you using our live virtual platform. This allows you to talk directly with your instructor as if he or she were in the same room as you. You'll be able to work in collaboration with your peers, engaging in activities like group discussions. This could help you review the material with more ease and retain the knowledge for a longer period of time. If you're having a hard time with a specific concept, you can set aside individual time to speak with your teacher to ask questions in a private setting.

How do I sign up for an Atlanta MCAT prep course?

When you elect to take an MCAT course through Varsity Tutors, all you'll need to do is call and speak with one of our educational consultants. We will take the time to assess your particular needs. Once we have determined your instructional and scheduling requirements, we will set you up with either a two-week course or a four-week course. New class sessions start each week, so you can begin at any time. This allows you to fit structured MCAT review into your study schedule. If you're ready to get started, call Varsity Tutors today so we can set you up with an Atlanta MCAT course.

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