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Finding the right New York City ISEE prep solution for your child doesn't have to be difficult when you take advantage of the help of Varsity Tutors. If your child will be taking one of the ISEE levels, it probably means you are hoping they will be accepted to one of the city's top independent or private schools. These schools rely on the ISEE to give them insight into the academic level of those children who apply.

No matter how well your child has been doing in their studies thus far, giving them an opportunity to review with a skilled instructor can help them work towards doing their best on test day. To learn more about what is covered on the different levels of the ISEE and how Varsity Tutors can help you find the right New York City ISEE prep strategy for your child.

What can New York City ISEE prep cover?

There are four levels of the ISEE; Upper, Middle, Lower, and Primary. The Upper Level is for students entering grades nine through twelve. The Middle Level is for students entering grades seven or eight. The Lower Level is for children entering grades five or six. The Primary Level is comprised of three sublevels; Primary 4, Primary 3, and Primary 2. The Primary Levels correspond to the grade level the child will be entering. All of the levels evaluate your child's grade level appropriate understanding of math and reading. They also all require your child to write an essay that is not graded.

The Upper, Middle, and Lower levels of the ISEE all have the same five core sections; Math Achievement, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and an Essay. Students will have have the same amount of time for these sections to answer the same number of questions. The specific skills evaluated throughout the sections are based on the grade level.

In the Math Achievement section of the exam, your child will have 40 minutes to answer 47 questions. In the Quantitative Reasoning section, they will have 35 minutes to answer 37 questions. These sections evaluate your child's mathematical thinking and math operation skills. Some of the math skills and concepts your child may need to review, depending on their grade level include solving equations, data analysis and probability, basic math operations, measurement, geometry, working with variables and exponents, integers, fractions, square roots, decimals, estimation, ratios and proportion, prime factorization, and various algebraic concepts.

For the Verbal Reasoning portion of the exam, your child will have 20 minutes to answer 40 questions. In the Reading Comprehension section, they will have 35 minutes to answer 36 items. These sections measure your child's English language and reading comprehension skills. A few of the English language and reading skills your child can review with the help of a professional ISEE prep resource include parts of speech, root words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, comparing and contrasting, identifying an author's intent, cause and effect, figurative and literal language, and determining the meaning of a word from context clues.

Your child will have 30 minutes to respond to one writing prompt in the Essay section of the test. Although the Essay isn't graded, a copy of your child's response is sent to the schools to which your child applies. It is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their competency with skills such as sentence structure, creativity, organization, punctuation, and grammar. As part of their ISEE preparation, they can work on developing these skills so they can accurately represent their unique style and personality.

The three core sections of the Primary Level are Reading, Mathematics, and a Writing Sample. As with the other levels, the writing sample is not graded but should still be considered during preparation efforts. The Primary Level 2 ISEE has an additional section for students to complete that focuses on their auditory comprehension. During this section the students have a passage read to them, and they then answer questions based on the information presented. Some of the skills your child may need to review before taking one the Primary Levels of the ISEE include vocabulary, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and reading comprehension.

Professional New York City ISEE preparation can help your student prepare for their upcoming exam whether they need targeted help on specific skills or a comprehensive overview of multiple subjects.

How can a New York City ISEE prep class help my child prepare?

Prep classes are ideal for students who need a comprehensive overview and who thrive in group learning environments. Having the support of peers who are all focused on a common goal is highly motivating for many students. Classes are held in a secure online environment and are structured similarly to a traditional classroom. The teacher will present the curriculum to the class and may then work with children individually answering questions or facilitate group projects or conversations to support greater understanding of specific topics.

You can choose between two and four-week classes to ensure your child has an appropriate amount of time to prepare. Each class is made of individual sections, and new sections begin each week. This means your child can get started right away with their prep efforts.

How is working with a New York City ISEE tutor different from taking a course?

The two biggest differences between working with a tutor and taking a course are the amount of personalized instruction your child can receive and how sessions are scheduled. When working with a private tutor, your child's lessons will be tailored to their specific learning style, academic needs, and scoring goals while classes offer a more generalized approach that focuses equally on all areas. You and your needs determine the schedule of a private session while a course has designated times that your child must attend.

How can I get my child started with New York City ISEE prep?

Varsity Tutors can help you quickly sign your child up for a New York City ISEE prep course or connect you with a private ISEE tutor who can work one-on-one with your child. We know that education isn't a one method fits all proposition, which is why we want to support you in providing your child what they need to maximize their test preparation efforts. Contact Varsity Tutors now to get started today.

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