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It doesn't matter if you are experienced in the French language and in need of a refresher, a University of Denver student who must fulfill language requirements, or a student at East High School or Mullen High School enrolled in your first French class, Varsity Tutors has a Denver French course that could have a significant impact on your language skills. Learning a language can be tricky, even when you have a background in it. The traditional classroom setting and curriculum may not be conducive to effective learning. One of the best ways to learn French is by practicing it in conversation and writing. A Denver French course will give you the chance to access this kind of learning, and also provide you with the help of an expert French instructor who can help you dive into the French language.

Nearly 300 million people speak the French language, and 55 countries in West and North Africa, Lebanon, Northern Europe, Canada, Southeast Asia, and of course, France, speak it as a second language. It is the most widely-used language in international communications, second to English. Many companies already seek bilingual employees and more will in the future. This fact makes it enticing to learn a common language such as French. When you are fluent in French, you will also be gaining access to the Francophone cultures in numerous places and become familiar with the rich and influential culture.

What material can a Denver French course teach?

There are many nuances that can make it challenging to learn and master any language. Not only do you have to learn to speak the language, but you must also learn the grammatical rules and unique things that are often entirely unfamiliar to those who speak English as their first language. The mix of new information and familiar information can sometimes confuse students. One thing you will notice about the French language is that it uses gendered nouns, and you must use the correct gender, or it will affect how other words connect in the rest of the sentence. These new rules may be confusing and require a lot of memorization, but your French instructor can help you figure them out. Additionally, your teacher can help you learn French tenses that also tend to be tricky.

In addition to grammar rules, your instructor may also help you learn how to pronounce the sounds of the French sonic palette and learn accented letters. The French language also has a complex system of relative pronouns, which can be challenging to grasp at first. Then there are direct object pronouns to learn, including le, la, and les. Even those students who have studied the language before or have some kind of background in it have difficulties learning the grammar and function in the language. Your class will include practice in these areas and many others so you can build your command while getting enough practice with the grammatical rules.

How will a Denver French course help me learn?

A Denver French class is held in an interactive digital classroom that is led by expert French instructors. You will be able to see and interact with your peers and teacher as if they were in the room with you. You can hold full conversations in the language and engage in language learning activities. As you may imagine, this can help you pick up the language rather quickly. When you are going through material that you are already fluent in, helping your peers can further strengthen your retention and understanding of the information. Immersion is a potent language learning tool. Depending on your level, some teachers may even choose to teach their class entirely in French and require their students to speak the language exclusively during class as well.

As with any subject, there will be times that you will need one-on-one help from your French instructor, which is why our French courses can provide you with this private support as required. These courses are made to provide students with numerous avenues to success on their way to becoming proficient in the French language. If you are someone who responds better to being able to ask questions and get help outside of the regular class time, you can set up a time to meet with your instructor one-on-one. For those who are uncomfortable asking questions in class, this option is invaluable.

Taking an online course means that you do not have to commute so you will find yourself having extra time to spend on other areas of your life. Additionally, you can find a course that meets your busy scheduling needs because we have classes that run during many different time slots. Whether you are someone who would benefit from weekend courses, night courses, or maybe during your lunch break, we can help you find the option that works the best for you. Courses are held continually so we can get you enrolled in the course you need quickly. Also, you may find that working in an online classroom eliminates some stress or anxiety you may have when it comes to crowds in a traditional brick and mortar school. This way, you can attend class from the comfort of your home or any of your other favorite study hangouts if you choose to do so.

Now that I have learned more about these courses, how can I get started?

Becoming fluent in the French language can boost your skills enough to impact your personal, academic, and business goals, whether you are a young student or a working professional. If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can give you more information about what a Denver French class will help you with, our currently available courses, and when and how to enroll in the French class that could be just what you need. Reaching out to us now can help you make strides in your French-speaking abilities soon.

We are looking forward to meeting and working with you to reach towards achieving your French goals.

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