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Varsity Tutors can offer students of all ages the opportunity to enroll in a French class- whether you're a freshman at Raleigh Charter High School, a doctoral candidate at Duke University, or a budding professional aspiring to join an industry that prizes diverse language skills.

Students and professionals alike may choose to take a language course to complete general education requirements or gain a competitive edge in the job market. For these reasons and many more, French is a great option and tends to be a popular choice for learners across the globe.

For one, French is an official language in countries ranging from Switzerland to the Seychelles. In addition, it has long been the primary or secondary language of prominent international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the International Olympic Committee, to name just a few. It is one of the most widely used languages in the world of business and commerce, alongside English and Mandarin Chinese, and gives you access to a cultural universe rich in history, philosophy, and literature.

But learning a new language is no easy task. When you're balancing school, work, family, and other duties, it may seem intimidating for you to commit to learning French. However, your proficiency in French depends on how many opportunities you have to regularly practice the language. Without consistently exercising your French speaking, reading, and writing muscles, it is possible to lose your precious language ability. Partaking in a Raleigh-Durham French course can help boost your performance by giving you avenues for consistent, everyday practice in a collaborative environment.

Whether you're struggling to grasp the three different kinds of past tenses or excited to master modal verbs, Varsity Tutors can give you access to a course that's the right fit for you. New sections of a class start on a monthly rolling basis. Working with passionate, accomplished instructors can help you excel and reach for your French learning goals.

What types of skills do instructors review?

French is a Romance language that belongs to the Indo-European family. It differs from English in a number of unexpected ways. English-speaking students encounter concepts in French that may feel very foreign to them, including an elaborate set of pronouns, gendered nouns, and irregular verb conjugations- not to mention accented letters, and a whole new sound system or phonology.

Language learning success, in the case of French and otherwise, depends heavily on frequent, rigorous practice. From students at the beginning of their journey to French proficiency to those intending on simply maintaining their advanced language skills, taking a French course is an effective way to secure regular practice. This way, you can have the chance to systematically sharpen your French speaking, writing, and reading- with the added benefit of a supportive group of peers to keep you motivated and on track.

As consistent exposure to a new language has been shown to increase retention, it's crucial to seek out immersive options. Language immersion can allow you to remember more vocabulary, and heighten your level of comfort as you navigate the messy world of pronunciation. In a Raleigh-Durham French class, you can get just that.

In addition, students can request one-on-one time with their instructors in order to clarify doubts and spend more time on certain confusing concepts. So when you're stuck on complex relative pronouns, you don't have to worry about it because you can request some individualized attention when you need it.

How will a Raleigh-Durham French course help me learn?

Studying a language on your own is not always as easy as it seems. If you're juggling multiple responsibilities, it may seem difficult to you to find time and energy in your regular schedule to commit to learning French.

But with Varsity Tutors, you can have an excellent French course right at your fingertips. When you can choose amongst online night classes, weekend classes, and more, fitting time for dedicated French practice into your existing schedule is practically effortless. You can attend classes with your instructor and other students using a handy virtual platform. From behind a screen, you can participate in conversations, learn alongside your peers, and receive regular, detailed feedback from a seasoned French speaker without the headache of an added commute.

We can help you find a Raleigh-Durham French class and get you enrolled quickly. The collaborative setting we offer allows you to learn from and with your peers, while studying one-on-one allows your instructor to focus on your themes of interest and areas for growth when necessary. This can give you a comprehensive understanding of French- tailored just for you.

Online sessions allow for great flexibility since you can attend your class no matter where you are using our Live Learning Platform. With this tool, you can use video chat and a virtual whiteboard to take part in a session. A Raleigh-Durham French course can provide you with the best of both worlds: the collaborative benefits of the classroom experience in addition to the individualized, complete attention you may need on those difficult days.

How can I get signed up?

Although learning a new language can often be challenging, gaining advanced proficiency in French can be incredibly useful for your career, and even lead to personal growth. Not only can you hone your skills in intercultural dialogue and communication, but you can also learn more about different parts of the world and the diverse people who bring vibrancy, color, and depth to our global culture.

If you've tried learning French before but were not able to keep up, consider Varsity Tutors. Enroll in a Raleigh-Durham French class, because It may change the way you think about learning French altogether.

Contact the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors to know more about your options. Whether you're gearing up to take a trip to Paris, looking to bulk up your resume, or wrapping up your studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, you can start your Raleigh-Durham French course and begin making strides in learning French today.

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