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Whether you're a college student at Harvard or MIT, a high school student at Boston Latin School or Match Charter Public School, or just someone who has an interest in learning the French language, Varsity Tutors can help you build your language skills through a Boston French course. Perhaps you've found that a conventional classroom curriculum is not the right place for you when trying to learn French, as learning any new language can be a difficult undertaking. When you're trying to successfully master French, an important factor to consider is how many opportunities you will have to regularly practice the language in both writing and conversation. As a French learner, no matter if you're a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, a Boston French course can provide you with this type of learning immersion and also give you access to learning from a highly experienced French teacher who will help you dive right into the language.

Almost 300 million people speak French. In 55 countries across the globe, including North and West Africa, Lebanon, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe, Canada, and France, it is considered either an official or secondary language. An interesting fact you may not know is that in international business, French is considered to the second-most widely used language. Bilingualism is becoming an important skill in the business world as technology becomes more and more widespread and the world continues to globalize. The cultural access that is gained by learning a new language is an exciting prospect. In the modern world, the French culture has been influential, yet the widespread use of it across the globe means that you can gain access to a variety of new and different cultures.

No matter what your skill level is or whatever reason you have for wanting to learn French, we can enroll you in a class that can meet your needs. Whether you're still struggling with the basics of French and are worried about passing a class, a professional that wants to take advantage of the benefits of bilingualism in the business world, or you just want to be able to immerse yourself in French culture, history, and literature from different areas around the world, a Boston French class may be the answer you've been looking for.

What types of material will be learned in a Boston French course?

All languages have their own set of intricacies that can make it difficult to master. French is considered the language of love and shares similarities to English, so understanding English grammar and having a good English vocabulary might help with your French work. However, French does have its own set of grammatical nuances and many rules that a native English speaker may be unfamiliar with. Combining this unfamiliarity of French structure with the sometimes-familiar English counterparts can lead to some confusion. French uses gendered nouns, and the gender of a subject in a sentence will determine how different words within the sentence are conjugated. Learning these rules will involve a lot memorization on your part, but your French instructor will try to help you figure out the best method for learning these complexities. Another tricky part to learning French is figuring out the tenses and how they can make for irregular conjugations. This is another step that your French instructor will urge you to memorize.

Another thing you'll be learning is new accented letters and the different pronunciations of French words. This language involves a system of relative pronouns - the "ce qui, ce que, etc". These pronouns may prove tough to understand at the beginning. There are even intricate complex relative pronouns - the "avec lequel" and more. Even if you have some knowledge of the French language, it can become difficult to remember the function and grammar of all these rules. Your course will go over all of this in multiple discussions so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice. You will learn parts of speech, conversational phrasing, and many more.

How does the Boston French course help me learn?

The Boston French class is an online, interactive classroom that is taught by an expert French mentor. You can see your instructor and other classmates, and you will be able to speak to them. This provides an opportunity to engage in different activities that promote language learning as well as allowing you to practice French conversations. Having access to a French discussion class online can help you pick up the language. If you are struggling with a certain topic, being able to ask for help from a classmate can encourage both of you to get extra practice in. Not only does it help you learn more, but it can strengthen their skills as well. Depending on your skill level and how comfortable you are with the language, some teachers may choose to teach in French in order to promote immersion.

If you are struggling with certain subjects and need one-on-one attention from your French expert, our Boston French course will let you reserve this private attention. These classes are designed to offer you many options for becoming successful in French proficiency.

An online course is very convenient because there's no extra commute, and there are various class times, whether you need to study at night, on the weekends, or in the middle of the afternoon. Classes begin on a rolling monthly basis, so you can start quickly in the course you're looking for.

How do I get started?

No matter what your reason for learning French is, there's no doubt that learning it can provide you with many opportunities in your personal goals, your academic success, or your business pursuits. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and we will be happy to provide you with more information on what a Boston French class covers, what current classes are available, and the pertinent information of how and when we can get you enrolled in the French class you have been searching for. Just let us know that you want to get started, and soon you'll find yourself making great strides in your command of the French language.

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