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As your student begins their Miami ISEE preparation, it may benefit them to sign up for a Miami ISEE prep course by contacting Varsity Tutors. The ISEE is used by numerous private schools as one factor in their admissions process. As such, Miami ISEE prep can be useful in helping your student try to do as well as possible so that they can pursue the private school of their choice.

The ISEE is a comprehensive test that consists of four different levels, which are based on grade level. This includes a Primary Level, Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The Primary Level ISEE is designed for students going into the second through fourth grades. The Lower Level exam is offered to students going into fifth and sixth grades. The Middle Level ISEE is given to students going into seventh and eighth grades, and the Upper Level exam is available to students going into ninth grade and above. The Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels all contain the same number of sections. Furthermore, each section has the same number of questions, and students have the same amount of time to finish each of the sections. The Primary Level ISEE contains either three or four sections based on grade level.

What can Miami ISEE prep cover?

Miami ISEE prep can cover material from a variety of different topics. The ISEE mostly focuses on reading, math, and writing. But each section of the test covers different topics within those subject areas. What follows is a brief overview of the different sections across all four levels of the ISEE.

Verbal Reasoning

On the Upper Level ISEE, this section looks at high school-level vocabulary and synonyms. The Middle Level exam covers a mix of middle and high school vocabulary and parts of speech. The Lower Level ISEE examines a mix of elementary and middle school vocabulary and sentence completion.

Quantitative Reasoning

The Upper Level exam looks at equations, geometric shapes, and exponents. The Middle Level ISEE covers percentages, fractions, and decimals, among other topics. The Lower Level exam involves probability, multiplication, and addition, to name a few topics.

Reading Comprehension

On the Upper Level, this section covers identifying cause and effect, comparing and contrasting information, and identifying features of literary genres. The Middle Level examines figurative and literal language use and using information from various passages to answer questions. Finally, the Lower Level focuses on identify the main idea and locating information within a passage.

Math Achievement

At the Upper Level, Math Achievement covers mean, median, and mode, coordinate grids, and world problems, among other concepts. The Middle Level focuses on integer comparison, fractions, and ratios, among other topics. Finally, the Upper Level exam covers percentages, patterns, and two and three-dimensional figures.


The Essay section on all three levels requires students to write an essay based on a given prompt. This prompt involves a topic that is considered to be of interest to students at a particular grade level. This section measures student's writing skills in terms of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and organization. The Essay section also has the added benefit of giving students a chance to let their prospective schools know a bit more about them in terms of their personality and creativity.

Primary Level

For second grade students, the Primary Level ISEE contains an Auditory Comprehension Section. This section involves students listening to six passages and answering questions about them. These passages can contain either fiction or nonfiction topics.

Students in second, third, and fourth grades take three different sections on the ISEE, including Reading, Math, and Writing. The Reading section is multiple choice and covers vocabulary. The Math section is also multiple choice and involves basic mathematical concepts. Finally, the Writing section requires students to look at a picture and write a story about it.

What are the benefits of different types of Miami ISEE prep?

If your student is interested in a Miami ISEE prep class, they can enroll in either a four-week or two-week session. The class takes place online, which makes it easy for you to find a class that fits into your student's schedule. You won't need to drive your student to another extracurricular activity because they can take the class at your house. New classes begin every week so it's easy for you to find a class that fits around your student's regular classes and after-school activities.

ISEE classes are designed to be similar to traditional classes. As such, your student can work with both an instructor and other students. Their instructor can help them review the topics that may show up on all of the different sections of the ISEE. Furthermore, if your student is having trouble with a particular topic, they can meet with their instructor on their own so they have a chance to ask more specific questions.

Working with other students can be helpful because it provides an alternative to just listening to the instructor. Not every student learns the same way. Thus, it makes sense to present the subject material in as many different ways as possible. Rather than listening to a lecture by their instructor, your student can work with other students on class activities and collaborate with them on group discussions.

If your student prefers more personal interaction with their Miami ISEE prep, they can also connect with a Miami ISEE tutor. Working with a tutor gives your student access to a more individualized approach. They can have more control over the exact topics that are covered in each session. This can be a major benefit over working in a group setting because it's possible that not every member of the group needs extra help on the same topics as your student. Whether your student needs more assistance with vocabulary or they're struggling with math, a tutor can work with them.

How can I find Miami ISEE prep for my student in Miami?

Finding Miami ISEE prep is as easy as contacting Varsity Tutors. We'll identify the type of Miami ISEE prep that works best for your student.

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