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No matter your reason for learning French or where you're at in the language learning process, Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in a Washington DC French class that can take your studies to a new level. If you're a student at Georgetown University or George Washington University, a high school student at St. Albans, or someone from another walk of life who's looking to acquire the language or brush up on existing French skills, a Washington DC French class might be just the thing you need to improve your confidence and proficiency with the language. Learning any language poses a set of unique difficulties that may be unlike most other academic challenges. Even if you're already taking a French course in a traditional classroom, you can benefit from expanding the scope of your French practice and bringing the language into more facets of your life.

French is an extremely widespread language, globally speaking. It is spoken by almost 300 million people, and is an official or main secondary language in 55 countries worldwide. The language boasts a geography that ranges from Canada, to Western and Northern Europe, to North and West Africa, and even to Southeast Asia. French is also generally considered to be the second-most dominant language in the world of international communication and trade, right up there with English. So if you're looking for a new skill that may be able to add a competitive edge to your resume, learning French might fit the bill. Of course, it would be remiss not to mention the cultural access you'll gain by learning French as well. France has long been noted for its contributions to art, literature, philosophy, cuisine, and more, with a large influence on world culture. This extends to France's influence as a former colonial power. While the culture of France proper might be a reason you're interested in improving your language skills, the broader Francophone world has a lot to offer as well. Learning French may help you discover a love for Algerian literature or Senegalese music.

What sort of skills can a Washington DC French course help me develop?

French is a Romance language closely related to English, which can be helpful in some instances and confusing in others. While a strong English vocabulary can definitely help you get ahead in French, the uncanny mixture of the familiar and unfamiliar can make instances where the two languages diverge even more difficult to grasp for some students. There's a lot to learn beyond vocabulary, too. Most people with an exposure to French will already know that the language features gendered nouns, so you'll have to memorize the genders of every noun you learn. You will have to understand how these gendered nouns will affect the grammar of most sentences you'll encounter. In English, most sentences only have one, or maybe two, gendered subjects. In French, quite a few sentences will have many gendered subjects, which can be difficult to navigate at first. You'll also have to get to grips with the many tenses in the French language, some of which don't entirely match up with English tenses, and which can take some explaining to wrap your head around. There's also the complex system of relative pronouns - "avec lequel, sur lequel," and similar phrases - and even French speakers who can use these phrases fluently might have difficulty explaining them in English.

A Washington DC French course can provide you with a place where you'll be able to practice all these skills, and more, on a consistent basis, which can be key to developing proficiency. Access to a French teacher, plus a community of other French learners, can give you the opportunity to regularly speak, read, and write in French in a constructive environment. Spending the time it will take to learn a language necessitates making a lot of mistakes along the way, so it's important you have the ability to practice your skills in an environment where you can feel comfortable. Depending on how experienced you are, some French teachers may even ask you to start trying to speak French from the very beginning of the course, or may teach the class entirely in French, which may seem intimidating, but it's this sort of language immersion that can help you build up the comprehension you'll need to feel confident speaking French in your day-to-day life.

How will a Washington DC French class help me build these skills?

A Washington DC French course is taught entirely online in a virtual classroom. Here you'll see, hear, and speak with your French teacher and classmates, so it can feel just like a brick-and-mortar study session might, but with some serious benefits. First off, an online course offers a lot of convenience. You won't have to think about how to manage an extra commute and can study from wherever you prefer, as you'll be able to access your course from anywhere you have internet access. Easy access is nice for just about any course, but it can be particularly important for a language course, since diligence in your French practice can be one of the most significant single factors that will affect how quickly and how well you learn the language. An online course also allows us to offer a wide range of course times, so there can be a course for you regardless of what time of day you're available to study.

Your online classroom will be led by an expert teacher who has been rigorously vetted, so you can be sure you're getting quality instruction. Your teacher will lead you and your classmates in group discussions, so you can practice your French in conversation. By conversing with a diverse set of students, you may be able to test and expand the limits of your French skills. Additionally, a group class offers a lot of value, as you'll be getting access to a qualified instructor at a group price.

How can I get signed up for a Washington DC French Course?

Contact Varsity Tutors today, and we can provide you with more information about how a Washington DC French class can help you learn. We'll talk to you about available classes and scheduling. New classes are starting every month on a rolling basis, so there can be something that fits your schedule well within reach, whether you're a student at Gonzaga College High School or a business professional looking to pick up some new skills. French can provide you with totally new ways of thinking and bring you into conversations with totally new people. Reach out today and get started developing your mastery now.

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