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Whether you have experience speaking French and want to relearn a few skills, you're a high school student at Ocean Lakes High School working on your diploma requirements, or you're a college student at South University - Virginia Beach majoring in French, Varsity Tutors has a Virginia Beach French course that could help you with all levels of experience. Learning a new language can sometimes be difficult, even if you already have some knowledge of French. Sitting in a regular classroom may not help you improve your skills either. One of the best ways to improve your language skills is to practice French with others in a setting that makes you feel comfortable.

Around the world, almost 300 million people use French as their official language. It is spoken in over 50 countries, including those in North and West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Northern Europe. Canada and France itself, of course, have large populations of native French speakers. Not only is French one of the most influential languages, but it is one of the six official languages in the United Nations. French is also the second-most widely used language in the international business world. Learning a second language can open up doors to new places, both in and out of the workplace. As our world becomes more technology-based, bilingualism is becoming a key skill in this professional realm. Out of the workplace, French culture is full of rich and influential experiences. Learning French could help you as you travel to French-speaking countries and learn more about the culture.

Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Virginia Beach French class, whether you are a first-year high school French student struggling with new concepts you are learning, a business professional who wants to communicate with others, or an experienced French speaker who wants to refresh their skills. We can help you get more proficient in the language and find a class that makes a good fit in your schedule. This class may be just the thing to help you get the extra confidence you need to build fluency.

What will a Virginia Beach French course cover?

Learning any language can have its difficulties, which make it challenging for those trying to master it. French is a classic Romance language related to English. Good English vocabulary and grammar skills can be helpful when learning French. It does have some unfamiliar things that a native English speaker might have difficulty with, such as some rules and grammatical quirks. Between the familiar and unfamiliar, these rules and quirks might confuse a native English speaker. However, consistency in writing, speaking, and reading French is key if you want to retain the skills you are learning. No matter whether you are just starting your journey or already have good skills, a French course is a good way to practice and improve your understanding.

One of the first things you will notice about French is that it has gendered nouns. They are also not only gendered but must agree in number as well. These nouns also have to agree with the number and gender of the articles that precede them. Another difficulty in learning French is the trickiness of their verbs since they have many irregular conjugations. Your instructor might tell you to memorize these conjugations because that might be the best way to retain them. You also learn accented letters and how to pronounce them. The French have verbs to express opinion such as "je crois que" and "je pense que" and question words like "quand," "comment," and "pourquoi" much like English does. Your class will cover much of this plus much more in a setting where you can practice and ask questions about French.

How will a Virginia Beach French course help me learn?

Taught entirely online, a Virginia Beach French course takes place in an interactive classroom where an expert instructor will teach you and the other students. You can engage in learning language skills with your classmates, and you can converse in French with the other students. Practicing your French in conversations during your group lessons is one way to immerse yourself in learning the language. You can boost your speaking skills quickly as you go over the material you are learning the class. You can help other students who might still be struggling and strengthen your own retention and understanding of the material. Choosing to immerse yourself in a language is a powerful way to learn French. Depending on your level, some instructors may even have the class speak French for your entire session.

Taking a Virginia Beach French class online means you don't have to worry about commuting someplace else. You can take this course from wherever you want, whether it's at your house or at a public place such as a library. It allows you to work practice into your busy schedule because we offer a variety of class times. Whether you need weekend courses or night courses, or you have a break in the middle of the day, we can give you options that can work for you. Courses start monthly and last either for two or four weeks. You can choose how long you want your course to be.

Course instructors can also give you private support if needed. There may be times when you are struggling with a difficult concept and need some one-on-one attention. Your French instructor can provide the support you need so you are successful in learning the language.

How do I sign up for a Virginia Beach French course?

Learning French can prove to be a valuable tool in communicating with others in both your personal and business life. Whether you are a business professional communicating with someone in a French-speaking country, a junior struggling in an upper-level class at Princess Anne High School, or someone just wanting to learn for personal reasons, Varsity Tutors can give you more information about taking a Virginia Beach French class. We can tell you what the class will cover and our current class offerings. Reach out to our educational consultants today so you can build a better command of French.

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