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If your student is taking the ISEE soon, reach out to Varsity Tutors so we can enroll them in a San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE prep course. The Independent School Entrance Exam, or the ISEE, is an admissions test that many magnet schools and independent schools in the United States use to measure a prospective student's academic skills. Your student may need to take the ISEE if they want to be considered for local independent or magnet schools, and an excellent way to prepare for it is by having them enroll in our prep course.

A San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE course may be what your student needs to get ready for their upcoming exam. Every course is online, plus each one is directed by a professional teacher. The goal of a prep course is to familiarize your student with the components of the ISEE.

What could a San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE course help my student study?

The ISEE offers four levels: Primary Level (second through fourth grade), Lower Level (fifth and sixth grade), Middle Level (seventh and eighth grade), and Upper Level (ninth through 12th grade). They're available in online and paper formats. (Paper tests are available for Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels only). You may have heard a little about the test from your student's teacher or someone else. Nevertheless, let's explain the levels and sections in detail.

The Primary Level covers Auditory Comprehension, Reading, Math, and Writing. The Auditory Comprehension section is for second graders only, and students need to listen to passages and answer questions. The Reading section measures their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. The Math section tests them on basic math operations. The Writing sample presents a picture, and students have to write a story based on the picture. Though it doesn't get a score, this section demonstrates a student's creativity and writing ability.

The Lower Level includes Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Verbal Reasoning section tests students on using context clues to complete sentences and on elementary/middle school-level vocabulary. The Quantitative Reasoning section measures arithmetic and logic skills. The Reading Comprehension section assesses a student's ability to find the main idea and to locate vital information in a passage. The Math Achievement section covers percents, decimals, and other related concepts. The Essay features an elementary-level prompt that allows a student to express themselves.

The Middle Level consists of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Verbal Reasoning section covers parts of speech and middle/high school-level vocabulary. The Quantitative Reasoning section tests a student's problem-solving and math skills. The Reading Comprehension section measures one's ability to locate and use information from reading passages and to understand figurative and literal language. The Math Achievement section features math concepts like prime and composite numbers and Venn diagrams. The Essay requires students to write a grammatically-correct piece based on a middle school-level prompt.

The Upper Level includes Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Verbal Reasoning section assesses a student's skills in high school-level vocabulary and correct use of English. The Quantitative Reasoning section tests one's data analysis and problem-solving skills. The Reading Comprehension section covers the author's intent, main and supporting ideas, and logic. The Math Achievement section focuses on math operations. The Essay allows students to express their writing talents by responding to a high school-level prompt.

Students are permitted to skip questions, though they're encouraged to answer every one. Their score is only based on the number of questions they answered correctly; they won't be penalized for wrong answers.

How does a San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE class assist my student with preparing for the test?

Each class takes place in a virtual atmosphere, which makes it simple for your student to engage in lessons from home. We provide new sessions every week, and your student can join a two-week class or a four-week class. Once you find a San Francisco Bay Area ISEE class that complements your student's schedule, they can begin right away.

Upon enrolling in a San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE course, your student will interact with other pupils and a teacher. All of them will work together in groups to prepare for the ISEE. If you have an Upper Level student, they can review algebra and geometry problems to get ready for the Math Achievement section. They can also study for the Reading Comprehension section by looking for passages in books and having conversations on what they think the authors are trying to say. Maybe, you have a much younger student, like at the Primary Level. They can practice for the Auditory Comprehension section by listening to sample audio files and prepare for the Writing sample by telling a story about a picture provided to them. The teacher can assist your student in answering questions quickly and accurately by sharing clever test-taking strategies. Some students become nervous before test day arrives. The instructor can try to quell any nervous feelings by offering relaxation tips.

What's great about a prep course is that your student can request one-on-one assistance with the teacher if they're struggling with certain sections of the exam. These teachers have gone through an in-depth vetting process to make sure they're knowledgeable in their niche and can communicate well with K-12 students.

This program seems like it would really benefit my student. How do I sign them up for a San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE course?

When you sign your student up for an ISEE prep course, you're helping them build many useful skills. A prep course doesn't only prepare them for the test. It assists them with getting ready for classes they would face upon enrolling in a certain school.

The enrollment process is a cinch. Just pick up the phone or send a message via our contact form, and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible. If you're eager to sign your student up for a San Francisco-Bay Area ISEE course, don't waste another minute! Please contact us at Varsity Tutors today.

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