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If you're thinking about applying to graduate school, you need to take the GRE, and Varsity Tutors can help. Thousands of people every year apply to graduate school at top universities like Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, so you want to have a competitive edge in your application - not just from your essay, your interests, and your experience, but through your GRE score. That's why Varsity Tutors developed online Philadelphia GRE prep so anyone who has completed their undergraduate education and who looks to the future through professional development in graduate school can get help preparing and in building test-taking approaches.

GRE stands for "Graduate Record Examinations," and it is one of a few standardized tests that are required for most graduate school applications. Schools like Temple University in Philadelphia use the scores from the GRE to help them understand if you, as an applicant, would be a good fit for their program. They look at your ability to understand skills like language, logic, and writing through the test's different sections. Working with an instructor online via a Philadelphia GRE prep course means you can understand the test format, how much time you have, and how you need to prepare well before you go into the exam.

What can online Philadelphia GRE preparation help me with?

Too many people walk into the GRE without properly preparing for this exam - and that does not mean studying specific sections to understand the material, but taking practice tests, timing themselves, and understanding approaches to multiple choice and essay questions. Taking an online Philadelphia GRE prep class can give you a competitive edge because you will become much more familiar with the test's format. An instructor can also help you develop test-taking skills so you can stay calm and focused during the examination.

Online GRE test prep allows you to understand the format and timing for the GRE through instruction, reading, and practice tests. Varsity Tutors has a rigorous vetting process, so we can be sure that GRE course instructors are highly qualified, and are great communicators. You will work with a group led by a professional instructor, who will help you and others in the class learn test-taking strategies, understand the material in the GRE, and learn how to time yourself for each section so you can reach for your best possible score. Working with others to prepare for the GRE in a collaborative online space means that students can help each other with questions and suggestions. If you need more help, you can ask for time individually to work with the course instructor.

What is the GRE?

This examination has three sections, which are each timed and scored with a range of points. The total time for the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes, and as technology improves, many countries which administer the GRE are upgrading their testing systems so you take the exam on a computer.

The first section is Analytical Writing, which involves completing two tasks over an hour. This portion has a top score of 6 and a low score of 0. The first task requires you to analyze an issue, and the second task requires you to analyze an argument - you will have 30 minutes for each portion. This important section of the GRE helps university and college administrators understand, through your application and test scores, if you can articulate complex ideas in a clear and effective manner, if you know how to support your foundational idea with examples and clear reasoning, if you know how to apply accompanying evidence, and if you have a solid grasp of written English.

The next section, Verbal Reasoning, features two sections of 20 questions each. You will have an hour to complete this section, too, which can give you a minimum score of 130 points and a maximum score of 170 points. This section's Reading Comprehension subsection tests that you can read a passage, understand it, and answer questions about what you just read. The Test Completion subsection tests your ability to fill in the blanks in short written passages, with 3 to 5 options for each blank. The Sentence Equivalence tests your skills in finishing sentences with the best possible answer, out of 6 choices per blank.

The final section is the Quantitative Reasoning Section, which evaluates your basic math skills, your understanding of mathematical concepts, and your logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and data analysis will all be components of this section. You will need to answer 20 questions per section in 2 sections over the course of an hour and 10 minutes. Questions are formatted in multiple choice, quantitative comparison, and numeric formats. Like the Verbal Reasoning section, you score between 130 and 170 points in this part.

You might receive an Experimental Section or a Research Section - no one who takes the GRE will take both sections, but they will not be marked in any way on your exam, to ensure test-takers treat them as they would the rest of the test. Both of these trial sections are unscored, but they can help future versions of the GRE. The Experimental Section will be part of the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning Sections, while the Research Section will be at the end of the test. The Experimental portion will not be optional, but the Research Section is, so you can skip it if you are concerned about time, or too tired.

Where can I find Philadelphia GRE tutor?

Varsity Tutors has long helped students prepare for standardized tests, and online Philadelphia GRE prep instructors are here to help you set up for success. Tutors are available to work with you in person, but you may also benefit from online GRE instruction, which can be accessed through our convenient online portal, from the comfort of your home. We know that many people returning to graduate school have jobs and families, and online instruction means you will have specific times set aside to prepare for this important exam while also maintaining your regular schedule and personal responsibilities. The flexibility of online learning has helped many people prepare for the GRE.

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