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There are plenty of reasons why you might be looking to improve your skills in French, and Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in a Phoenix French course that can suit your goals. Whether you're working on picking up French at BASIS Phoenix, a college student filling out your language requirements at Arizona State, or someone who's already experienced with the language and is looking for a way to brush up, a Phoenix French course can be a great way to practice. Language learning can be an extremely complex process that requires a lot of time and effort, and an ordinary classroom isn't always the best place to acquire the knowledge you'll need to become proficient. Looking for extra help that will invite French into more spaces in your life can be one of the best ways to improve your language acquisition.

French culture is rich and varied, and being able to access works from French writers and philosophers may be a serious draw for you. As France is a former colonial power, there are 300 million people speaking French in 55 countries all across the world that use French as an official language. This means that becoming a French speaker will give you to access to the cultures and histories of Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, North Africa, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. Learning a new language is perhaps one of the most effective ways of encountering truly new cultural knowledge and experiences. On a pragmatic level, this also means French can be a very useful language in the world of business. French has a reputation for being the second most widely used international language in the world, right after English. As our world becomes increasingly global, being bilingual in French may prove to be a valuable asset on a resume.

What will I learn in a Phoenix French class?

All languages have their own quirks that native speakers probably don't even think about most of the time. As French is a Romance language, skill in English or Spanish will help you start to get a grip on the language, but you still may find yourself thrown off by certain peculiarities. French tenses may seem unfamiliar to native English speakers at first. For example, the passé composé is a very commonly used tense in French, but it doesn't quite have a perfect English equivalent, and students may struggle with its use and conjugation. French also uses gendered nouns, which you might be totally unused to and will have to memorize. The gender of the subject of sentences also affects the grammar of the rest of the sentence, which will affect the conjugation of just about every sentence or description you formulate in French. You'll also have to learn some new accented characters for written French.

A major part of becoming an effective communicator in a new language is a matter of adapting to subtle nuances and irregularities of the language, which requires regular practice in speaking, reading, and writing. Speaking with other French students and fluent French speakers can be one of the best ways to learn, or, if you've already got strong French skills, to keep yourself sharp and deepen your knowledge. One of the main advantages of a Phoenix French class is that it will bring you into conversation with a community of other French speakers, including an expert instructor. Many language learners may struggle with a lack of confidence and can have difficulty engaging when trying to practice their language in casual conversation. This is where a group learning environment like this can be particularly useful, as you'll be provided with not only a community of people who will help correct your mistakes, but who are also themselves learning. You can draw on the support and feedback of classmates as you acquire more skill in French. You can't learn a language without making some mistakes along the way, so it's important that you're surrounded by a mutually supportive group.

How will a Phoenix French class help me with language acquisition?

A Phoenix French course is taught in an online classroom environment by a qualified teacher. You'll see, hear, and speak with your classmates and your instructor just as if you'd all gathered around a table to practice your French together. As regular exposure to the language and continual practice are some of the most important aspects of learning French, having a classroom right at your fingertips can make the entire language learning process much less daunting. You'll also be getting a great value by having access to an experienced French instructor at group prices. Plus, although group discussion might be a key tool in your language acquisition, we understand that private instruction can be useful too. This is why you'll be able to reserve one-on-one time with your instructor to seriously dig in on any concepts you're struggling to understand.

A Phoenix French course can be easy to fit into even a crowded schedule and allows us to offer a wide range of course times. There are new courses starting every month, so we can get you enrolled in a section that fits your schedule quickly. Your ability to access a place where you can reliably use your French may be one of the main obstacles to your success as a language learner, so the course has been designed to provide you with ease of use and flexibility.

How can I get signed up?

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors today, we can provide you with more information about what a Phoenix French class will cover, what class times are available, and when the next round of classes will be starting. There can be options to suit anyone, from Sunnyslope High School students getting a jump start on their studies to those already accomplished in French. Learning a language provides some pretty unique challenges and can require you to learn new grammatical and social rules that go totally beyond what you're used to. As human languages are in many ways the building blocks of thought, learning French can even be seen of as discovering a whole new way to think. Get enrolled in one of our classes today, and you might find yourself speaking, thinking, and maybe even dreaming in French far sooner than you expect.

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