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Varsity Tutors can assist students preparing to apply to secondary school by linking them with consistent Seattle SSAT prep help. The SSAT stands for Secondary School Admissions Test, and it's an exam that's used by numerous private educational institutions. This test is administered to students who are seeking entrance into an elite private elementary, middle, or high school. The SSAT is designed for students in grades 3-11. Scoring well on this exam is important because admission committees will compare the student's score to those within his or her academic group. The final score can determine whether a student is granted admission into the school.

The SSAT is a standardized assessment that aims to measure the student's academic ability. The exam assesses their basic math, verbal, and reading skills. How well the student performs on the SSAT can predict whether they are able to handle the coursework in a private school. Since the SSAT is geared towards students of various grade levels, there are three main test levels available for students in elementary, middle school and high school.

What Does A Seattle SSAT Prep Class Cover?

The SSAT is made up of three sections; Verbal, Quantitative, and Reading Comprehension. Test takers will take the exam based on their current grade. There's also a Writing section that isn't scored, but it's sent to the schools that the student is applying too. For instance, if a fourth-grade student is taking the standardized test, they will have to take the elementary level of the SSAT. Although there are slight differences in the varying levels of the SSAT, they all share the same purpose. Check out this overview of the format of the SSAT so that you can know what to expect on exam day.

Elementary Level

The elementary level is for 3rd-grade students applying to an independent school for the 4th grade. Here is a breakdown of this level of the assessment:

Verbal - This section has 30 questions that will test the student's understanding of word relationships, different types of analogies and vocabulary from various areas of study.

Reading Comprehension - There are a total of 28 questions in this portion of the exam all based around 7 reading passages. Your child will have to determine the main idea of different written passages, use context clues to figure out the meaning of words, and identify important information.

Quantitative - The Quantitative portion consists of basic math questions that cover areas such as; multiplication, addition, and division. Students are prohibited from using a calculator in this section.

Writing Sample - The student will be asked to write a simple short story that includes a beginning, middle, and end on this final section of the assessment.

Middle School and Upper Level

The middle school and upper levels of the SSAT are considered to be much more challenging. Here is a breakdown of the Upper and Middle levels of the Secondary School Admissions Test:

Verbal - In the Verbal section, middle school students are required to answer 60 questions. Thirty of these questions are based around synonyms and the other 30 are centered on analogies. This portion tests the student's understanding of vocabulary, the relationship between words, and ideas. The Upper Level portion, which is taken by students in the 8th-11 grade, also consists of 60 questions that are also analogy and synonym based.

Quantitative - For the Middle Level SSAT, the Quantitative section contains questions that cover mathematical topics like data analysis, probability, and algebra. Students should have an understanding of geometric concepts and be able to solve general algebra problems. Upper Level students are administered 50 questions with two 30 minute sections. Some concepts this level of the Quantitative section of the test covers are linear equations, word problems, and fractions. Calculators aren't allowed during testing.

Reading Comprehension - There are 40 passages based questions on the Reading section of the Middle Level SSAT. Students have to interpret the meaning of the persuasive and narrative text. The Upper Level also administers 40 questions that require students to closely analyze the narrative and argumentative passages.

Writing - In the Writing section, students in both sublevels are given the opportunity either write a creative or traditional essay based on the presented prompts. The Writing section won't be scored, but the sample is sent to the schools the candidate is applying too.

What Are The Different Types of Seattle SSAT Prep?

There are two main Seattle SSAT preparation options. Varsity Tutors can help students enroll in a Seattle SSAT prep class or connect them with a private tutor. New classes start every week, and parents have the option of enrolling their child in a two week or four-week class. Both options offer unique benefits and can be effective at thoroughly preparing the student for the exam.

A Seattle SSAT prep course takes place in an online interactive learning environment similar to a regular classroom, with an expert instructor leading a group of students. Learning in such a collaborative environment can prove to be effective because students can help each other retain important concepts through group activities and discussions. Also, every student has the opportunity to interact with the instructor individually for additional help.

Some students might benefit more from a Seattle SSAT tutor. No doubt, a private tutor allows for learning on a personalized level. After all, a private instructor is solely focused on one student, which means they'll be able to quickly identify their weaknesses and strengths. A tutor can help students improve in concepts that they find difficult and teach them test-taking strategies that they can implement on the day of the exam. Tutoring takes place on the Live Learning Platform, which means that the session can take place anywhere.

How Can I Find Seattle SSAT Prep Help?

Finding a good Seattle SSAT prep class or a private tutor can be a challenge. Varsity Tutors is here to connect students will regular tutoring sessions and prep courses that best fit the student's schedule. Obtaining help in preparing for this standardized exam is essential because it's a crucial part of getting into a specific school. To learn more information about the SSAT prep help we can provide, you can contact one of our educational consultants today.

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