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If you're hoping to increase your understanding of Latin, Varsity Tutors can set you up in an Philadelphia Latin course that fits with your schedule and helps you develop your skills in the language. Latin is one of the world's oldest languages that still exists today, and it's the foundation of many of the Romance languages that make up such a large part of the world's spoken and written languages.

Not only is Latin the foundation for many other foreign languages, but it also formed the basis of many of the words that make up the English language. For instance, if you've ever heard of someone discussing their bona fides as part of their credentials, that's an example of Latin being present in the English language. In a cited work, you might have seen the phrase "Ibid" to signify information pulled from the same source as the previous citation. That's also Latin, as ibid comes from "ibidem", meaning "in the same place." In fact, many people use some forms of Latin in their everyday life without realizing it because many Latin phrases have become commonplace in English.

Whether your goals are to get a good start with your foreign language discoveries at Central High School or you'd like to study some of the classic authors of the world at the University of Pennsylvania, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a class that fits your own lifestyle. When you sign up for a Philadelphia Latin class, one of our educational consultants will quickly find you a class based on your information. Classes start every month, so you won't be waiting around for weeks waiting to begin.

Why should I take a Philadelphia Latin course?

One of the best reasons to study Latin is that it allows students to build on the past and understand it. Education is all about building on past knowledge and making it work with new concepts, and few subjects exemplify that better than Latin and its influences on many of the ideas that still exist in the world today.

For example, if you're interested in pointing your studies at Northeast High School toward a career in religious studies, Latin can be a great way to jump-start your efforts. The Vatican still uses Latin as its official languages, and if you're interested in parlaying a Catholic education at Villanova or Saint Joseph's toward a career that has something to do with the Catholic faith, you'll need to know some Latin to be able to understand some of the past teachings of Catholicism and how they relate to the modern world.

Maybe you'd like to explore a career in the law after going through Temple University's Beasley School. Latin can play a major role here as well. Many of the legal terms that govern our system today have their origins in Latin, and understanding those terms and how they were first applied in crafting our laws and customs is crucial in using those laws to argue in front of a judge. If you take the time to study Latin, you'll unlock a wealth of information from the past that could be useful in your legal career, potentially giving you a leg up on others in the legal profession.

Or you might simply be interested in traveling the world and learning to speak the many languages of Europe. Latin can help there as well. Though it's no longer a commonly spoken language, the origins of many Western languages lie in Latin, so understanding the language is a great way to get you started on other languages such as Spanish, French, and German. You can also build a deeper understanding of English and use the lessons of Latin to make your writing and your everyday language stronger. Far from being a dead language, Latin is actually a great way to develop your understanding of speech and how it pertains to your world, and a Philadelphia Latin course is a great way to start.

What can I expect from Philadelphia Latin class?

Learning Latin is a low-pressure situation, because unlike modern language, the reason to learn Latin is to understand the works of the past. Therefore, because it's no longer a spoken language, you won't have to worry about developing an accent or trying to sound a certain way when you're studying Latin. Instead, your instructor can focus more on consistent pronunciations of words and helping you understand the sounds of Latin and how they come into play in your readings.

For example, one of the biggest tasks in mastering Latin is reading the Aeneid, considered to be Virgil's masterpiece and one of the finest pieces of Latin literature in history. In order to appreciate it and understand it properly, you'll need to know how to speak the language yourself so that you can understand it as it was always meant to be read, instead of having to stop every few sentences for a translation.

Taking a Philadelphia Latin course can help because you'll be able to collaborate with both your instructor and other students to help each other master this language and put it to use in your other studies. During your online course, you'll be able to talk to other students and practice your Latin, allowing you to get feedback on how you're pronouncing words and whether you're doing it consistently each time. By conversing in a low-pressure situation, you'll set yourself up to make major strides in your understanding of the language.

How do I get started with a Philadelphia Latin class?

If you're ready to take the next step in developing your skills with Latin and putting them to good use, Varsity Tutors can help you begin. Contacting us is the first step toward building a better understanding of Latin. If learning Latin is part of your career plan, a Philadelphia Latin course could be just the thing you need to give yourself an edge on other students; contact us today to find the right class for your academic needs!

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