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Varsity Tutors has solutions for those looking for professional Los Angeles ISEE prep for their students. The Independent School Entrance Examination, or ISEE, is administered to students entering the second grade all the way through high school. It is used by admission boards at independent schools and private schools to determine the eligibility of applicants to the school.

Getting professional ISEE help for your student can help them pursue the school they would like to attend. The ISEE is a standardized test, so it gives admission boards a relative assessment of an individual applicant's knowledge and skill levels.

What will be covered on the ISEE?

As mentioned, the ISEE is administered to students of all grade levels, starting from students in the first grade who are entering the second grade. Therefore, there are a few different levels of the ISEE.

The lowest level is the Primary Level of the ISEE. This has three different versions: Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Level 2 is administered to students entering the second grade, Level 3 is administered to students entering the third grade, and Level 4 is administered to students entering the fourth grade. For all levels, there will be a Reading section to test students on their reading comprehension skills, a Math section to test students' knowledge of math, and a Writing sample. On Level 2, there will also be an Auditory Comprehension section, which will test students on their listening skills by asking them questions about recordings that will be played to them.

The next levels are the Lower Level, the Middle Level, and the Upper Level of the ISEE. The Lower Level is administered to students going into fifth and sixth grade, the Middle Level is administered to students going into seventh and eighth grade, and the Upper Level is administered to students entering any high school grade. They all have the same outline. There will be a Verbal Reasoning section, a Quantitative Reasoning section, a Reading Comprehension section, a Math Achievement section, and an essay.

On the Lower Level, students will be tested on things such as using context clues to complete sentences; basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; identifying the main and supporting ideas in a passage; and their ability to work with decimals and fractions.

On the Middle Level, students will be tested on things such as middle and high-school level vocabulary and Anglo-Saxon, Greek, and Latin prefixes and suffixes; algebra, geometry, and data analysis; using information from passages to answer questions and comparing information in passages; and properties of operations and their ability to work with quadrilaterals and triangles.

On the Upper Level, students will be tested on concepts such as high-school vocabulary and context clues; working with the mean, median, mode, and range and working with quadrilaterals; cause and effect and their ability to identify relationships between different literary genres; and working with variables and exponents.

What kind of Los Angeles ISEE prep can I get for my student?

Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to preparing your student for the ISEE. A simple way to start is by enrolling your student in a professional Los Angeles ISEE prep course. These courses take place over the internet, which means that your student can take them from the comfort of their own home. You can enroll your student in either a two-week course or a four-week course. If your student does not have a lot of time, a two-week course may be best. However, if your student does have more time and they feel as if they could benefit from additional preparation, a four-week course may be a better option. There are new courses starting every week, so your student will not have to wait long before beginning to learn from an expert instructor who can cover topics on the exam in depth.

Taking a Los Angeles ISEE prep class has many benefits. These classes are administered by professional educators. The educator can encourage class discussions so that students can help each other understand difficult subjects. The instructor of the class can also monitor the progress of the students. If the instructor sees that a particular student can use additional help, they may recommend that the student sign up for private mentoring. This is the second option: studying with a private Los Angeles ISEE tutor.

Studying with a private mentor offers a lot more flexibility and convenience than a class. The tutoring sessions can be scheduled according to your student's particular daily schedule. Private mentoring can be done in combination with enrolling your student in a two-week or four-week course, or it can be done separately.

A private instructor can also help your student improve their general test-taking skills. The ISEE requires students to be able to perform well under time limits. A private Los Angeles instructor can administer practice tests that mimic the ISEE. This not only helps students get an understanding of how they need to manage each question to complete sections on time but helps them get familiar with the kinds of questions they'll see on exam day. In addition, a private instructor can leverage a student's performance on a practice test to identify where they need the most support, and then they can set up a study plan to help students fill any gaps in their learning to help them perform at their best on the day o the exam.

How can I get my student started with professional Los Angeles ISEE prep?

If you want to get your student started with professional Los Angeles ISEE preparation, reach out to Varsity Tutors. Whether you are looking for a course or private mentoring sessions, giving Varsity Tutors a call is the best way to get started. We can enroll you in the next available course or connect you with a private educational instructor who can come to you and work with your student privately. Let us help you give your student top-notch support in preparing for this potentially impactful exam.

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