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Varsity Tutors can put anyone in a legitimate Seattle ACT prep course to help them study and review the content covered on the exam. High school students often feel pressure to perform on this test, as many colleges are competitive in terms of choosing applicants with favorable test scores. Being prepared could positively affect the success of your application and the course of your future academics.

A Seattle ACT class can supplement any review you receive at area secondary institutions like Seattle Preparatory School or Garfield High School. From reviewing subject material to providing an overview of the exam's content and format, an expert instructor can guide you in studying, while you have an opportunity to collaborate online with your peers. The work you put in can help you study more efficiently and become more confident in reaching for your goals on test day.

What Subjects Are Covered in a Seattle ACT course?

Comprehensive coverage is an advantage of an ACT course you can't ignore. The test is 2 hours, 55 minutes with the required Math, Reading, English, and Science sections, and that is without breaks. Add the optional writing section and the exam is 3 hours, 35 minutes. This can seem like an eternity if you aren't prepared. But with an online classroom, you can better focus on the topics you'll be tested on. Below is an overview of the ACT to help you get started.

The exam begins at 8:00 a.m. and doesn't end until the early afternoon. Much of it is multiple choice, starting with a 60-minute Math section. It includes 60 questions that measure your mathematical skills acquired up until your early Grade 12 studies. To perform to your expectations, you must be familiar with number systems, elementary and intermediate algebra, graphing, problem solving, and trigonometry. Familiarity with equations, functions, geometric calculations, and probability are a must as well.

A multiple-choice Reading section is also included. It has 40 questions to answer in 35 minutes, which require you to demonstrate college-level reading comprehension. In doing so, you'll identify central ideas and themes in the passages you read. You'll also be asked to determine the meaning of words and phrases, separate facts and opinions, and make connections between different reading materials. Measuring your understanding of the English language, the 45-minute English section is where you must answer 75 questions on various linguistic conventions, including usage, punctuation, and grammar, among others. Questions also prompt you to recognize the style and tone of language.

The Science section consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, which you have 35 minutes to answer. Covering biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space sciences, it asks questions that require you to manipulate and analyze data, which are presented in a variety of formats. Your understanding of the scientific method, investigation, and experimentation will be measured as well.

An optional Writing section gives you 40 minutes to draft an essay based on a given prompt. Applying your analytical, comparison, drafting, and organizational skills, you must write a response that illustrates your perspective on the issue and that compares it to one or more of those provided in the essay prompt. Your writing proficiency, which will be carefully assessed based on your score, is extremely important as you begin college.

How Can a Seattle ACT Course Benefit Me as I Prepare for the Exam?

A Seattle ACT course provided by Varsity Tutors is structured around the content of the exam. Various methods have been developed to help students prepare for this standardized test, which aren't necessarily easy to learn on your own. A qualified instructor experienced with the teaching process and working with students in a collaborative environment leads the course. You can see and hear them as if they are in the room, whether you log into the course at home or from your laptop or tablet remotely. Meanwhile, the opportunity to learn in groups can help you understand concepts and test-taking skills on a new level.

Topics that can be covered include problem-solving with equations, trigonometric functions, and other key areas that are tested on in the Math section. If you need practice on the steps of the scientific method for determining or comparing the themes in a text, opportunities to fine tune your skills may be available. But when there are topics not covered you need to improve on, or you don't fully understand a concept after a lesson, your instructor can schedule one-on-one sessions to help you individually.

When you sign up for a Seattle ACT class, the program is more flexible than a traditional classroom setup. Varsity Tutors offers two- and four-week courses. You choose which you want during sign up. There are weekly starting dates as well. Therefore, you can pick a class that starts and meets at convenient times, whether you prefer to participate during your lunch break or later in the day, or on the weekend as your schedule permits.

How Do I Go About Searching for a Seattle ACT Class?

Searching takes time and doesn't guarantee you'll find the best preparation. At Varsity Tutors, we know you have invested much time and energy into your education. You deserve a thorough review to refresh your memory and fill any learning gaps prior to the ACT. We can help you find a class that fits your schedule and that can help you acquire and apply study and test-taking skills to use now and in the future. It can also shore up any foundational skills, so you are prepared to perform your best on test day.

When you are ready to start a Seattle ACT course, just contact Varsity Tutors, and an educational consultant will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We have created a streamlined process that enables you to find and sign up for a course. Preparing for the ACT requires a structured approach. Reach out to receive expert help in studying for this challenging exam; we are here to help.

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