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If you are looking to learn the ancient language of Latin, a Sacramento Latin class could help you grasp the language. Whether you are looking to learn Latin on your own personal time, are taking a Latin course at California State University-Sacramento, or are enrolled in a high school class at Mira Loma High School, you could benefit from a Latin class. Learning a new language can be hard, even if you have already learned some fundamentals. Taking a Sacramento Latin course will give you plenty of practice opportunities as you learn from an instructor who can teach you the rules and concepts of Latin.

Latin was first encountered in the region of central Italy where Rome is located. In ancient times, the region was called Latium. Latin is the forebearer of Romance languages, some of which are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian. Once the Romans began developing literature, a division in the language started to form. The two forms of Latin were called Classical Latin and Vulgar Latin. Classical Latin was known for its formality and elegance. It was also greatly influenced by Greek in its vocabulary, grammar, and style. Vulgar Latin was the popular form of the spoken language. Romance languages descended from Vulgar Latin. This is the form that most soldiers and colonists in Rome spoke in the Roman Empire. Vulgar Latin differs from Classical Latin because of its increased use of prepositions, reduced use of inflection, and greater regularity of word order and vocabulary.

Latin is referred to as a dead language, which means it no longer represents the spoken language of a community. Latin was a living language throughout the Middle Ages and into the modern period. In the 17th century, attempts to restore classical Latin was overshadowed by the rise in vernacular languages, such as French, English, and Italian. As time went on, society's use of language evolved, and Latin was barely used. By the 19th century, vernacular languages had taken over entirely. Latin survives today by remaining the official language of Vatican City and the Roman Catholic church. Latin roots also still serve as a source of origin for new terms in science and technology.

Even though the language is considered dead, the Roman alphabet still gets used frequently. For example, English uses its alphabet, as do many other popular languages. In classical times, the alphabet only had 23 letters. It lacked the letters j, v, and w. There are many reasons to study Latin today. It is still used in the legal profession, scientific research, medicine, and theology. If you have a job in these areas or are hoping to someday specialize in these fields, Latin may give you a professional advantage. Latin is also a good language to start with if you plan on learning more languages, especially if you plan to study Romance languages. A Sacramento Latin course could help you steer your way through learning the language.

What will a Sacramento Latin course cover?

Your Sacramento Latin course will cover many different topics. Most Latin students find it easy to learn how to pronounce words, though it can take time and practice to master. Since Latin is a dead language, there is no need to worry about developing an authentic Latin accent. Once you are able to pronounce Latin consistently, you will be better able to absorb Latin vocabulary, read the language more fluently, and appreciate the rhythms and sounds of Latin poetry and prose.

Vocabulary is a very interesting topic when it comes to learning Latin. Since many English words originate from Latin, it can be very easy for English speakers to pick up on Latin vocabulary. In fact, some Latin words are almost identical to the English equivalents. For example, the Latin word for "adolescent" is "adulescens", the Latin word for the phrase "I affirm" is "affirmo", and the Latin word for "finish" is "finis". As you can see, the vocabulary in English and Latin are extremely similar.

A major topic of discussion in a Latin class is inflection. In Latin, the endings of words, or their inflections, are important for understanding how words relate to each other and to enable one to know the meaning of a sentence. This concept can be difficult for English speakers because English uses word order instead of inflection to work out the meanings of sentences. For example, the sentence "Sally is harassing the birds" has a totally different meaning than "The birds are harassing Sally". Latin language learners should look at the ends of words to understand the meaning of a sentence. These topics and many others will be discussed in a Sacramento Latin class so you can be confident that you can make steps toward grasping the language thoroughly.

How will a Sacramento Latin class help me learn?

There are many reasons why a Sacramento Latin class is a great choice to assist you in learning Latin. The classes are completely held online, making them convenient for you, particularly since there is no commute necessary. Classes are held at many different times of day, and you can decide if you want a two-week or four-week course.

Even though the class is online, you will still experience the best parts of a traditional classroom, like interacting with an instructor and your classmates, plus lots of discussion and practice to help you boost your skills. Having classmates allows you to use teamwork to solve problems. If you feel stuck on a concept, however, you can always ask your instructor for guidance. You can even set up a time to meet one-on-one with them if you feel you need extra help.

How can I get signed up for Sacramento Latin lessons?

Reach out to Varsity Tutors to get enrolled in a Sacramento Latin class. Our educational consultants are standing by to answer your questions and help you enroll in the class that's right for you. We're ready to help you get started on your Latin language learning journey, so call today!

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