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For prospective students hoping to gain entrance to Clark Atlanta University or Emory University - Goizueta Business School, Varsity Tutors would be happy to get you started with Atlanta GMAT prep. Many students take the GMAT each year and thousands of schools use it for admissions purposes. It is critical to do your best to set yourself apart from the crowd to get into the MBA program of your choice. GMAT review courses or sessions can be the resource needed to hone the skills you need to gain an edge on the competition.

The GMAT was created with four distinct sections, all of which are designed to test your ability to use problem-solving skills in a different context. The exam was created by business schools to judge an applicant's potential to succeed in graduate-level business and management courses. The skills necessary to obtain a good score on the GMAT are the same skills needed to excel in your future business profession.

What can I learn in an Atlanta GMAT prep course or private session?

When you sign up for GMAT review, you can be sure to get practice with the various skills needed for each section of the GMAT. You'll also be able to discuss several test day decisions with your instructor. On exam day, you'll need to know which schools you want to send scores to, and in which order you want to take the GMAT sections out of the three possible configurations. Trying to make these decisions during your exam can cause undue stress so you may want to have already made the decision before you arrive for your exam. In addition to going over these options, your instructor or class can go over the various sections of the exam.

The four sections of the exam are as follows: the Analytical Writing Assessment, the Integrated Reasoning section, the Quantitative Reasoning section, and the Verbal Reasoning section. Each section has a different time limit and varied question formats.

The Analytical Writing Assessment requires a single essay response written in 30 minutes. You'll need to showcase your writing skills here by developing and expressing your ideas in an organized and efficient manner. You'll be asked to evaluate the merits of an argument based on provided evidence. Brushing up on your analytical writing skills will be important when preparing for this assessment.

There are 12 questions in the Integrated Reasoning section which you must complete in half an hour. You'll want to review how to use graphical sources of data to solve problems. You'll need to be able to determine if different sources are showing a discrepancy in data points and determine if there are any relevant relationships. These questions are multi-step and must be correctly answered in each step for credit. Working through these problems quickly will be important in order to finish in time and score well.

The next section contains 31 questions and assesses your Quantitative Reasoning skills. In this 62-minute assessment, you'll be required to demonstrate your ability to use mathematical skills to solve numerical problems. The challenge of these questions will not come from the math skills necessary to solve the problem, though. These questions are mainly attempting to discern your ability to use analytical skills. You will not have access to a calculator during this part of the assessment. If this section worries you, guided practice with an expert teacher can help you gain confidence in yourself.

The final section is the Verbal Reasoning section. This part of the assessment is 36 questions long and takes 65 minutes to complete. Your GMAT prep for this section should include reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. You'll need to ensure you are able to identify the main and supporting ideas of given passages, critique an argument, and create or revise a sentence to be grammatically and structurally correct.

No matter what section or skill you'd like to work on, Varsity Tutors can connect you with the right review opportunity to help you pursue your academic goals.

What are the different types of Atlanta GMAT prep available through Varsity Tutors?

Varsity Tutors offers two exceptional review options for students preparing for the GMAT. You can choose to enroll in an Atlanta GMAT prep class or sign up to work with a private instructor. Both options can help you study more effectively for your GMAT assessment and each comes with a different set of advantages. Let's take a closer look at both review options.

If you like the feeling of a social learning environment, you may wish to sign up for our online, interactive Atlanta GMAT prep classes. You can access these class sessions anywhere you can find a computer and high-speed internet, so you can attend class anywhere you feel comfortable. With our online class, you'll be able to communicate directly with classmates and an expert instructor. This type of collaborative space can help with knowledge retention. You can participate in group discussions about data sufficiency questions or share a peer-editing group to hone your writing skills.

If you're an independent learner, you may feel more comfortable working with a private Atlanta GMAT tutor. This comes with the potential for customized learning sessions which cater to your exact study needs. Your instructor can increase the efficiency of your study sessions by focusing only on the topics you need help with. You can work with your tutor using our Live Learning Platform, making it easy and convenient to fit private instruction into your already busy schedule.

How do I sign up for Atlanta GMAT prep?

All you need to do to get signed up is give Varsity Tutors a call and tell us about your academic and scheduling needs. Once we help you determine which type of review will work best for you, we can get you started with a two-week or four-week course or a private teacher. With new sessions beginning weekly, you can get started immediately. If you're ready to begin, call Varsity Tutors today and get started with Atlanta GMAT preparation options!

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