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If you are currently in the process of preparing to take the SAT, Varsity Tutors can help to get you started in a Denver SAT course. These courses offer a more detailed review that you may not be capable of getting on your own. College admissions exams like the SAT are a significant part of college admissions, and it's important to be as prepared as possible so that you can pursue the higher education you desire. If you are a student at institutions such as Colorado Academy or Cherry Creek High School who is preparing to take the SAT, you might be wondering where to begin your preparation.

A Denver SAT class just might be the perfect opportunity for those who are looking for additional assistance as they begin or further their studies. If you decide to pursue supplemental help provided by Varsity Tutors, you will be included in collaborative online classes led by an expert instructor. Depending on your situation, the SAT can be an important hurdle to clear on the path to college, and a Denver SAT class can provide awareness of both the content and layout of the tests. This makes a course an ideal choice for those who might be interested in preparing themselves to perform the best they possibly can.

What can a Denver SAT course help me review?

In just three hours, or an additional 50 minutes if you choose to take the optional Essay section, you will be completing multiple-choice questions in various sections when you sit for the SAT. While your SAT score is based on the number of correct answers and there is no penalty for guessing, you will still want to be as prepared as possible for the sections involved, which include Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and the optional Essay section. Let's take a closer look at each section.

The Math portion of the test consists of 58 questions and both a calculator and no-calculator portion. Throughout this section, you will be expected to assess the following: problem-solving and analytical skills, algebraic skills, and the ability to understand and solve mathematical expressions. You will be allowed 80 minutes total to complete this section, which is scored on a range from 200-800. The Math portion will touch on three key content areas, which involve algebra, problem-solving, and advanced mathematics. You will be assessed based on your fluency, conceptual understanding, and applications skills.

The Reading section of the SAT is set up to assess your reading comprehension and reasoning skills. Throughout this section, you will answer questions from written passages, some of which may include tables, charts, or other graphics. Featuring 52 questions and allowing you just 65 minutes to complete them, the SAT Reading section's scoring range is combined with the Writing and Language section for one score of 200-800. During this portion, you will be expected to read a variety of passages pertaining to history or science and showcase the following skills: words in context, command of evidence, and analysis in History/Social Studies and in Science.

The Writing and Language section will assess areas like sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and other skills in the written English language. You will also be tested on your ability to understand words through contexts and analyze passages to identify opportunities to improve both claims and relevance. The Writing and Language section of the SAT allows you 35 minutes to complete 44 questions, and your score will be combined with that of the Reading section for one score between 200 and 800. Like in the Reading section, in this section you will also be answering questions based on provided passages, which may include tables, graphs, and charts. The skills being assessed in this part of the test include standard English conventions, expression of ideas, words in context, command of evidence, and analysis in History/Social Studies and in Science.

Finally, you will reach the Essay section of the SAT. The Essay section is optional, and it is intended to assess both writing skills and the ability to understand an argument, present it, and support it with evidence. You can expect to answer just one question in 50 minutes or less for this part of the test. Your essay will be scored on a range of 6-24 and will involve reading a passage and considering the author's use of evidence, reasoning, and persuasive elements. You will then be expected to write an essay in which you evaluate the author's argument and persuasive abilities.

How can a Denver SAT course help me prepare?

Each Denver SAT class offers a positive environment that is aimed at increasing self-confidence through encouragement and setting and reaching small goals. Educated and excited instructors will help you learn the content you need to know to perform to the best of your abilities as you take the SAT. These instructors can help you with things such as time management, prioritization, organizational skills, how to answer test questions, and so much more. You will also be able to answer questions and get immediate, specific, and relevant answers, unlike in school where you often have to wait for end-of-term report cards for critical information on where your focus should be. SAT classes not only assist you as you prepare to take the SAT, but they also help build general study skills that work for you personally and can be used for the rest of your life.

How can I find a Denver SAT prep course?

Besides assisting you in your preparation for the SAT, one of the amazing prep courses we can set you up with is also an investment in your future. Varsity Tutors can ensure you get enrolled in the right SAT course that fits into your busy schedule. No matter what your long-term goals may be, you have put so much time and energy into your education at this point. Why not invest the time you've put aside to prepare in a convenient, comprehensive setting? Contact Varsity Tutors today to get more information on how a Denver SAT course could help you as you work toward completing the SAT and let us help you prepare for the future.

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