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Whether you're a nursing student at the University of Indianapolis or a sophomore at North Central High School, Varsity Tutors offers an Indianapolis Latin course to help you learn the language. Studying any language can be challenging, especially a linguistically "dead" language such as Latin. Traditional classroom studies may not meet your language learning needs, but an Indianapolis Latin class can offer extra support for students to overcome those difficulties.

Latin is known as a "dead" language, meaning that it is no longer spoken in any communities. However, many modern languages contain Latin origins: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian, for example. Studying Latin can provide a useful foundation that makes learning additional languages easier and more accessible. Though Latin is not spoken in any widespread communities, it survives as the official language of the Roman Catholic Church and Vatican City. It is also frequently used in terminology relating to theology, medicine, the sciences, and law. For example, the Latin phrase "corpus juris" translates to "body of law."

Even if you are not in law or science, Latin is a useful language for all people to learn. For example, many English words contain clear Latin roots. "Affirmo," for example, translates to "I affirm," and "persuadeo" translates to "I persuade." This resemblance between English and Latin can make learning vocabulary simple for English speaking students. Latin also uses 23 of the 26 letters found in the English alphabet. A basic understanding of Latin can further a student's understanding of English definitions and relationships.

All skills levels are welcome in Indianapolis Latin class: lawyers or medical students, undergraduates completing a Latin course, or even a high school student trying to decide between taking Spanish or French. Varsity Tutors can enroll you in an Indianapolis Latin course that's right for you. New classes start monthly, so Indianapolis Latin classes are easy to fit into any schedule. Courses are always led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructors.

What concepts will an Indianapolis Latin course cover?

Latin was spoken for over 1,000 years, so its culture and history are vast. The rise, expansion, and fall of the Roman Empire still impacts European language and culture today. Two varieties of Latin prevailed during this time: classical and vulgar. The ruling class of Rome spoke classical Latin. As such, classical Latin was more formal and maintained the Greek rules and influences of past centuries. Since it was spoken by a smaller population, classical Latin was less popular than vulgar Latin. Vulgar Latin was the language of soldiers and colonists who traveled by foot across Europe during the empire's expansion. Roman development in certain areas is the reason many languages - like Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese - share Latin as a linguistic root.

Latin is a concise language, and this characteristic is owed to its system of inflections. Inflections are found at the end of words, and a word's inflection is crucial to its meaning and connection to other items in a sentence. English and Latin diverge in this sense, because where English relies word order to determine meaning, Latin relies on inflection. For example, the sentences, "That boy is watching the television" and "The television is watching that boy" have different meanings when the word order changes. However, in Latin, word order matters less because inflections clarify relationships between items. This explains why one Latin word frequently translates into multiple English words. For example, "amabunt" translates to "they will love." The passive form "amabuntur" translates to "they will be loved," showing how slight changes to the inflection (ending of a word) impact the definition.

Aside from inflections, Indianapolis Latin courses can cover additional grammar topics, sentence structure, reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Since Latin is not a spoken language anymore, students should not worry about perfecting a Latin accent. Rather, a consistent accent is enough, as it enables students to read Latin poetry smoothly and appreciate the verses that inspired poets such as Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare.

How will an Indianapolis Latin course help students learn?

An Indianapolis Latin class is taught entirely online by an expert Latin instructor. By using an online, interactive classroom, discussion forums, and digital whiteboard, students connect with peers, instructors, and content in a variety of forms. Students can see the instructor and their classmates, so conversing about class materials is clear and easy. Students also have the opportunity to engage with students at various skill levels. For example, if a student is already familiar with a certain Latin concept, they can offer additional support to those who are still learning; students with less familiarity benefit from working with more advanced learners.

In conjunction with collaborative learning, students also have the opportunity to schedule individual meetings with the course instructor for additional support. One-on-one attention from the instructor will give you the chance to enhance your Latin skills and ensure you are absorbing all the class concepts. The Indianapolis Latin course is designed to be flexible and accessible for all schedules, skill levels, and learning styles.

Online courses offer convenience as well. Online courses have increased ease of access, as students can learn Latin from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, the online platform allows more course sections to be offered to students: weekday, weekend, and night courses are all available so that you can choose the best option for your busy schedule. New Indianapolis Latin classes begin monthly, so you never have to wait long to get started.

How do I sign up for an Indianapolis Latin course?

Latin, though it is a mostly-unspoken language today, is a useful language for those who work in medicine, law, or who wish to learn additional Romance languages in the future. High school students at Franklin Central High School and law students at the University of Indianapolis alike can benefit from Indianapolis Latin courses. With new classes beginning monthly and offered at a variety of times, it is easy to fit Latin learning into any busy schedule. Call Varsity Tutors to get started in an Indianapolis Latin class today!

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