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The LSAT is an important step to take for all those wishing to attend law school, and Varsity Tutors can help you find a helpful Phoenix LSAT prep course. The LSAT, or the Law School Admissions Test, is accepted by countless schools across America and Canada as they process applications. Achieving your full potential on this test could help you attend your target law school, such as the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. Across all ABA-accredited schools, the LSAT is the only standardized test accepted for admission purposes. It's also the only test accepted by Canadian common-law law schools. If you're applying for law schools in North America, you'll almost certainly be taking this test.

The purpose of the LSAT is to assess whether or not students are ready for the highly specific, extremely demanding demands of law school. Students who attend law school must regularly use skills such as reasoning, logic, and high levels of reading comprehension. Performing well on your LSAT proves to law schools that you're ready for the challenge. As you can see, taking the LSAT is an important milestone in your academic career. Some might say that it's your first step towards a fully fledged career in law. It's no wonder that so many students take the LSAT so seriously. Almost all of these students study extremely hard in the weeks and months leading up to the test.

If you do elect to take an LSAT prep course, you'll learn all about the structure of this unique test. The LSAT consists of four sections. Although the final section is Writing, it doesn't count towards your final score. The other three sections are Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning.

The test should take almost four hours to complete, and you'll be answering questions on digital tablets which are provided before the test begins. These tablets have a few interesting features, including an onboard timer, a highlighting function, and the ability to flag questions that you want to return to later. The Writing section is actually completed separately from a secure online learning system. After you finish the other three sections of the test, you can take as long as one year to complete the Writing section. Once again, this section does not count towards your final score on the LSAT, although it will be submitted to the law schools that you apply for.

What Areas Might A Phoenix LSAT Course Cover?

When you choose to take an LSAT course provided by Varsity Tutors, you'll find yourself in a virtual classroom filled with other students just like you. This virtual classroom is similar to a real classroom setting in many ways. You'll have the chance to ask plenty of questions throughout these interactive lessons, and your fellow students can do the same. As you all ask questions together, you'll benefit from the proven power of collaborative learning. You'll also have the chance to "stay behind after class" and get extra help from your expert instructor on any concepts that might be causing you difficulty.

As your instructor leads your class through various lessons, you'll learn about each of the sections within the LSAT, and you can learn how to approach them in an effective way. Each section contains a variety of different questions on a wide range of different subjects, so studying for your LSAT can be quite demanding. Each individual question on the LSAT is scored exactly the same, and one specific question is always worth just as many "points" as the next. In other words, the total number of questions you get right on this test is your final score. That score ranges from a value of 120 to 180, with 120 being the lowest possible score you can get on the LSAT.

Questions in the Analytical Reasoning section focus on a variety of different relationships. You'll be asked questions based on the structure of those relationships. Basically, you'll be asked to figure out what might be true or false based on the information provided. You'll also be asked to use reasoning based on conditional statements. You might also be asked to provide solutions to hypothetical problems that are proposed. This section demands a lot of logic and reasoning.

Reading Comprehension is another section in the LSAT where you'll be asked to analyze passages of text which focus heavily on the world of law. In this section, the test will assess whether you're ready to handle the kinds of text you'll be studying in law school. As you read through the various passages, you might be asked to make inferences. You might be asked to analyze tone, context, or arguments. You'll need to understand the tone that the author is using, and how that impacts the purpose of the passage. These are just a few types of questions you'll face in this important section.

The Logical Reasoning section requires twice as much time to complete as the other sections. You'll have 70 minutes to get through two of these sections, while the other sections have time limits of 35 minutes each. This section will present you with a variety of source documents from newspapers, magazines, scholarly articles, and more. You'll be asked to exercise skills that law professionals use every day. These skills include identifying flaws in arguments, detecting assumptions, drawing conclusions, and much more.

How Can A Phoenix LSAT Course Help Me Study?

One of the biggest benefits of Phoenix LSAT courses is the flexibility that they offer. Working professionals and busy students alike can choose from a variety of options. Choose either a two-week course or a four-week course. And no matter which option you choose, new courses start every single week. Courses are also available throughout many hours of the day, and even during lunch hours. These online courses are also perfect for those who enjoy learning with groups.

How Can I Sign Up For A Phoenix LSAT Class?

If you're searching for a Phoenix LSAT class that can give you a greater understanding of the LSAT, look no further than Varsity Tutors. We can set you up with a class that fits your busy schedule. Choosing to sign up for an LSAT class is a positive investment in your future. An effective study regime could be the deciding factor in your acceptance into law school. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and they'll connect you with a Phoenix LSAT class that could make all the difference.

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