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Varsity Tutors can help you in learning Latin by providing a New York City Latin class. Studying a foreign language like Latin can be an obstacle even if you have some experience with it, and a typical school atmosphere may be unable to meet your personal academic needs. Therefore, it's advisable that you seek out additional help such as a New York City Latin class. Whether you're enrolled in Stuyvesant High School, Fort Hamilton High School, Columbia University, or you're an adult learner wanting to learn the language for professional purposes, we can help.

Latin was first developed in Latium (modern-day Rome) during ancient times. It's a precursor of the Romance languages: Romanian, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Spanish. During the beginning of the Roman Empire, Latin split into Classical Latin and Vulgar Latin. Classical Latin possesses a formal, elegant style that's also influenced by grammar and vocabulary of the Greek language. Vulgar Latin is a popular form of the language, and it's the ancestor of modern Romance languages. During the Roman Empire, colonists and soldiers spoke Vulgar Latin. What differentiates it from Classical Latin is that it has less frequent employment of inflection, greater regularity of word order, and increased use of prepositions. The Latin language was a living language throughout the Middle Ages and into the early modern period. It started to wane by the 17th century, and many actions were taken to restore it. At the time, vernacular languages like English and French were growing in popularity. Vernacular languages finally took over in the 19th century, which is when the need to learn Latin started to lose priority. Though Latin is now a "dead" language, it still plays an important role in the derivation of new words, especially for science and technology fields. It influenced the Roman alphabet, which is today used for English and other languages in the world. Back then, the alphabet was made up of 23 letters rather than 26 because it didn't have the letters "j," "v," and "w." By studying Latin, you can learn other Romance languages and pursue careers in medicine, law, and other professions.

Whether you're going to school, involved in a professional career, or just interested in learning a new skill, we can help you sign up for a class that complements your schedule. A New York City Latin class may be the right solution for you.

What material would a New York City Latin course cover?

Most students who study Latin find that they can easily master the principles of its pronunciations even though it does take some time and practice. Because Latin is no longer an official language, you don't need to worry about developing an accent for it. Once you're able to pronounce Latin components, you can pick up on Latin vocabulary more quickly and may even appreciate the sounds and rhythms of Latin poetry and prose. Many English words come from Latin, making it fairly simple for English speakers to absorb. There are several Latin terms that are similar to English ones. Here are a few examples: affimo = I affirm, desidero = I desire, persuadeo = I persuade, etc. When it comes to verbs in the Latin language, the ending of the verb shows who is carrying out the action, and there's usually no need for a pronoun. If this or any other concepts seem a bit confusing to you, your teacher can lend you a hand.

In addition, you'll need to learn about gendered nouns, inflection, common phrases, reading Latin, adjectives, grammar and sentence structure, essential vocabulary, and more. Even people who know a little Latin struggle with these concepts. Each class will go over them, which gives you plenty of time to practice.

How will a New York City Latin course help me learn?

A New York City Latin course is accessible online, and every lesson is conducted by a skilled Latin teacher. In all classes, you interact with other pupils and an instructor in a virtual classroom. During lessons, you may come across content that you already know. You can use your knowledge to assist your fellow students on anything they're struggling with. You can also spend sessions preparing for a quiz or test.

There are lots of ways you benefit when working in a group. By collaborating with your peers, you have a deeper understanding of something, plus you're better prepared for upcoming exams or projects. It also helps you practice teamwork, which is an essential skill to have in many aspects of your life.

If you want extra help with anything, you can request private assistance from your teacher. Prior to teaching a class, we require instructors to go through an exhaustive interviewing process to make sure that they're skilled in their niche and can communicate well with students.

Since every course is online, you can engage in lessons from any place that offers internet access. Do you have other classes to attend or a job, and you're worried about making time for course sessions? You don't need to fret about choosing between your studies and other obligations because these courses offer flexible scheduling. There are new sections that occur on a monthly basis, and you can enroll in a two-week course or a four-week course. Sign up for a two-week course if you only desire a quick review. Consider a four-week course if you want more study time.

I like what I read about this program. How do I get started?

Knowing Latin can help you reach for your objectives, whether you're a student or someone in an established career. Contacting a Varsity Tutors representative is very simple. Just dial our number or submit a message through our contact form, and we'll get back to you with the next steps. If you're eager to sign up for a New York City Latin course, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us today. We have educational consultants standing by eager to help you with the signup procedure.

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