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No matter if you are studying German by yourself, taking German as a college student at St. Thomas University, or you are learning through Coral Reef Senior High School or Miami Senior High School, Varsity Tutors can help provide you with a solid foundation for the language through a Miami German class.

Learning a new language can be difficult for anyone, whether you are already bilingual or you are learning a second language for the first time. Conversing in German is important when studying the language, and a Miami German course can provide you with this opportunity as well as giving you the chance to study with an expert German teacher.

There are over 90 million native speakers of German, and it is one of the three native tongues used in Switzerland as well as being the official language of Germany and Austria. Written German is very uniform and has only some slight differences between the three countries. The German language is a member of the Indo-European family and also belongs to the West Germanic group.

When you decide to learn German through a Miami German class, it can help in various ways. Whether you want to be able to travel abroad and speak with confidence, to dive into German culture and literature, or just need some extra help in order to understand your language class, this course could very well be the thing you've been searching for.

What materials will a Miami German class go over?

One thing you will learn in your German class is nouns. A noun is usually defined as being a person, place, or a thing. However, abstract ideas can also be considered nouns, like happiness, history, and freedom. In German, it can be easier for you to identify what word in a sentence is a noun because all nouns are capitalized. This varies from English, where native speakers only capitalize a proper noun.

Another difference in nouns from English is the way that every German noun has its own gender. These genders will be identified by the definite articles "der" (masculine), "die" (feminine), and "das" (neuter), all of which mean "the" in English. When a noun is referring to a person, the gender of the world will typically correspond to that person's physical gender. An example would be how "Frau" is a feminine word that means "woman", and "Mann" is a masculine word that means "man". This can be tricky, however, because sometimes the physical gender is not always consistent. The word "Kind", which means "child", is a neuter noun, no matter whether the child is a boy or a girl.

Other things that may be covered by your instructor are the essentials of vocabulary, common German phrases, the pronunciation of German words, verb conjugations, and sentence structure. Though it can seem very complex at some points, your teacher will be there for you every step of the way to encourage practice and memorization.

How will a Miami German course teach me?

A Miami German course is fully interactive and completely virtual. The online classroom will allow you to interact with your classmates and your instructor in various discussions and activities. You can practice with another student in order to better your German skills - if you understand something another student is struggling with, helping explain it to them can better both of your speaking and written skills.

You will have the chance to discuss all the different skills you learn in your Miami German course, and sometimes a teacher may opt to teach in German, depending on your skill level, to help promote immersion for you and the other students. If you feel like you need a more personal learning experience, you will be able to reserve some individual one-on-one time with your expert German teacher.

Because the classroom is online, you don't have to worry about commuting to a specific place at a designated time. You can learn right there in your home or anywhere else, for that matter. You can also choose if studying in the daytime is right for you, or if you would prefer night time or weekend classes. Since classes begin on a rolling monthly basis, you can join quickly and efficiently.

How do I begin?

Whether you are a novice needing the basics or someone who wants to brush up on some previous skills, just let Varsity Tutors know and we can help you get enrolled in a Miami German course. With the benefits of an interactive classroom and access to a professional teacher, you will soon be on the road to learning German and all its complexities and nuances.

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