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Varsity Tutors can assist students with their ACT preparation with a Phoenix ACT prep course. The ACT is a standard test used by colleges and universities that you may be required to take prior to admission. As a high school student, you may have questions about beginning the college preparation process. Of the two standard college admission tests, most Phoenix students, including those who attend Gilbert Classical Academy High School, take the ACT as their college admission exam. Depending on how well you score on the ACT, your college of choice will make the decision whether or not to accept your scores. The higher you score, the better the chances are of being accepted to your preferred college or university.

If you want to make the most of your time before your testing date, you should consider taking a Phoenix ACT class. Varsity Tutors offers interactive online ACT classes with fellow students who are preparing for the same exam. The teachers are able to communicate with students and students are able to communicate with each other in real-time on a live virtual platform. This is a tool that was designed to enhance your virtual classroom experience.

What is covered in the Phoenix ACT course?

The ACT is a comprehensive exam that covers English, Math, Reading, and Science with an optional Writing section. Without the optional section included, the test lasts just under three hours. If you choose to complete the additional Writing section, you will be allotted an additional 40 minutes to complete the entire exam. You must complete all the questions in each section of the exam. We will now take a look at each section of the ACT, including the optional Writing section.

The English section will test your knowledge of language skills by using passage-based questions. You will have 45 minutes to answer 75 questions. Some of the questions will ask you to edit and revise text that is provided within the English portion of the ACT test. Other questions will ask you to read a given passage and answer questions about the passage in whole or smaller segments of the given passage. You must have good judgment skills in order to determine the appropriate response to what is asked of you.

The next section we will discuss is Math. Please keep in mind that only approved calculators and supplies can be used while taking the ACT. It would be wise to review all acceptable materials before your test date. You will have one hour to respond to 60 math-related questions. The questions will test the math skills you have accumulated throughout your educational career thus far. As the level of difficulty ranges from basic math to more advanced equations and fractions, make sure you keep your eye on the clock so you will have enough time to respond to all questions within the Math section.

As we move to the Reading section of the exam, you will encounter more multiple-choice questions. The passage-based questions within this section are presented at a first-year college level. You must be able to recognize central ideas, summarize text, and show knowledge of different types of relationships. Questions also include word meanings and the ability to differentiate between fact and opinion. You are given 35 minutes to answer 40 questions on the Reading section of the ACT exam.

The fourth section is focused on science. This section will test your knowledge of biology, chemistry, earth/space sciences, and physics. You must be able to recognize procedures, including the scientific method, and design of the scientific investigation. A familiar concept that is often tested is your ability to manipulate and analyze scientific data. The testing time for the science portion of the exam is 35 minutes with 40 questions to answer.

The final section we will discuss is English. This section requires you to respond to 75 multiple choice questions and you are given 45 minutes to respond to them. You will be asked to respond to questions using a multiple choice and passage-based format. You must display a thorough understanding of English and proper writing skills.

How can a Phoenix ACT class benefit me?

A Phoenix ACT class can benefit you in many ways, beginning with the online learning environment. You may have several after-school activities in which you participate. Because the class is online, you have the opportunity to participate in your Phoenix ACT class from locations other than home. Once you are enrolled in a Phoenix ACT class you can instantly connect with your class instructor and classmates.

Another benefit of taking a Phoenix ACT course online is the experience of having a virtual classroom setting that resembles a traditional classroom. This gives you the chance to complete group projects and interact with your classmates and instructor directly. By having an instant connection to others, you can gain more knowledge and a better understanding of how to tackle difficulties you are having regarding your ACT preparation.

Other information you should know before you take the ACT includes materials, sign up dates and times, and testing strategies. As you prepare to take your exam, you must sign up for one of the six yearly testing dates. The exam begins at 8:00 AM and will last about 2 hours and 55 minutes. The test concludes at 12:35 PM, or 1:35 PM if you take the ACT Writing Plus exam. You are to use #2 pencils only and you are not penalized for guessing if you are unsure or don't know the correct answer. If you have additional questions about rules, regulations, and admissible testing materials you should visit the official ACT website.

How can I gather more information about a Phoenix ACT course?

Contact one of the Varsity Tutors educational consultants for more information regarding a Phoenix ACT course. Our staff is trained to assist you in finding a course schedule that will fit into your already busy lifestyle. No matter what Phoenix high school, such as Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, you are attending or have attended, consider giving Varsity Tutors a chance to help enhance your ACT preparation and further your college career.

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