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A Cleveland German course offered by Varsity Tutors could be a great choice if you want to develop a deep understanding of the German language. Learning German isn't always easy, and there are some major challenges you'll face along the way, especially coming from an English-speaking background.

Many students must learn a language to satisfy certain language requirements of their school programs. Perhaps you're a student at Case Western Reserve University. Maybe you're a high school student who wants to get started with German at a relatively young age. If you start learning German while taking regular courses at schools like James Ford Rhodes High School or John Adams High School, you could have a major advantage. When it comes time to apply for college, you might find that your knowledge of German helps apply to many advanced programs and respected universities.

Of course, learning German might also help in your professional career. With over 90 million native German speakers across numerous European nations, who knows what kind of networking opportunities might arise?

German is an official language in many different countries. These include Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and a few others. Across these various German-speaking communities, you might encounter slightly different German dialects. The two main dialectic groups within the German language are High and Low German. High German is used in mass media, administrative purposes, academics, and education, and it is what most classes focus on. While there are some differences between the various German dialects, they all rely on the same universal German writing system.

What Might A Cleveland German Course Cover?

You'll learn many important German concepts in your German course. As you start to delve deeper into the German language, you might notice that it's similar to English in many ways. English is technically considered a Germanic language, and this all stems back to the strong presence of Germanic tribes in England thousands of years ago. That being said, modern English and German languages are very different, and they rely on very different underlying structures.

German is a gender-based language, and nouns might be masculine, feminine, or neuter. Inflections are also very important in the German language, and you'll need to memorize and understand how this system works. Inflections change based on case, gender, and number. There are four different cases to memorize: nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive.

German also uses very strict rules for conjugating verbs. Each verb might be conjugated according to one of three classes. These classes are weak, strong, and mixed. There are many other important concepts you'll learn in your German course, including pronunciation, common phrases, vocabulary, and more. You might also encounter letters in the German language which you've never seen before, such as the "ezzet". Also known as the "sharp S," this letter is represented by the "ß" character.

How Will I Learn With A Cleveland German Course?

Your Cleveland German course will be taught in a virtual classroom. These are fully online learning environments, and they are quite similar to a regular, traditional classroom setting. Just like a physical classroom, you'll learn alongside other students, with an instructor at the head of the classroom. As your instructor goes through the various German concepts in your learning sessions, you'll interact with the rest of the class and the instructor. You'll ask questions, voice your opinion, and practice your spoken German with your classmates. As you learn, you'll hear your fellow classmates asking their own questions and providing their own thoughts and opinions. They'll often be speaking in German. Research has shown that highly collaborative, group-based learning systems like this have proven benefits. Each instructor goes through a rigorous vetting and interview process. This process ensures that you'll be learning from German experts with amazing communication skills. And of course, you can always request time with your instructor on a one-on-one basis if If you're ever having trouble with tricky subjects.

How Do You Sign Up For A Cleveland German Class?

You can choose from two-week classes or four-week classes, with new classes starting every single month. You can also choose from a wide variety of flexible scheduling options, including weekend classes, night classes, and classes that take place during your lunch break. We understand that you're busy, and that's why we provide a wide range of options.

Enroll in a Cleveland German Class today for a highly efficient learning experience. Connect with fellow students, work as a group, and gain a deep understanding of the German language. Call Varsity Tutors today, and we'll provide you with all the information you need to book your first Cleveland German class.

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