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If you're a student at St. Joseph's Preparatory School or Central High School, Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Philadelphia ACT course to address all your study and preparation needs. The ACT is one of the most important standardized tests you've taken so far. Your grades aren't enough; you must demonstrate how well you understand and can work with a variety of concepts at an introductory college level. Admissions departments must have some way to measure the capabilities of every student that applies to their institutions. The ACT has been formatted to address the skills deemed most essential for success.

The ACT covers concepts from elementary school up to grade 12. As such, a Philadelphia ACT class can cover a wide range of subjects to help you remember topics from the past and fill in any possible learning gaps. Collaborating with an experienced instructor online and your peers can provide a new dimension to studying that you might not find alone. On an exam that tests your knowledge, reasoning, and endurance in many subjects, adequate preparation is essential.

What Does a Philadelphia ACT Course Help Me Review Before the Test?

Varsity Tutors is committed to helping students find the most thorough review available so they can approach an exam with confidence. Poor study skills, inadequate reviews, and a lack of confidence can impede a student's performance. That's why we've created a plan that each Philadelphia ACT prep course follows, which includes coverage on the Math, Reading, English, and Science as well as the optional Writing section of the ACT.

The ACT Math section asks 60 questions about elementary and intermediate algebra (as well as pre-algebra topics), coordinate and plane geometry, and trigonometry. You'll need to show your understanding of trigonometric functions and algebraic equations, and demonstrate your ability over 60 minutes. Beforehand, you'll want to brush up on concepts such as numerical reasoning, graphing/modeling/solving expressions, interpreting equations, and working with distributions and probabilities.

A 35-minute Reading section includes 40 passage-based questions. By carefully reading each passage and choosing the correct answer, you can showcase your level of reading comprehension. There are various concepts to understand. These include knowing the meanings of words and phrases and identifying the difference between facts and opinions. You'll also need to summarize ideas, find central ideas and themes, and understand relationships between ideas presented in the passages.

While the previous section touches on comprehension, the English section demonstrates your technical ability and understanding of English. Questions refer to the sentence structure, usage, grammar, and punctuation of passages, as well as how you follow the development of a topic and interpret the style and tone of language. Over 45 minutes, you must answer 75 questions on this part of the ACT.

For the 40-question Science section, you are allotted 35 minutes to complete it. The subjects covered include biology, Earth/space sciences, chemistry, and physics. There is a heavy focus on problem-solving and analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating data, which are presented in different formats. You'll also need to demonstrate your working knowledge of the scientific method along with tools, procedures, and designs of scientific investigations and experiments.

The Writing section, an optional component of the ACT, requires you write an essay based on a single question, in 40 minutes. During this time, you must understand the prompt, assess its three perspectives, and write a response with your own perspective that also makes connections between your opinion and at least one of the three presented. This section is an assessment of your writing skills. It also showcases your ability to analyze, make comparisons, and draft and organize a college-level composition.

How Can a Philadelphia ACT Course Help Me Study?

Some high school students feel they can study more efficiently on their own. On some levels, this may be true, but Varsity Tutors is familiar with the type of preparation needed to reach for one's performance goals on a standardized test. Each course offers a collaborative environment in which you connect with an expert instructor and your peers online. A live virtual platform enables you to see, hear, and interact with everyone who participates. Collaborating with others can help you better prepare and apply new study skills while advancing your confidence in advance of the exam.

Your instructor can also provide a lot of insights into the test, in addition to providing a comprehensive review of academic subjects. A review helps because some topics may have been covered a long time ago. You also might miss some concepts you may not fully understand. With a Philadelphia ACT class, you can fill in gaps so these don't get in the way of reaching for your ACT goals. Classes can teach the exam format, give you tools and methods for answering tough questions, and use practice tests to help you anticipate what is covered and work on your pacing.

How Do I Find a Philadelphia ACT Class That Matches My Schedule?

High school students have busy lives. They must balance school, a social life, family obligations, and oftentimes work. That's why Varsity Tutors offers two- and four-week classes. Also, new classes start on a weekly basis. You can choose an option during or later in the day or on the weekend, while the flexibility of instructors enables you to seek one-on-one help from them if needed. Therefore, all your learning opportunities, questions, and concerns can be addressed.

You've invested so much in your education. Don't fall short now by missing out on opportunities to prepare for the ACT in a productive manner. You can learn how to apply foundational skills in a way you might not have thought possible. A Philadelphia ACT course can give you a boost that impacts your performance and helps you reach for important test score goals while making a potential impact on your academic performance in the near future. Contact Varsity Tutors for assistance and to learn more. An educational consultant will discuss your options and help you sign up so you can get started right away.

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