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An Atlanta German course offered by Varsity Tutors could help you learn much more effectively. German could be a great choice if your university program has a language requirement, or even if you're just interested in learning a widely spoken language on your own. German might be useful in a variety of different programs offered by Emory University. It could also be an interesting first language for students at Westlake High School or Grady High School. German will also be useful if you're planning on traveling through Europe at any point since the language is spoken in so many European nations. German is spoken throughout Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and even parts of Italy.

There are over 90 million native German speakers, and with so many different German-speaking nations it should come as no surprise that there are a few different German dialects. For the most part, these dialects are divided into High German and Low German. But while there are multiple spoken dialects, written German remains relatively uniform across the various German-speaking nations. Whether you're studying German for academic reasons or out of personal interest, a German course can help you develop a much deeper understanding of this interesting language.

What Might An Atlanta German Course Cover?

Your Atlanta German course might cover a wide range of different German concepts. English speakers might notice some similarities between the two languages, as they're both technically part of the same language family, along with Dutch and Frisian. You may learn about both High German and Low German, although it's worth pointing out that High German is considered the language of academics, literature, and administration. Just like Latin, German actually has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Using these three genders correctly is very important as you learn this language, and English speakers may be unfamiliar with such a system. While noun inflections also vary based on gender, there are many other things to consider. Nouns might appear in four different cases, which are nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. Finally, nouns might be inflected based on whether they're singular or plural. Memorizing these various inflections is crucial if you want to truly master the German language, and a German course can help with that.

Your German course will also cover the German system of conjugating verbs. There are three "classes" of verb conjugation: weak, strong, and mixed. Aside from inflections, genders, and verb conjugations, your course will cover a wide variety of other important German concepts. You'll learn plenty of common German phrases that will help you hold down a conversation. Your instructor will teach you all about German grammar and sentence structure. You'll learn how to properly pronounce German words, which could be challenging for English speakers at first. You'll also start using unique German letters that you might not find in the English alphabet, such as the "ezzet", which is represented by the "ß" character. And of course, you'll spend plenty of time expanding your German basics. Rest assured, your German course leaves no stone uncovered.

How Does An Atlanta German Course Help You Learn?

Your Atlanta German course will take place in a fully online, virtual classroom. These virtual classrooms are just like traditional learning environments, and you'll learn alongside other like-minded students. As your instructor goes through the various German concepts, each student has the opportunity to ask questions, interact, and voice their opinion with those around them. Working in a group is very important when you're learning a language, and there are proven benefits to a collaborative learning approach. You'll have the chance to practice your spoken German with those around you, and you'll hear German being spoken all around you throughout each session. Expert German instructors teach each course, and these professionals are partly chosen based on their excellent communication skills. A German course represents a budget-friendly alternative to private tutoring, although group-based learning is actually one of the best ways to learn languages. If you do have any trouble with specific German concepts, you can always speak with your instructor on a one-on-one basis after your sessions.

How Do You Sign Up For An Atlanta German Class?

You can choose from many flexible options, whether you're a working professional or a busy student. There are two-week and four-week classes available, and new classes start each month. You can also choose between weekend classes, night classes, or even take an Atlanta German class on your lunch break! Our educational consultants can help you enroll in the Atlanta German class that works for you. Call Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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