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No matter if you are studying German at Whitworth University, at Ferris High School or Rogers High School, or you're just passionate about the language, Varsity Tutors can help you learn German through a Spokane German class. A Spokane German course will give you the exposure to the language that you need as you learn from an expert German teacher.

German is a native language for more than 90 million speakers. It is used officially in both Germany and Austria and is also one of the three official languages that Switzerland uses. The written language of German is very uniform and there are few changes that are made between these three countries.

A Spokane German course will present you with many advantages and opportunities. Whether you are trying to increase your knowledge of the language so you can understand your class materials, learning for fun, or wanting to talk to native German speakers, learning German is sure to be an adventure.

What kind of material does a Spokane German class cover?

You will study many topics, including verbs and their placement in a sentence. In a normal sentence, a verb in German will always be in the second position in word order. German is a highly marked language, and therefore the subject of a sentence can be moved to either first or third position. The adverb or other elements can be placed first, but never the verb.

When there is a compound verb in a sentence, sometimes referred to as a helping verb, native speakers of English typically keep these two verbs together. In German, though, the conjugated verb will stay in the second position, and the helper verb will be typically placed at the end of the sentence. An exception to this is a subordinate clause. In this case, all verbs will be moved to the end of the sentence, and a conjugated verb will be last in line. Verbs will conjugate differently based on the spelling of their stem word.

You will also learn all about nouns, and how they have different genders, including feminine, neuter, and masculine. You can usually identify these genders based on the article that comes beforehand: "die" will refer to a feminine noun, "das" will refer to a neuter noun, and "der" will refer to a masculine noun.

You will also learn proper pronunciation for the spoken language, essential vocabulary words that make up most sentences, and other complexities of German grammar. You will have access to a professional German instructor who will encourage you to keep memorizing, practicing, and mastering the language.

How will a Spokane German course teach me this?

A Spokane German course is held in a virtual classroom that places an emphasis on interactivity. This online course can help you through group discussions and activities that are designed to help you with the building blocks of the German language. You can participate by yourself, with your instructor, or even help out other students.

If you are having a difficult time with a specific subject and want to request some one-on-one time with your instructor, a Spokane German course will allow you to do this. This means that you can get individual explanations for anything you aren't fully understanding.

Your German instructor may, on occasion, offer to teach the class in German. This will promote immersion and provide more language comprehension. This added advantage is something that will depend on how comfortable you are with the language as well as your skill level.

Because the class is completely virtual, you will never have to worry about a long commute. You can choose where you want to study. Additionally, you can choose when you want to study. If you prefer learning in the middle of the day, that's possible. It's also possible to choose weekend or night classes. Classes will begin on a rolling monthly basis, so you don't have to wait forever to get started.

How do I begin?

No matter if you are learning German as a beginner or whether you have some knowledge of the language, or if you are learning the language so you can help improve your studies or because you're planning to travel abroad, you can get in touch with Varsity Tutors and begin a Spokane German class. We will tell you what classes are available and give you information on how to get started. We can even tell you more details about what is covered. Soon enough, you'll be building upon your German expertise.

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