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If your student is preparing to take the ISEE, then Varsity Tutors can help them get ready with an in-depth Philadelphia ISEE preparation supplement. The Independent School Entrance Examination or ISEE is a standardized test that is taken by incoming elementary, middle, and high school students who are applying to competitive independent schools. Doing well on the ISEE can make a student stand out from the others who are applying to the same school during the applications process.

However, earning a great score on the ISEE isn't an easy thing to do. To earn a solid score on the test, your student will need an in-depth understanding of numerous academic topics, which means that a comprehensive test preparation process is required to prepare for it. This is something that Varsity Tutors can provide for your student by getting them started with a Philadelphia ISEE prep option. Consider contacting us today if you're interested in getting this type of assistance for your student. You can also read on for a closer look at the ISEE and the ways in which we can help your student prepare to take it.

What's tested on the ISEE?

The specific content and format of the ISEE may vary depending on the grade level of the student who is taking the exam. For example, if your student is applying to an independent high school, then they'll take the Upper-Level ISEE. Conversely, if your child is entering the second, third, or fourth grade, then they would take the Primary Level ISEE. Students between these two levels will take either the Lower or Middle-Level ISEE depending on their grade. The Upper-Level ISEE is split into five different sections, each of which assesses a different academic skill set. Below you'll find a thorough look at all of the sections from the Upper-Level ISEE.

The first section is called Verbal Reasoning. The Verbal Reasoning section was designed to assess the test taker's core English skills. It features 40 questions and has a time limit of 20 minutes. Many of the questions on the Verbal Reasoning section will focus on topics like synonyms and sentence completion. Given the section's short time limit, your student will need to work quickly to ensure they have enough time to answer all of the questions in the section.

The next Upper-Level ISEE section is called Quantitative Reasoning. This is your student's chance to show off their math skills. They'll be asked a series of questions on topics like problem-solving, probability, and data analysis. Your student will be tasked with answering a total of 37 questions within a time limit of 35 minutes on this section of their ISEE.

Third, your student will take the Reading Comprehension section. When taking this section, your student will be tasked with reading a series of passages and then with answering a number of questions based on what they've just read. Some of the questions that your student will be asked on this section involve main and supporting ideas, organization and logic, and the author's intent.

Next up is the ISEE section called Math Achievement. The Math Achievement portion of the exam has a time limit of 40 minutes and features 47 total questions. The purpose of this test section is to assess the test taker's math operations skills. This involves a number of questions on core math subjects like geometry and algebra. Signing your student up for a Philadelphia ISEE prep option is a great way to get them help with preparing for this challenging ISEE section.

Finally, the last part of the Upper-Level ISEE is the Essay section. Here, your student will be shown a prompt that relates to a topic of interest for middle school students. They will need to craft an essay that responds to the prompt within the section's 30-minute time limit. This is their chance to showcase their writing skills and to tell the schools they're applying to a little more about themselves. Proper grammar, punctuation, and solid essay organization are some of the key skills that your student will need to demonstrate to do well in this section.

What can Varsity Tutors do to help your student get ready for their ISEE?

Varsity Tutors provides two main options to choose from when picking out the right form of Philadelphia ISEE prep for your student. You can get them started with a Philadelphia ISEE prep class or have them work with a private test prep tutor. Keep reading for a closer look at the unique benefits of each of these test preparation supplements.

Taking a Philadelphia ISEE prep course is a great way for your student to get more out of their study sessions. They'll learn from an experienced instructor alongside a small group of classmates. Classes take place on a powerful virtual learning platform that replicates the traditional classroom learning environment in a more convenient online setting. Your student will get a chance to go over everything they need to know for their upcoming exam. They'll even be able to work with their educator individually when they need extra help with a challenging topic.

Another option you may be interested in is signing your student up to work with a Philadelphia ISEE tutor. This could be right for your student if they've previously done well when working directly with their instructor. Your student's tutor can create a customized lesson plan for them that emphasizes their unique academic needs. Tutoring is a completely personalized learning experience that takes place in a one-on-one environment. Working with a tutor could help your child improve academically in a more effective and efficient manner than would be possible when studying for the ISEE alone.

Both of these options are also flexible learning supplements. For instance, new courses start weekly and meet at various times throughout the week. This makes it easy to find a course that fits within your and your students' existing schedules. Similarly, if you prefer to have your student work with a tutor, we'll make every effort to connect them with educators who can work around any existing obligations. This means that you can easily sign your child up for the perfect test prep supplement for their needs without having to worry about scheduling too much.

How can you get your child started?

Getting your student started with one of these Philadelphia ISEE prep supplements is easy when you contact Varsity Tutors today. We can help you select the best learning plan for your child's specific academic and scheduling needs. We'd love to help your student feel more confident on the day of their upcoming exam and hope to start working with them soon.

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