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Learning Latin can be a little tricky, but choosing a Denver Latin course offered by Varsity Tutors could make the entire process much easier. Latin is one of the oldest languages in the world, and it was spoken by the Ancient Romans. Learning this language gives us a glimpse into a bygone era thousands of years old. Like any language, Latin is more than just a means of communication. It represents the views, philosophies and the culture of an Empire which once ruled most of the known world. As you learn Latin, you might start to develop a much deeper understanding of who the Ancient Romans were, and how they approached life. Even after the Roman Empire collapsed, the language was kept alive by scholars, religious organizations, and the nobility. Even to this day, Latin is considered a language of scholars, and it's used in medicine, science, law, and many other disciplines.

There are many university programs that focus on the Latin language, such as the Greek and Latin program at Denver University. High school students at East High or South High might also have a strong interest in learning this historical language. If you're highly involved in things like medieval history or earlier history, learning Latin might help you read and analyze ancient documents and manuscripts. This could help you develop a much deeper understanding of the past. You might even decide to learn Latin out of purely personal interest. But whatever your reasons may be, a Latin course could provide you with some of the best educational resources available.

Latin gets its name from the Italian region of Latium, the Ancient region of central Italy where the historic city of Rome was established. As this ancient language started to develop, it split into two distinct styles: Vulgar Latin and Classical Latin. Scholars, writers, and nobility used Classical Latin, and it's much more formal compared to Vulgar Latin. Soldiers, common citizens, and colonists used Vulgar Latin, which was much less formal and standardized. The style of Vulgar Latin changed considerably based on the region in which it was being spoken. As the Ancient Romans spread across Europe, they brought their language to places like Spain, Portugal, France, and even Britain. This is why all of these languages and many others are heavily influenced by the Roman language. The languages with the most Latin influences are the Romance languages, but modern English was also influenced considerably by the Roman occupation of Britain. In fact, English was influenced by Latin more than any other Germanic language. If your goal is to master all the Romance languages, then Latin is a great starting point. Once you learn Latin, you'll understand the general structure that other Romance languages follow, and it might be easier to learn languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese in the future.

What Might A Denver Latin Course Cover?

Because of the considerable Latin influence on modern English, some Latin words and phrases might sound familiar to English speakers. That being said, learning Latin is filled with challenges. While other Romance languages use a gendered system, Latin takes this one step further. Instead of having two genders, Latin actually uses a third gender: neuter. Inflections are also very important in the Latin language, and you'll have to memorize a variety of these word endings. This might prove just as important as memorizing Latin words to expand your vocabulary. Once you understand how Latin inflections work, it's much easier to build sentences and converse in Latin.

Since Latin is technically considered a dead language, developing an authentic accent isn't as important as with other languages. Proper pronunciation is still quite important, but most students find it relatively easy to master. There are a few slightly challenging rules to follow, and your course will cover this in detail. With all that said, Latin is still the official language of Vatican City, and it's the primary means of communication within the Roman Church. So if you ever plan on traveling to the Vatican, your Latin accent might be scrutinized a little more closely!

There are plenty of other important topics that your Denver Latin course might cover. These include common phrases, grammar and sentence structure, verbs, adjectives, and much more. In addition, you might also read Latin texts and learn about Latin history.

How Does A Denver Latin Course Help You Learn?

When you sign up for a Denver Latin course, you'll enter a unique, innovative learning system. These courses are completely online, and you can access them from anywhere in the world. These virtual classrooms benefit from the proven power of collaborative, group-based learning. You'll learn alongside other students and interact with each other, asking questions and practicing Latin together. You can ask questions and voice your opinion, just like you would in a normal classroom setting. Each Latin course is taught by expert, highly qualified instructors. These instructors all go through a strict vetting process which ensures you're learning from knowledgeable individuals with great communication skills. And if you ever feel like you need extra help with particularly challenging concepts, you can talk with your instructor on a one-on-one basis.

How Do You Sign Up For A Denver Latin Class?

Another benefit of these virtual classes is the fact that they're incredibly flexible. When you sign up for your Denver Latin class, you'll choose between either a four-week class or a two-week class. These classes start up every single month. You'll also choose between plenty of available slots, including night classes, weekend classes, and even classes that take place during your lunch break. If you have a few available hours during your week, there's a course available that fits your schedule. We understand that many Latin students might be working professionals or busy students, and that's why these classes have been designed specifically for those with little free time.

If you're ready to learn Latin, then consider investing in education that makes this process much easier. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and we'll provide you with all the information you need to get started with your Denver Latin class.

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