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Sign up for a St. Louis Latin course provided by Varsity Tutors for help to learn this ancient language. If you are planning a career in law, medicine, or scientific research, you may encounter Latin phrases, words, and roots, but learning Latin isn't only a career move. You may need a course prerequisite or want to learn a new skill to impress your friends. Learning a language requires collaboration. An online course enables you to interact with an experienced instructor and your peers, so you can practice conversing and writing in the Latin language.

A St. Louis Latin class consists of online lessons that can help you build a better understanding of various linguistic principles. It is different from traditional classroom environments at, for example, Gateway High School or Affton High School. You can also use the tutelage of your Latin instructor to supplement your studies at Saint Louis University. By learning Latin, you can better understand other languages, such as Spanish, Italian, and French, which evolved out of Latin. This ancient language originated out of a region of Italy known as Latium and was spoken in the Roman Empire where it split into Classical Latin, a more formal and elegant form, and Vulgar Latin, the spoken form of the language.

Today, Latin is considered a "dead" language. Vernacular languages began to take its place in the 17th century, but Latin is still the official language of the Roman Catholic Church and Vatican City. And Latin roots continue to influence new scientific and technological terms. The Roman alphabet, the foundation of the Latin language, is still in use, with the addition of the letters "J", "V", and "W". Although Latin takes patience and practice to learn, it can help you learn other Romance languages that are based on some of its principles. If you're looking to meet your education requirements, gain a professional advantage, or learn more about Latin poetry and prose, we can find a class you can enroll in that fits in your schedule so you can find the time to learn and practice.

What Topics Will a St. Louis Latin Course Cover?

For many students, learning to pronounce Latin words is relatively easy, although the nuances of any language can make it challenging to understand. With Latin, there's no pressure to learn an accent, but the proper pronunciation can help you better absorb vocabulary. It can also help you in appreciating the intricacies of Latin literature. Vocabulary is an important aspect as it is with any language. Many words are similar to their English counterparts or may seem familiar because modern words originated in Latin. English speakers therefore often find Latin words easier to learn; in fact, some are nearly identical, such as "affirmo" for "I affirm" or "rapidus" for "rapid" or "swift".

Your instructor, or even other participants in the class, can assist you in learning Latin inflections. These are the endings of words that define how they relate to each other and establish the meaning of a sentence. In English, inflections are used in a limited fashion; we mainly interpret meaning from the order of words. Latin sentences rely less on word order and more on a system of word endings. Another difference between both languages is the Latin use of noun gender. In addition to masculine and feminine nouns, Latin adds a neuter classification, while adjectives must agree with a noun's gender or whether it's singular or plural. Your St. Louis Latin class instructor can help you learn these and how the endings of verbs describe who is carrying out an action, often without the use of a pronoun. Class lessons also focus on common phrases, reading, grammar, sentence structure, and other essential aspects of the Latin language.

How Can a St. Louis Latin Course Help Me Understand Latin?

Taught entirely online, each course is led by an expert instructor and provides an interactive environment. Although you access the course on the Internet, you can hear and speak to the instructor and your peers as if they were in the room with you, thanks to an intuitive virtual platform. During each lesson, you can answer questions, clarify points to your "classmates", and complete tasks and assignments. Conversing in English and Latin can help you better understand both languages, and build language skills that you've been wanted to learn. Learning in groups can be highly beneficial, as a collaborative environment allows everyone to help one another. And, when you need extra help, just ask your instructor to set aside some one-on-one time and they can focus on your specific area of need.

Online classes make the learning process easier because you don't need to commute or skip out on the help you need because of a busy schedule. You can find a St. Louis Latin class in the middle of the day, at night, or on the weekend. Classes also start on a regular basis, so you can get started right away. Just let an educational consultant know your schedule and they can enroll you in a class that suits these requirements, and quickly. You, therefore, waste little time in finding an option that lets you concentrate on learning how to speak, read, and write in Latin as well as learn more about Latin history than would otherwise be possible.

How Do I Sign Up for a St. Louis Latin Course?

Whether you are seeking to meet academic, career, or personal goals, Varsity Tutors can help you find a Latin course at a time that's most convenient for you. Though Latin isn't spoken in modern communities, understanding this ancient language can help uncover the secrets of modern languages and help you figure out modern terms in science, medicine, and theology. Enrolling in a course is simple. Just reach out by phone or online to speak to an educational consultant, and you can get enrolled in the next available offering. We are looking forward to being a part of your Latin endeavors, so give us a call now.

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