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If you are looking for a quality San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT course, Varsity Tutors would be happy to set your student up with the best SSAT prep options available. The SSAT, also known as the Secondary School Admissions Test, is a standardized exam used by independent or private school admissions offices to evaluate the abilities of prospective students. This exam assesses basic verbal, math, and reading skills that students need for successful performance in an independent or private school. This is not the only factor considered for admissions purposes, but it gives an equitable means for an admissions office to assess and compare different applicants. As such, your student will want to prepare properly in order to put his or her best foot forward on this exam. A San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT course can give your student an edge and help him or her to more fully prepare than might be possible when studying alone.

What topics or skills can be covered in a San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT class to help my student prepare for the exam?

The SSAT is different for students of different ages and grade level. The Upper-level exam is for students in the 8th through 11th grade who are trying to gain entrance to an independent high school for the following school year. The Middle-Level SSAT is for students from 5th to 7th grade who are looking to attend a private middle school for the following school year. The Elementary-Level SSAT is for students applying to an independent school for the fourth or fifth-grade year. Each level contains a Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, and Experimental section as well as a Writing sample.

Here we'll take a closer look at the content your student will need to study for the different levels of the SSAT.

Upper-Level students will have two hours and 50 minutes to complete a total of 167 questions. There are two Quantitative sections at this level that cover arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The Reading section is your student's opportunity to demonstrate his or her ability to determine the main idea of the passages as well as the capacity to draw inferences and make predictions about a text. The Verbal section will test your student on synonyms and analogies as well as word roots and antonyms. The Writing sample at this level will require your student to be able to organize a story or essay and showcase proper writing skills with good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Students will be provided with a creative prompt and a traditional essay prompt and must select one for the basis of their Writing sample.

The Middle-Level SSAT also consists of 167 questions with a two hour and 50 minute time limit. The two Quantitative sections at this level require students to be able to determine ratio and proportion, as well as being able to identify mean, mode, and range. The Reading section will be your student's opportunity to demonstrate the ability to determine the purpose, attitude, and tone of an author's text. The Verbal section requires your student to relate ideas and words to each other using logic and be able to determine the meaning of a word or part of speech using context. The Writing sample at this level will provide two creative prompts and your student must select one as the basis for a story.

At the Elementary level, students must answer 89 questions in one hour and 50 minutes. There is only one Quantitative section, which will cover basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Your student will also want to brush up on fractions and shapes. The Verbal section requires your student to demonstrate their knowledge of synonyms and age-appropriate vocabulary that can come from various areas of study such as science, technology, and social studies. The Reading section at this level requires your student to be able to locate the main idea of a text and be able to determine the meaning of words. The Writing sample will only take 15 minutes and students are asked to write a simple story based on the picture. The story should have a beginning, middle, and end.

Students are not permitted to use a calculator at any level during the Quantitative sections. The Writing sample is unscored but is sent to your prospective independent or private school. There is also an unscored Experimental section on all levels of the SSAT, which takes only 15 minutes to complete.

Whether your student wants to do a comprehensive review of all these subjects or simply needs to brush up on skills for a single section, Varsity Tutors is here to support the prep process with excellent guided practice opportunities.

What are the benefits of taking a San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT class through Varsity Tutors?

When you sign your student up for a San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT course, your student will be able to join live online class sessions. This allows for study sessions to take place anywhere your student can find Wifi and a computer. This makes it easy to access classes at your student's favorite study spot, whether that's the local library, favorite café, or in the comfort of your own home.

When you sign up, you'll have the option to choose between a two-week course or a four-week course. New sessions begin each week so you can get started anytime. This makes it convenient to fit SSAT preparation into an already busy schedule.

Your student will be able to participate in collaborative activities and online group discussions, which can help with memory retention and make learning more enjoyable. This brings the structure of a traditional classroom directly to your computer.

If at any time your student is having a hard time with a particular concept or specific skill, one-on-one time can be scheduled with the instructor to ask questions and gain clarity on how to work through a particular type of problem.

How do I sign up to get started in a San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT prep course?

All you need to do to sign up for a San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT course is pick up the phone and speak with one of our Educational Consultants. Varsity Tutors is here to walk you through every step, so call today and sign your student up for a San Francisco-Bay Area SSAT class to assist in reaching for his or her academic goals.

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