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As you venture into your GMAT test preparations, Varsity Tutors can assist you by taking one of their Los Angeles GMAT prep courses that can help you with your educational needs. By using an outside resource such as a Los Angeles GMAT course, you will receive more information and a better review of testing materials. Nationally accredited universities like the University Of California Los Angeles-Anderson School Of Management require students to complete the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, prior to admission to their upper-level classes. Before you attempt to take the GMAT, you must know that you have to be fully prepared as you head into the exam in order to have successful results that colleges and universities will accept.

The GMAT test is an extremely important component that is often required to continue into graduate education. Whether you are currently a student or an established professional, the Los Angeles GMAT courses offered though Varsity Tutors provide outside assistance to future graduate students seeking an MBA or a higher-level degree. Our classes offer interactive learning in an online classroom setting where you will be able to ask questions and communicate with classmates and instructors in real time.

You want to score as high as you possibly can when you take the GMAT. Your scores are viewed by potential schools, such as Pepperdine University - Graziadio School of Business and Management, to determine your admission status by a committee specifically selected to view your test results upon application. The GMAT exam can be intimidating at first; however, after you complete a Los Angeles GMAT class with our company you can work towards a better understanding of what your test-taking experience may include.

Are the subjects and materials covered in the Los Angeles GMAT course the same as what is on the actual test?

Our courses assist you in having a better understanding of the material that is on often covered on the GMAT exam. Though the questions may not be the same, the types of questions and the materials used to create the exam are similar to the ones on the exam. The GMAT is comprised of four different testing sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. There are two types of response types that you are required to use: multiple choice and essay, depending on what is asked for in each section. The total test time is around 3.5 hours and optional breaks are included. You should consider your time management skills as well as your personal comfort as you are testing. Let's take a look at each test section in greater detail, beginning with Quantitative Reasoning.

The Quantitative Reasoning section of the exam asks you to display your problem-solving and data-sufficiency skills. There are 31 questions in which you have 62 minutes to answer. The problem-solving questions require you to use logical reasoning to solve different kinds of problems. Some of these questions will ask you to choose the best response from five given answers. As you move into data sufficiency, the test asks for you to rely on your critical thinking skills to identify relevant data and decide when there is enough data to make an educated decision.

The second section is Verbal Reasoning. The types of questions that are asked in this portion of the exam are reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence completion. You will be instructed to answer questions about parts or all of a sentence structure as well as express sentences effectively using your acquired grammar skills. The reading comprehension portion of the exam will ask you to answer questions referring to given written passages, showcase your understanding of words and phrases, and display quantitative concept development. As you move to the critical reasoning questions within this section you will be asked to respond to short reading passages along with making and evaluating arguments. The time allotted for this portion of the exam is 65 minutes and there are a total of 36 questions incorporated within the Verbal Reasoning section of the GMAT.

The third section of the GMAT exam is Integrated Reasoning. In this section, you are asked to solve a difficult problem, which may require multiple responses using the data provided on the exam. This section of the test lasts 30 minutes and you are given 12 questions to answer. Some of your skills that will be assessed are using several sources of data to solve a problem and evaluate information along with interpreting data from graphs, texts, and charts to assist in finding solutions to more complicated issues. Your scores from this section of the exam will reflect your skill level at making reliable decisions by using multiple sources of information.

Finally, the Analytical Writing section of the test is a computer-based portion of the GMAT. This section has only one question and requires you to respond in essay form. You must showcase effective writing skills and high quality of expression through organized thought. As you think critically on this portion of the test, you must remember to show reasons and examples in your response that support your reply.

How can a Los Angeles GMAT class help me with test preparation?

A Los Angeles GMAT course can add another progressive dimension to your test preparation. The courses are interactive and when you collaborate with other students you may increase your understanding of GMAT material. Some of the benefits of collaborating with your classmates could increase your ability to produce an outline quickly, help organize thoughts, and interpret different types of data. Our courses provide an interactive platform for you to try to reach your GMAT score goal.

How Can I enroll in a Los Angeles GMAT prep course?

You can contact one of our educational consultants that can help guide you in achieving your educational goals. We have two and four-week class sessions with new classes beginning every week. We can find a course that can fit into your active lifestyle, whether it is on the weekends or throughout the week. Contact Varsity Tutors for Los Angeles GMAT course information.

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