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A Nashville Latin course offered by Varsity Tutors could help you learn much more effectively. Latin is more than just a language. It's the foundation of many of the languages spoken around the world today, including English. Many linguistic experts agree that languages actually shape the way we think. Because Latin influenced our language and many others, we can safely say that it helped form our societies, our cultures, our philosophies, and many other aspects of our lives. Learning this language could provide amazing insight into how our current way of thinking came to be. Fingerprints of Latin influence remain scattered throughout the English language. We use many Latin phrases every day. Latin is known as the international language of science, and it's used to describe plant and animal species. It's also used extensively in law and medicine. For thousands of years, Latin has been the language of intellectuals and scholars. It all began with Ancient Rome and their thirst for conquest across the world. This culture was incredibly advanced for its time. While the spectacles of the Colosseum were not what we would call "civilized" today, Rome was a highly organized and structured society with incredible literature, philosophy, and academic accomplishments.

Latin remained the language of choice for scholars and academics long after the fall of the Roman Empire. In the Medieval times, monks and clergymen wrote documents in Latin. Historians today benefit from an understanding of Latin as they analyze past documents and gain insight into the past.

If you're considering a career in history or related subjects, learning Latin could be a major asset. There might be programs at Trevecca Nazarene University where Latin could really help in your studies. Perhaps you're a high school student at McGavock High School or Glencliff High School, and you'd like to get an early start in your Latin education. And of course, Latin is immensely useful when learning Romance languages in the future. After learning Latin, the general structure of the Romance languages might feel like second nature.

There are two types of Latin: Vulgar Latin and Classical Latin. Vulgar Latin was spoken by common people throughout the Roman Empire. As soldiers marched across the known world, they brought with them this slightly less refined and formal version of the Latin spoken by aristocrats back in the Roman capital. Vulgar Latin varied significantly from region to region and transformed quickly over time. Eventually, various distinct dialects of Vulgar Latin arose, which would eventually become Spanish, French, Portuguese, and other modern Romance languages today. Back in the capital of Rome, a very different type of Latin was used. This was Classical Latin, and almost all of the written documents we have from Ancient Rome are written in this formal Latin dialect. Great orators such as Cicero spoke this elegant language, and we have written accounts of exactly what he said in the Roman courts of law. You might even study Cicero's speeches in your Latin course.

What Might A Nashville Latin Course Cover?

Because Latin had such a massive influence on modern English, parts of Latin might actually seem pretty familiar to English speakers learning the language. That being said, Latin is hardly easy, and there are a few major features of this language which might be challenging. While the Latin language has a gender system, this is very different compared to Romance languages. Latin has a third gender in addition to masculine and feminine, and this third gender is called neuter. In addition, Latin places a massive emphasis on inflections when it comes to sentence structure. While inflections are also important in English, Latin takes this to a completely different level. Inflections in Latin communicate exactly what is happening in a sentence, and to whom. Because the endings of words are so important in Latin, pronouns usually aren't even necessary. Although building up a strong vocabulary in Latin is definitely important, you might find that memorizing inflections is just as crucial.

How Does A Nashville Latin Course Help You Learn?

Every Nashville Latin course takes place in a fully virtual, online learning environment. These virtual classrooms are filled with other like-minded students, and you'll all learn together in a highly collaborative, group-based learning system. It's worth pointing out that this collaborative learning process has proven benefits. As you learn various Latin concepts, you'll always have the opportunity to ask questions, voice your opinion, and interact with your classmates. Each course is taught by a highly qualified Latin expert who will help guide you along every step of the way. Instructors are chosen based on their Latin knowledge and also their excellent communication skills. If certain Latin concepts feel especially challenging, you can contact your instructor to get extra help on a one-on-one basis.

How Do You Sign Up For A Nashville Latin Class?

You can access these your Nashville Latin class from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer with an internet connection. The classes are specifically designed with flexibility in mind, and scheduling options are available for working professionals and busy students. You can choose from night classes, weekend classes, or even classes on your lunch break! You can choose between two-week classes or four-week classes, with new classes accepting students every single month.

If you learn Latin, you'll join a long line of scholars and intellectuals who have mastered this language. You can feel the rich history and influence of this language as you speak every word. There's something special and significant about this ancient dialect. Learning Latin could have all kinds of benefits in the future, but investing in the right form of education should be the first step. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and we'll provide you with all the information you need to get started with your very first Nashville Latin class. Our educational consultants can answer any lingering questions you may have and get you enrolled in the Latin class that's right for you. Don't delay, call Varsity Tutors today!

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