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If you're a student at Marquette University or Hamilton High School who's fulfilling a language requirement, or if you're simply trying to brush up on your Latin for professional reasons, Varsity Tutors offers a Milwaukee Latin course that can help enhance your learning experience. Picking up a new language always presents new challenges, even if this isn't your first language learning experience. Having the opportunity to practice Latin on a regular basis can make all the difference in your abilities to learn new language skills. A Milwaukee Latin course can provide you with the access you need to encourage the right type of language learning environment, along with the benefit of an expert Latin teacher who can help you apply yourself and do you best.

Latin was the precursor for all Romance languages, such as French and Italian. It is distinguished by Vulgar Latin, which is the spoken form of the language. It is distinguished by its increased use of prepositions. Classical Latin is more formal and was greatly influenced by Greek style and vocabulary. Latin is still used today for medical, scientific, and legal terms, making it especially useful if you plan to study or work within these areas. If you choose to learn other Romance languages, having Latin as a basis can make it easier to understand and appreciate them.

If you're a student who needs to meet your general education requirements, wants to brush up on your language skills, or just wants to get started learning a new language, we can help you get enrolled in a class that meets your needs. You can join a class regardless of where you are in your language studies. A Milwaukee Latin class can help you fit studying into your schedule and may increase your confidence as you practice.

What material will a Milwaukee Latin course cover?

All languages come with their own difficulties and nuances that set them apart. Because Latin is considered a dead language, it is no longer spoken by a community of people. This makes it difficult to practice with others, unless they too are taking a Latin class. However, many students find learning Latin to be semi-intuitive, since several English words originate through this language which may make it easier for most people to pronounce. There's no need to worry about having the right accent either, due to the fact that it's not spoken widely.

One significant difference in Latin is the way certain words are used. Latin nouns are either neuter (or neutral), masculine, or feminine. This applies not only to people, but also things. For example, a statue is referred to as 'statua', a feminine noun. In contrast, 'annus' is a masculine noun for the word 'year'. It's important to memorize the differences so you know which ones to use correctly. With verbs in the Latin language, there is no need to use pronouns, in most cases. Knowing the differences for each of these topics can make it easier to understand Latin as a whole and appreciate all the difference and similarities you'll notice between Latin and other languages.

How will a Milwaukee Latin course help me learn?

A Milwaukee Latin class is taught in an online environment led by an expert Latin instructor. You'll get the chance to speak with your instructor and classmates while working on learning activities that can help you gain a better understanding of the language. By getting the chance to practice Latin, you can feel more comfortable in your Latin knowledge as you improve your skills. If you already feel confident and ahead of the game, you can work with other students who want extra help. By putting your skills into action, you'll reinforce what you already know, which can help you to retain more of the material. The more you focus on speaking, reading, and writing in Latin, the greater your understanding can be.

If you decide you want extra one-on-one time with the instructor, this can be arranged, too. The Latin courses make it possible to set aside time where you can get the extra support you're seeking. If you find a topic confusing, your instructor can clarify the concept for you. The courses were built to provide you with more than one avenue for learning, so you can feel more confident in your new language. The instructor can work with you and help you understand any area you find confusing, so you can return to class with a better understanding and ready to tackle the next new topic.

By taking an online course, you won't need to worry about a commute time anymore, either. This is ideal if you're trying to juggle school and work, spend time with your family, or take care of other commitments. There are several different course times to pick from, too. You can choose to study in the evening, or on the weekend. If you'd rather work during the day, we can provide you with options that will appeal to your needs. New courses begin on a rolling basis every month, and we can help you get signed up quickly for the time slot that works for you.

How can I sign up?

Learning Latin can make a world of difference in your ability to pick up other languages. If you are working to fulfill requirements for your degree at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, increase your knowledge to use it in a professional field that requires understanding Latin terms, or even if you're a student at Rufus King International School learning a new language for the first time, Latin lessons can help. If you're ready to begin, contact Varsity Tutors today, and we can provide you with more information about a Milwaukee Latin class, what it covers, and when the next courses are being offered. We can also help you find a class that meets at a time that suits your needs. Reach out to one of our educational consultants and find out how you can get started learning the Latin language.

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