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Students looking toward college can find an Atlanta SAT tutor thanks to Varsity Tutors. Even though students attending Grady High School or any of Atlanta's other great high schools do not need to take college entry exams like the SAT or the ACT until they are at least in 11th grade, working with instructors to understand these exams sooner means that students have time to be ready when the big day arrives

The SAT is one of the most popular, and most famous, standardized tests that colleges and universities use as a metric of potential success on applications. While there are many other important parts of college applications, tests like the SAT help reviewers know what the applicant has retained from their school career and how that understanding will fit into the college's focus and culture. Performing well on the SAT is important, so finding an instructor to help with Atlanta SAT preparation at the student's convenience could help with their long-term success.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is one standardized test used by colleges and universities to assess applicants and understand how potential students fit into programs offered at the school. The SAT features three sections - Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. The Math section provides between 200 and 800 points, while the Writing and Language and Reading sections combine for 200 to 800 points. The minimum possible score on the SAT is 400, while the highest possible score is 1600. Schools will look at an applicant's overall score and then look at each sections' individual scores to understand what the student's skills might be. Both the Reading and Writing and Language sections feature questions in fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice format; the Math section has questions using grid-in formats.

There is also an optional Essay section, which counts for between six and 24 points. This portion of the SAT allows test-takers to display their writing skills, analysis, and even creativity based on a provided writing prompt. College applicants who are considering majors in creative, analytical, or writing-heavy fields may benefit from adding this section to their SAT. Online Atlanta SAT prep helps students feel more secure with each section, even if they choose not to take the Essay portion.

How can SAT prep help me prepare for the sections of the SAT?

The SAT is an exam that students have a total of three hours to complete - with an extra 50 minutes for those who added the Essay portion. Each section is timed, and finishing each one with confidence can help improve the overall test score. Online SAT instruction via an Atlanta SAT prep class can help students feel confident in the time they have on each section and their ability to understand the questions asked.

For example, working with an instructor to better understand the Reading section of the SAT means that students can improve their reading comprehension and answer questions based on sections of fiction and nonfiction they have just read. They can also improve their reasoning skills, which translates to better confidence on the optional Essay portion, too. The Reading section will include tables, charts, and graphs so that students can display their skills in reading not just the English language but different approaches to presenting important data. Scientific literacy is as important as fluency in English. Students will have 65 minutes to answer 52 questions in this section.

Questions in the Writing and Language, and Reading, sections assess the test-takers' ability to understand grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and other parts of written English. The section also assesses the student's understanding of word meanings based on context. With 35 minutes, students must answer 44 questions, leaving them less than a minute to answer each one. One test-taking strategy involves eliminating incorrect answers to determine the correct answer, and this process may help students who need to answer each question quickly.

The Math section of the SAT features portions which require calculators and sections that do not allow calculators at all. This helps the test determine students' understanding of mathematical basics and not just when to apply certain formulas. There are 58 questions, with 80 minutes to answer every question. Students have 55 minutes to work on the section allowing the calculator and 25 minutes for the non-calculator section.

Why should I leverage online instructors for an Atlanta SAT prep course?

Varsity Tutors offers convenient online SAT courses so students can work at regular times, from the comfort of their home. Working on a guided SAT course means that the student can prepare at regular intervals with other students, working with a knowledgeable instructor. Group work encourages students to ask questions of the instructor and each other, but your student can also set aside time with the instructor for individual feedback. If the student wants additional help preparing for the SAT, it is also possible to work with a tutor in person or online.

Offered SAT courses are led by expert instructors working with a group of students. These collaborative online courses can be found through our online portal, which can be accessed from the comfort of home. Working with a group of other students who are also studying for the SAT means that participants can help each other. Students can also set aside one-on-one time with the instructor for more in-depth assistance on tougher subjects. Instructors give feedback on practice tests, which help with understanding the format of the SAT, and how to manage answering questions in each section to reach for the best possible score. There are both 2-week and 4-week courses available, and new prep courses begin every week.

How can I find Atlanta SAT prep online?

Just check out Varsity Tutors for more information. We are happy to answer any questions about available online instructors and in-person tutors and how they can help high school students prepare for this important exam. The right option for students attending the Westminster Schools, for example, should not require them to stay after school in the building, but allow them to work at their own pace from the comfort of their home.

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