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Varsity Tutors can set you up immediately with an Atlanta LSAT course. The Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT, is a thorough measurement of key skills you'll need to make academic achievements in a law school, such as Emory University School of Law or the University of Georgia School of Law. An Atlanta LSAT prep course offers complete coverage of the skills you'll need to demonstrate on the exam, while allowing you to interact with an experienced instructor and your peers using a web-based live learning platform. Each course is conducted entirely online.

The LSAT is delivered on a digital tablet. You will receive a device at the test center, which lets you tap the screen to choose answers and make use of a timer, digital highlighter, and flagging tool to refer to questions at a later time. The LSAT Writing test is administered via a secure online testing platform. It is separate from the multiple-choice sections, and you can complete your entry up to a year from taking the rest of the Digital LSAT.

But digital technology does not mean the test is easy. It is far from so. The LSAT challenges your reading, analytical ability, logic, and writing skills more than ever before. Therefore, the effort you put into preparing for it and focusing on improving your performance on test day is an investment in your future. When you sign up for an Atlanta LSAT course with the help of Varsity Tutors, you get review and practice in several key areas, which will be explained in detail.

What Does an Atlanta LSAT Class Cover?

There are four sections of the LSAT. The test consists of a 35-minute Reading Comprehension, 35-minute Analytical Reasoning, 70-minute Logical Reasoning, and 35-minute Writing section. You may be an avid reader, but the Reading section presents long-form text that is of a complexity similar to materials you'll work with in law school. Questions on this content include identifying a text's main idea or purpose, as well as information that is explicitly stated or that which you can infer from the context. While you'll be required to identify words or phrases in context, you'll also re-evaluate contexts when new information is applied and work with analogies and use tone to interpret an author's attitude.

The Analytical Reasoning section is where you'll need to draw conclusions based on the structure of relationships. An Atlanta LSAT course can help you practice assessing a set of relationships to arrive at a solution. Inferring what could be or must be true based on facts and rules can be a challenge, but test prep can help you improve in these skills, and show you how to use the same skills to evaluate provided facts and rules along with new hypothetical information.

In law school, your studies will involve analyzing, evaluating, and completing arguments, which are skills measured in the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT. Perspectives contained in sources such as newspapers and magazines, advertisements, scholarly publications, and informal discourse will be presented. As you answer the questions, you'll need to break down arguments to recognize their parts and look at patterns of reasoning to identify similarities and differences between them. You'll also need to reason by analogy, recognize disagreements, and analyze the impact of evidence on an argument. Identifying explanations, principles/rules, and flaws in arguments are other tasks you'll be required to do as well.

The Writing section consists of a single prompt. Your response, while not scored, must state a position/course of action and defend your choice. Here, you get to demonstrate your argumentative skills at their best. Your position isn't right or wrong. It just must be supported by the proper language, reasoning, and organization, while your clarity and writing mechanics will be scrutinized by any law school you apply to.

How Can an Atlanta LSAT Class Prepare Me for the Exam?

When you take an LSAT prep class, you don't study alone. An online classroom environment allows you and your peers to collaborate in the process, while an expert instructor leads the way. Log in from an Internet-connected device, and it will be like your instructor is right there with you. You can see and hear them, respond to their prompts, and ask questions.

Online lessons can focus on key skills you'll need to perform your best on the LSAT. Your instructor can explain the test and its format to reduce any surprises later. This also enables you to focus on practice, which can be facilitated through example questions and exam sections. You might identify weaknesses to concentrate on for improvement or use the practice tests to hone your pacing and grow your confidence. While you and your peers work together, everyone can acquire a clearer perspective of what the LSAT demands of them.

The flexibility of an Atlanta LSAT class is also an advantage. If few options are available, then adequate test prep can conflict with your schedule. Varsity Tutors has found a way around that by offering two- and four-week classes. Class sessions also begin weekly. Therefore, you can fit test prep into your schedule and get started without delaying your efforts to understand everything that is included on the LSAT. And, if you still don't feel comfortable with a topic after it is covered, an instructor can work one-on-one to help you understand it by setting aside extra time.

How Do I Go About Finding an Atlanta LSAT Course?

Varsity Tutors has implemented a system that makes finding an LSAT course easy. Either use a simple online process or call us to speak with an educational consultant. Signing up is simple so that you can get started right away and learn and improve upon the skills you'll need for the exam and in law school. The course can help make the most of your investment. Finding and participating in one that doesn't interfere with your busy schedule can be easy with Varsity Tutors, so there's no excuse to miss out on prep that can have a major impact on your future. We look forward to assisting you in your LSAT endeavors!

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