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Varsity Tutors can set your student up with Philadelphia SSAT prep that can help them pursue their goals on the test. The Secondary Schools Admission Test, or SSAT, is used by independent schools from third grade through high school to determine if a student has the necessary abilities to perform well in the coursework. Before your student begins filling out applications, they will need to take a standardized test like the SSAT to showcase their skills to the schools they are interested in attending. You can get your student a little extra support as they work to prepare for this exam by enrolling them in a Philadelphia SSAT prep course or setting them up with a private mentor. Varsity Tutors' educational consultants can help guide you toward the ideal prep option for your student.

What can my student review in Philadelphia SSAT prep?

The SSAT is available on three levels. Elementary Level for third- and fourth-grade students, Middle Level for fifth- to seventh-grade students, and the Upper Level for students between 8th and 11th grade. The exam is used to measure student's skills in math, reading, and verbal areas. While the Elementary Level SSAT contains five sections, the remaining two levels have six sections. Each level has a Writing sample and an Experimental section, of which neither are scored. Here we will discuss each level of the test.

Students taking the Elementary Level SSAT will have one hour and 50 minutes to complete the test. The sections are Quantitative/Math, Reading, Verbal, Writing Sample, and Experimental. Your student's time is divided as follows: 30 minutes for the Reading and Quantitative sections, 20 for the Verbal, and 15 apiece on the Writing Sample and Experimental portions. Each section assesses the different skills they should have gained during their coursework, such as the ability to read graphs, identifying the main idea of a passage, language skills, or basic multiplication and division. The Writing Sample simply requires your student to use a picture prompt to write a story from beginning to end to demonstrate their organizational, spelling, and other writing skills. Your student can guess on this level of the test without getting points taken away for incorrect responses.

The Middle Level and Upper Level SSAT span six sections: Writing Sample, Quantitative 1, Reading, Verbal, Quantitative 2, and Experimental. Your student will have 40 minutes on the Reading section, 30 minutes each for the two Quantitative and the Verbal sections, 25 for the Writing Sample, and 15 minutes for the Experimental portion. The main difference between the Middle and Upper Level SSAT is the content. The Middle Level covers topics between 5th and 7th grade, such as data analysis, coordinate geometry, identifying an author's tone, and gaining meaning from context clues. The Writing Sample presents two creative options to use for a story. However, the Upper Level assesses your student's skills in more advanced areas, including argument analysis, word roots, properties of triangles, and graphing. The Writing Sample here offers a choice between a traditional essay and a story. Your student will need strong persuasive writing skills. Both levels of the test penalize incorrect answers without punishing unanswered questions.

How can my student benefit from a different approach to Philadelphia SSAT prep?

Varsity Tutors can set your student up with two effective options of test prep help: SSAT classes and a private instructor. Different students achieve better test prep results from different types of review assistance. Some even choose to engage in a combination of the two options. Our educational consultants can help you figure out which one is ideal for your student.

If your student benefits from working in groups, they may enjoy taking a Philadelphia SSAT prep class. Classes are held entirely online, allowing your student to study for the test anywhere that they feel most comfortable. Led by a thoroughly vetted expert instructor, your student can sign up for classes in multiple sections. Since new sessions start every week, you don't have to worry about missing a registration deadline. Once enrolled, your student can join their classmates as their instructor goes over different aspects of the exam. The class can engage in group discussions about the concepts and skills covered on the SSAT, as well as participate in activities that give them the chance to practice those abilities. Should your student have trouble grasping a concept, they can request one-on-one time with the class mentor for additional help.

However, some students prefer to learn in a more personal environment. We can set your student up with a Philadelphia SSAT tutor for one-on-one sessions that are focused on their individual needs. A private instructor can develop a study plan that addresses only the sections of the test that your student has the most room to improve in. They can assess your student's knowledge and skills with practice tests and other materials, as well as identify their learning personality, interests, testing goals, and strengths. This allows them to adjust their teaching methods to better suit your student's preferences, which can allow them to be more receptive to the information. Throughout your student's tutoring sessions, their instructor can patiently break down concepts in as many ways as it takes for them to feel confident about the material. Your student's mentor can introduce them to different test-taking strategies that can help them quickly outline their thoughts for the Writing Sample or work more efficiently through the Reading section.

How can I get my student set up with Philadelphia SSAT preparation?

No matter how far along your student is in their test review, Varsity Tutors can get them started with thorough and comprehensive Philadelphia SSAT prep that can provide the assistance they need. Your student can gain lifelong learning skills that can support them as they go after their educational goals, such as test-taking strategies and study techniques that can make their efforts more efficient.

You can reach out to Varsity Tutors to speak with an educational consultant today. We can't wait to help your student take their studies to the next level. Let us help them prepare for their future.

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