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If you are studying German and are interested in taking Omaha German lessons, reach out to Varsity Tutors. Whether you want to take a class or you prefer private instruction, we can help. Adult learners, students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and students at other school levels who are studying German can benefit from getting professional language instruction to supplement their private or in-class studies.

German is spoken by more than 90 million native speakers around the world, and it is the official language or one of the official languages of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Being able to speak German can help you connect with more people, make new friends, and be able to converse with native German speakers, both at home and when you travel.

How can I benefit from Omaha German lessons?

German is not the most difficult language for English speakers to learn. However, studying the language requires diligence and a lot of practice. There are many differences between German and English that your Omaha German class instructor can focus on. For example, noun inflection is something that is not commonly found in English but is common in German. Nouns can be inflected based on their number (such as whether they are singular or plural), gender, or case (such as whether they are nominative, accusative, genitive, or dative).

When taking German lessons, you can also get a chance to enrich your German vocabulary. Studying in a virtual class can be a great opportunity to make your German studies less monotonous. Not only might your class instructor teach you German words that you have not encountered during your private or in-class studies, but you can also pick up new words that are spoken by other students or by the instructor. Pronunciation is something that can also be improved by taking German lessons.

Some students prefer to study with a private Omaha German tutor, whether online or in person. Studying with a private mentor can give you the opportunity to choose an academic mentor who meets your academic needs. For example, you might already be able to speak German fluently and want to focus on improving your mastery of written German. Alternatively, you might be specifically interested in ancient or modern German literature. Your private mentor can introduce learning materials that target your goals and cater to your learning style. For example, if you benefit more from visuals, your private teacher can use flashcards to help you learn.

Getting private mentoring is a great way to supplement your in-class German studies if you are studying German at Central High School, Millard West High School, or another high school in the Omaha area. It can give you an opportunity to not only review what you learned in class but to go over specific points that you have been struggling with, which can help you keep up with the pace of your class. A private German instructor can also help you discover the learning strategies that work the best for you. You can even use these strategies in future classes that cover other subjects. In addition, your private mentor can work with you side-by-side to help you answer questions that come up on your homework assignments.

How can I sign up for Omaha German lessons?

Taking Omaha German lessons is a great way to improve your German. You can surround yourself with other students without even leaving your home. All of our classes take place over the internet in our virtual classrooms. You can skip the commute and avoid the Omaha traffic. You will be able to interact with your class instructor and with the other students just as you would be able to if you were in a physical classroom.

Alternatively, we can help you sign up for private lessons with an Omaha German tutor, whether online or in person. Online tutoring sessions take place on our Live Learning Platform, which has tools such as a virtual whiteboard and video chat to help you interact with your private instructor as if you were sitting across from each other at the same table. Alternatively, those who wish to study with their private instructor one-on-one in person can do so. We can connect you with a tutor who can come to you to study with you in person.

Contact Varsity Tutors today. We can help you enroll in a class or connect you with a private language mentor. Our educational consultants can help you find the option that works best for you.

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