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As you prepare for the GMAT exam, let Varsity Tutors enhance your educational experience by helping you enroll in a Denver GMAT prep course. The Graduate Management Admission Exam is a standardized test that most accredited colleges and universities require for advanced-level business degrees and MBA program admission. The test incorporates critical thinking, data analysis, and grammatical skills. It is common that you will be required to take the GMAT to become eligible for program admission at schools like the University of Colorado Denver Business School. You'll want to obtain the highest score that's possible for you in order to help to catch the attention of admission committees.

The GMAT is often viewed as a large hurdle in your educational career. The exam is comprehensive and will require you to possess advanced skill sets that you have learned. A Denver GMAT course will provide you the opportunity to partake in a review in an online classroom setting that incorporates interactive learning with your teacher and classmates for well-rounded GMAT preparation.

The GMAT has four different sections. The sections are titled Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Each section has a set time limit and a number of questions that are specifically tailored to each category. You will have to use your time management skills wisely as you do not want to spend too much time on a certain question because you will want to keep moving so that you can finish the section in time. Let's break down the contents of each section.

What type of material is covered in the Denver GMAT course?

The Analytical Writing section is your essay question. You will be asked to respond accordingly to a provided argument. This section is computer-based and you will have 30 minutes to complete your response. Human evaluators will assess your score based on your writing skills. Your essay should display clear organization, syntactic variety, good grammar, and quality writing.

The next section is titled Integrated Reasoning. In this section, you will be asked to evaluate the data that is presented in the form of numbers, graphs, charts, and text. You will be asked to respond to questions that reference the given data. Some questions may require a two-part analysis or ask for graphic interpretation of data using the information provided within the section. The time allotted for this section is 30 minutes and you must answer 12 questions.

The third section is Verbal Reasoning. In this section, you are expected to respond to questions that focus on sentence correction, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. You will be asked to answer questions about written passages, show an understanding of logical relationships, and draw inferences. The questions that fall under the critical reasoning category will ask you to make and evaluate arguments. As you enter the sentence correction questions, you will be asked questions about an underlined portion of a sentence and use proper sentence and grammar structural rules. The verbal reasoning section includes 36 questions and you will be given 65 minutes to complete this portion of the GMAT. You will have to remember to use your time wisely.

Finally, the last section is Quantitative Reasoning. The questions asked in this section are all science and math related. There are 31 questions and you will be given 62 minutes to complete this portion of the GMAT. Questions you will be asked to answer focus around data sufficiency and problem-solving. Some of the types of questions include choosing the best answer from five options and analyzing relevant data.

What are the benefits of taking a Denver GMAT class?

There are several benefits that you may enjoy if you take a Denver GMAT class. Since all your class meetings will be online, you will connect in a virtual classroom. This allows you to communicate with your instructor and classmates in real time. Online learning allows for class collaboration which in turn can possibly increase your understanding of the material that is on the GMAT exam through helping to provide different points of view.

Another benefit of taking a Denver GMAT class online is accessibility. You will be able to study from any location that has internet access. Many GMAT test-takers have active lifestyles and having to be in a particular location at a certain time may be difficult. By having easier access to GMAT prep, your chances of gaining knowledge about the concepts you'll need to know on the GMAT may increase.

New Denver GMAT course sections begin weekly and are offered in 2-week and 4-week class sessions. Your online classroom experience will be similar to the traditional classroom setting. Your instructor will have a high level of knowledge on the GMAT's format, content, and the entire test-taking experience. Once you enroll, you will be able to begin your classes according to the schedule you selected.

Business school provides opportunities for career advancement. It is important that you perform well on your GMAT. Denver GMAT courses are here to assist you with all of your preparation needs. Not only is taking a preparatory class an investment in trying to earn your highest GMAT score, but it is also a strong investment in your educational and professional future.

How can I enroll in a Denver GMAT course?

Enrollment in a Denver GMAT course is easy. Contact a Varsity Tutors educational consultant and begin discussing your options. Our representatives will work directly with you to find a class schedule that can easily fit into your lifestyle. There are classes on weekdays as well as weekends, so you can determine what options work best for you.

Whether you are looking into a graduate program at Colorado State University or another accredited educational institution, your preparation for the GMAT is critical to receiving your best scores. Don't wait until the last minute and try to cram for the GMAT. Please contact Varsity Tutors today to receive more information on how a Denver GMAT course can help you plan your future!

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