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If you're studying Spanish, whether it's at Ballard High School, the University of Washington, or on your own time for whatever reason, continue reading to find out about a truly valuable resource offered by Varsity Tutors: online Seattle Spanish courses. These are Spanish classes that can either supplement your current Spanish class or your self-study. They're conducted entirely live so you can interact with both your instructor and your peers during class, benefiting from the ideas and suggestions of a diverse group of people.

Spanish is the second most common language in the world, with Mandarin Chinese being the first. In the United States, it's second to English as the most spoken language. It's the main language in most Central and South American countries. Learning Spanish can broaden your cultural, social, academic, and career opportunities. It's much simpler than English, in that it follows its own rules better, and it's the most commonly studied language in the US. Once you've learned Spanish, learning other Romance languages like French and Italian could be much easier. Taking a Spanish class to increase your opportunities for conversation practice and other learning opportunities is a wise idea, so consider enrolling now.

What kind of Spanish language topics will a Seattle Spanish course be able to teach me?

One main difference between English and Spanish is that Spanish is a gender-based language. For Spanish, the gender in vocabulary only means what was assigned to that word. Mostly you can tell the gender of a noun by its last letter. Female gendered nouns usually end with an 'a' and male nouns with an 'o'. There are exceptions and those must be memorized because the gender of a noun, and not the ending letter, determines the adjectives, articles, and other grammar elements that are written or spoken in the sentence.

Building your Spanish vocabulary should continue throughout all of your life, as does building your first language vocabulary. Your instructor will probably continue to introduce new vocabulary throughout the course. If you're learning Spanish for a specific purpose, whether you're going to study abroad for a year, start a partnership with a company in Argentina, or visit relatives who don't speak English well, mention that when you enroll. This may allow your instructor to include relevant vocabulary in class sessions. Your instructor may also offer tips for efficient vocabulary acquisition, such as linking the Spanish word to the image or idea it expresses instead of the English word. This makes it easier when you begin having Spanish chats or watching Spanish videos in real time.

You've probably heard of verb conjugation and may remember reciting "am, is, are, was, were," in elementary school. Spanish has very clear conjugation rules, and they also need to be memorized. If the memorization method you're using in your class or on your own isn't working well for you, your Seattle Spanish class instructor may have other helpful strategies. A popular memorization technique is the science-based spaced repetition method, where you study words on a schedule proven to provide maximum retention. Using the language in a real context, such as conversations with your instructor and classmates in your online Spanish class, known as the use-it-or-lose-it technique, is another proven method to enhance memorization and overall learning. There are a wide variety of memorization techniques your instructor can share, including mnemonics, the loci technique, storytelling technique, acronyms, and various others.

Even the most successful technique for a large number of people is useless if it doesn't work for you. Being exposed to a variety of memorization techniques gives you the chance to find one or two that are actually effective for you personally is an advantage of studying in a supplemental online Seattle Spanish course.

This is just a sample of the content that can be covered in your Spanish class. Other things that can show up are sentence agreement, pluralization of different parts of speech, pronunciation, how and when to use written accents, and formal versus informal Spanish.

How can this Seattle Spanish class supplement my Spanish class at Garfield High School?

No matter where or how you're studying Spanish, taking an online class can provide excellent support. When you learn in a traditional classroom, there's time for the teacher to present a topic and then you're on your own to practice it. The course provided by Varsity Tutors is a great place to practice what you've learned. It's generally known that using a language in real conversations is one of the most effective ways to learn, and you may have time to do so during your online class, or you can develop academic friendships with your classmates and practice outside of official class time.

Pronunciation can be tricky when you're learning Spanish on your own, so having access to an instructor who can demonstrate the correct pronunciation of words is useful. They can make sure you don't learn the wrong pronunciation and have to relearn it, which is much more difficult.

If you miss something in class or are having more difficulty with certain concepts or material, you can always sign up for one-on-one tutoring lessons. We can set you up with an individual whose focus is just on you and helping you get back on track as quickly as possible. There are so many ways a Seattle Spanish class can help enhance your current study or even be your main source of study. Why not contact Varsity Tutors today and get started?

How soon can I start in a Varsity Tutors Spanish class?

Enrolling in a Spanish course provided by Varsity Tutors is as easy as possible, and since new classes begin monthly, you're always close to a new beginning date. Just contact Varsity Tutors and answer some questions about your current level of proficiency, schedule, learning goals, and other pertinent information. One of our educational consultants can then enroll you in a Seattle Spanish course that meets your unique combination of academic and personal language learning needs. We look forward to being part of your journey towards Spanish fluency!

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